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    2 x 4 Brackets80/20-Compatible BracketsActuator BracketsAdjustable BracketsAir Cylinder BracketsAir Cylinder Clevis BracketsAluminum Extrusion BracketsAnchoring BracketsAngle BracketsAngle Strut BracketsBall BracketsBand BracketsBar BracketsBattery BracketsBeam BracketsBearing BracketsBlasting Gun Mounting BracketsBolt Lock Mounting BracketsBottle BracketsCable BracketsCable Carrier Mounting BracketsCable Tie BracketsCable Tray Mounting BracketsCapacitor BracketsCasement Window BracketsCaster Mounting BracketsC-BracketsChannel BracketsClevis BracketsCloset Rod BracketsCloset Shelving BracketsComputer Monitor BracketsConduit BracketsConveyor BracketsConveyor Guide BracketsConveyor Roller BracketsCord BracketsCord Carrier Mounting BracketsCorner BracketsCorner Reinforcing BracketsCorner Strut BracketsCrate BracketsCylinder BracketsCylinder Clevis BracketsCylinder Pivot BracketsDock BracketsDoor BracketsDrawer BracketsDrop-Leaf BracketsDuct BracketsElbow BracketsElectrical Component Mounting BracketsElectrical Metallic Tubing BracketsExtruded Aluminum BracketsEyelet BracketsEyelet Mounting BracketsFan BracketsFan Mounting BracketsFence BracketsFire Extinguisher BracketsFlag BracketsFlagpole BracketsFlat BracketsFlat Surface BracketsFolding BracketsFolding Shelf BracketsFolding Table BracketsFraming BracketsFraming Connector BracketsFRL BracketsFurniture BracketsGarden Hose BracketsGas Bottle BracketsGas Cylinder BracketsGas Spring BracketsGlass BracketsGlass Mounting BracketsGusset Angle BracketsGusset BracketsGusset Corner BracketsHandrail BracketsHanging BracketsHanging Document BracketsHat BracketsH-BracketsHeavy Duty BracketsHinge BracketsHook BracketsHose BracketsHose Carrier Mounting BracketsHydraulic Cylinder BracketsI-Beam BracketsInterlocking BracketsJ-BracketsJib Crane BracketsJib Crane Mounting BracketsLadder BracketsLavatory Partition BracketsLavatory Partition Hanging BracketsL-BracketsLeg BracketsLeveling BracketsLid Support BracketsLocking BracketsL-Shaped BracketsMachine BracketsMending BracketsMicrophone BracketsMirror BracketsMirror Mounting BracketsMotor BracketsMount BracketsMounting BracketsOffset BracketsOffset Surface BracketsOverhead Conveyor BracketsPanel BracketsPanel Hanging BracketsPanel Mount BracketsPartition BracketsPEX BracketsPhoto Eye BracketsPin BracketsPipe BracketsPipe Railing BracketsPlexiglass BracketsPole BracketsPole Mount BracketsPositioning Arm BracketsPost BracketsPressure Sensor BracketsProximity Switch Mounting BracketsPulley BracketsRail BracketsRight-Angle BracketsRiser BracketsRobot Controller BracketsRod BracketsRod End BracketsRoller BracketsRotating BracketsRound BracketsRTD Connector BracketsSaddle BracketsSafety Mirror Mounting BracketsSawhorse BracketsS-BracketsScreen BracketsSeismic BracketsSensor BracketsSensor Mounting BracketsShaft BracketsShelving Angle BracketsShelving BracketsShock Absorber BracketsSign BracketsSign Pole BracketsSign Post BracketsSlatwall BracketsSlide BracketsSlotted BracketsSolar Panel BracketsSpring BracketsSquare BracketsSquare Tubing BracketsStainless Steel Strut Channel Angle BracketsStandard NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder Pivot BracketsStandoff BracketsStepper Motor BracketsStraight BracketsStrap BracketsStructural BracketsStructural Framing BracketsStrut Channel BracketsSupport BracketsSurface BracketsSwitch BracketsSwitch Mounting BracketsSwivel BracketsTable Leg BracketsTank BracketsT-BracketsTelescoping BracketsTelevision Mounting BracketsThermocouple BracketsThreaded BracketsThreaded Rod Mounting BracketsThreaded Rod Shelf BracketsThreaded Rod Wall BracketsTie BracketsTrack BracketsTrack Mounting BracketsTraffic Mirror Mounting BracketsTrailer BracketsTriangle BracketsT-Slotted Framing BracketsT-Track BracketsTube BracketsU-BracketsVersa-Mount Hose Reel Mounting BracketsVesa BracketsVise Handle BracketsWall Angle BracketsWall BracketsWater Filter BracketsWheel BracketsWheel Mounting BracketsWindow BracketsWindow Position BracketsWire BracketsWorkbench Top BracketsWraparound BracketsZ-Brackets
    Mounting Location
    Mounting Location
    End of Robot
    Mounting Hole Pattern Compatibility
    Mounting Hole
    Pattern Compatibility
    ISO 31.5
    ISO 40
    ISO 50
    ISO 63
    Robot Cell Component
    Robot Cell Component
    Tool Mount
    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Bolt Circle Diameter
    Bolt Circle Diameter
    31.5 mm
    40 mm
    50 mm
    63 mm
    Mount Type
    Mount Type
    Bolt On
    T-Slot Framing Component
    T-Slot Framing Component
    Number of Bolt Holes
    Number of Bolt Holes
    80 mm
    6.4 mm
    9.5 mm
    102 mm
    Maximum Load Capacity
    Maximum Load Capacity
    16 kg
    50 kg
    35 lbs.
    110 lbs.
    Bolt Hole Diameter
    Bolt Hole Diameter
    5.1 mm
    6.1 mm
    6.6 mm
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
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    For Bolt Size
    For Bolt Size
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
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