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About Hose ClampsAbout Tube ClampsAcorn ClampsAdel ClampsAdhesive-Back Nylon Cable ClampsAircraft Hose ClampsAir-Powered ClampsAlignment ClampsAlligator ClampsAluminum Slip-On Structural Framing ClampsAluminum Structural Framing ClampsAngle ClampsAngle Iron ClampsArm ClampsAuto-Adjusting Toggle ClampsBand ClampsBand Clamps for Barbed Hose FittingsBanding ClampsBar ClampsBarrel ClampsBase-Mounted ClampsBattery ClampsBeam ClampsBelt ClampsBench ClampsBench Top-Mount ClampsBoiler ClampsBolt ClampsBonding ClampsBore ClampsBoss Hose ClampsBottle ClampsBridge ClampsBroom ClampsBuild-Your-Own Bar ClampsBulldog ClampsBurette ClampsCabinet ClampsCable ClampsCam ClampsC-ClampsChain ClampsChannel ClampsCheeseborough ClampsClamshell Pipe ClampsClaw ClampsCMM ClampsCompact C-ClampsConduit ClampsConveyor ClampsCord ClampsCorner Band ClampsCorner ClampsCross ClampsCushion ClampsCylinder ClampsDairy ClampsDell ClampsDie ClampsDouble-Wire Hose ClampsDraw ClampsDresser ClampsDrill Press ClampsDrum ClampsDry Box Glove ClampsDuct ClampsEccentric ClampsEdge ClampsElectrical ClampsElectrical System Grounding ClampsElectric-Powered ClampsEmergency ClampsExhaust ClampsExpansion ClampsFast-Action ClampsF-ClampsFinger ClampsFire Extinguisher ClampsFixture ClampsFlange ClampsFlexible-Arm ClampsFlow Control ClampsFood Industry ClampsFriction ClampsFRL ClampsFuse ClampsGarden Hose ClampsGauge ClampsGlass Panel ClampsGooseneck ClampsGrating ClampsGrease Gun ClampsGripple Rope ClampsGrounding ClampsGuy Wire ClampsHand ClampsHanging ClampsHeat Sink ClampsHeel ClampsHeight Gauge Scriber ClampsHelping-Hand ClampsHemostat ClampsHigh-Pressure Quick-Clamp Sanitary Tube ClampsHoe ClampsHold-Down ClampsHold-Down Plier ClampsHole ClampsHole-Grip ClampsHook ClampsHose and Tube ClampsHose ClampsHose Fitting Band ClampsHumidifier Valve ClampsI-Beam C-ClampsI-Beam Pipe ClampsI-Beam Tube ClampsI-Line Tube ClampsIndicator ClampsIndicator Swivel ClampsIn-Line ClampsInner Diameter ClampsInspection ClampsInsulated ClampsJaw ClampsJ-ClampsJiffy ClampsJig ClampsJoining ClampsKF ClampsLaboratory ClampsLadder ClampsLap Joint ClampsLap Seal ClampsL-ClampsLever ClampsLifting ClampsLine ClampsLinear ClampsLocking C-ClampsLocking ClampsLocking Plier ClampsLoom ClampsLoop ClampsMachinable Fixture ClampsMagnetic ClampsMandrel ClampsMeasuring ClampsMetal I-Beam Tube ClampsMetal Specialty Tube Fitting ClampsMetal Structural Framing ClampsMetal Structural Tube ClampsMetal Strut Channel ClampsMetal Strut-Mount Pipe ClampsMetal Tube ClampsMilling ClampsMilling Machine ClampsMilling Setup ClampsMilling Toggle ClampsMiniature ClampsMiniature Spring ClampsMiniature Toggle ClampsMirror-Mounting ClampsMiter ClampsMixer ClampsMold ClampsMuffler ClampsNonmagnetic ClampsNonmarring ClampsNonmarring Lifting ClampsNonsparking ClampsOver-Center ClampsPadded ClampsPallet ClampsPanel ClampsPaper ClampsParallel ClampsPatch ClampsP-ClampsPinch ClampsPipe ClampsPipe Routing ClampsPipe-Mounting ClampsPipe-Welding Chain ClampsPitbull ClampsPlastic Hose Routing ClampsPlate ClampsPlaten ClampsPlier ClampsPlunger ClampsPneumatic ClampsPony ClampsPost ClampsPower ClampsPress Screw ClampsPull ClampsPunch ClampsPush ClampsQF ClampsQuick ClampsQuick-Grip ClampsQuick-Install Wire Rope ClampsQuick-Release C-ClampsQuick-Release ClampsRadiator ClampsRail ClampsRatchet ClampsRepair ClampsReverse-Action Toggle ClampsRibbon Cable ClampsRight Angle ClampsRing ClampsRiser ClampsRivet ClampsRod ClampsRope ClampsRope Loop ClampsRotary ClampsRouting ClampsSaddle ClampsSafety ClampsSanitary ClampsScaffolding ClampsScrew ClampsScriber ClampsSeaming ClampsSelf-Adjusting Toggle ClampsSetup Band ClampsSetup Clamp KitsSetup Clamp SetsSetup ClampsShaft ClampsSheet ClampsSide ClampsSign Pole ClampsSliding ClampsSlip-On Structural Framing ClampsSoldering ClampsSound Control ClampsSpecialty Metal Pipe ClampsSpecialty Steel Pipe ClampsSpecialty Tube Fitting ClampsSpiral-Wound Hose ClampsSplit ClampsSpreader ClampsSpring ClampsSpring Plunger ClampsSquare C-ClampsSquare Holding ClampsSqueeze ClampsStacking ClampsStainless Steel Fixture ClampsStainless Steel I-Beam Tube ClampsStainless Steel Latching ClampsStainless Steel Specialty Pipe ClampsStainless Steel Specialty Tube Fitting ClampsStainless Steel Strut Channel ClampsStainless Steel Wire Rope Loop ClampsStair Gauge ClampsStandard C-ClampsStandard ClampsStandard Hose ClampsStandard Magnetic ClampsStandard Spring ClampsStandard Worm-Drive ClampsStandoff ClampsStatic Control ClampsSteel Fixture ClampsSteel I-Beam Tube ClampsSteel Latching ClampsSteel Specialty Tube Fitting ClampsSteel Structural Tube ClampsSteel Wire Rope ClampsStep ClampsStep Setup ClampsStepless Hose ClampsStraight Line ClampsStraightedge ClampsStrap ClampsStructural Framing ClampsStructural Tube ClampsStrut Channel ClampsStrut Channel Cushion ClampsStrut ClampsSuction Cup ClampsSure-Joint Fastener ClampsSwing ClampsSwivel ClampsSwiveling I-Beam Pipe ClampsTable ClampsTabletop-Mount ClampsTabletop-Mount Plier ClampsTabletop-Mount Toggle ClampsT-Bolt ClampsTension ClampsTension Spring ClampsThird-Hand ClampsThrust ClampsThumb Screw ClampsTie-Down ClampsToe ClampsToggle ClampsToggle Hook ClampsToggle Shoe ClampsTongue-and-Groove ClampsTooling Component ClampsTri-ClampsTruss ClampsT-Slot ClampsT-Slotted Framing Toggle ClampsT-Slotted Structural Framing ClampsTube ClampsTube Routing ClampsTubing Restrictor ClampsTwin ClampsTwin Line ClampsTwin-Ring Hose ClampsTwist-On Rope ClampsTwo-Hole Cable ClampsTwo-Line ClampsU-Bolt ClampsU-ClampsUniforce ClampsV-Band ClampsV-Block ClampsVertical ClampsVibration Control ClampsVibration Control Routing ClampsVibration Damping Strut-Mount ClampsVibration Pipe ClampsVibration-Resistant ClampsVise ClampsVise-Grip ClampsWedge ClampsWelding ClampsWing Nut ClampsWire Cable ClampsWire ClampsWire Connector ClampsWire Rope ClampsWire Rope Loop ClampsWood Joining ClampsWorm-Drive ClampsWorm-Drive Clamps for Flexible White Polyethylene TubingWorm-Drive Clamps for Flexible White Tubing (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Worm-Drive Clamps for Soft HoseWorm-Drive Tube Clamps for Large-Diameter Polyurethane TubingWraparound Clamps
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62 Products

Machinable-Hub Knobs with Handle

Palm-Grip Machinable-Hub Knobs

Machinable-Hub Knobs

Range, °F 1-910-Up
Style 1—Knurled Grip
Black-Oxide 1215 Carbon Steel
303 Stainless Steel
6061 Aluminum
Style 2—Ribbed Grip
Black Phenolic Plastic
Style 3—Four Arm Grip
6061 Aluminum
Style 4—Four Arm Grip
Style 5—Four Arm Grip
319 Aluminum
Style 6—Five Arm Grip
Style 7—Six Arm Grip
319 Aluminum
Style 8—Eight Arm Grip

Machinable-Hub Bar Knobs