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CoversComputer Dust CoversComputer Equipment CoversComputer Monitor CoversComputer Printer CoversComputer Screen CoversConduit Box CoversConduit CoversConnector CoversConveyor Roller CoversCord CoversCorner CoversCPU CoversCrossbar CoversDesk CoversDisposable Shoe CoversDoor Closer CoversDoor CoversDrafting Board CoversDrain Cleanout CoversDrain Cleanout Plug CoversDrain CoversDrop Cloth Dust CoversDrum CoversDrum Dust CoversDrywall CoversDuct Vent CoversDuplex CoversDust CoversEarmuff CoversEdge CoversElectrical Box CoversElectrical Cable CoversElectrical Cord CoversElectrical CoversElectrical Knockout CoversElevator Button CoversEmergency Stop CoversEnclosure CoversEnd CoversEquipment CoversEthernet Port CoversExtension Cord CoversEye Wash CoversEye Wash Dust CoversFace CoversFan CoversFastener CoversFaucet Hole CoversFiberglass Wall CoveringsFiber-Optic Cable CoversFilm Dust CoversFire Alarm Station CoversFire Extinguisher CoversFire Hose Rack CoversFire Hose Reel CoversFire Sprinkler Head CoversFlange CoversFlexible CoversFloor Cable CoversFloor CoversFloor Drain CoversFloor Outlet Box CoversFloor Wire CoversFluorescent Tube CoversFood Industry CoversFood Industry Shoe CoversFood Industry Thread CoversFoot CoversFork CoversForklift Cab CoversFuse Block Safety CoversFuse CoversGang Box CoversGas Spring Seal CoversGaylord CoversGFCI CoversGrease Fitting CoversGrille CoversGuide Rail CoversHair CoversHandle CoversHatch CoversHeadphone CoversHeadset CoversHeat-Shrink Handle CoversHex Head CoversHex Nut CoversHinged CoversHMI CoversHole CoversHose Clamp CoversHose Coupling Dust CoversHose CoversHose Fitting Dust CoversHose Rack CoversHose Reel CoversHygienic Thread CoversInsulation CoversJoint CoversJunction Box CoversKey CoversKeyboard CoversKnockout CoversLadder Rung CoversLadder Security CoversLadder Tread CoversLamp CoversLaptop CoversLead Screw CoversLens CoversLight Bulb CoversLight Fixture CoversLight Switch CoversLinear Motion Rail CoversLock CoversLockable CoversLockout CoversLockout Wheel CoversMachine CoversMagnetic Drain CoversManhole CoversMasking CoversMesh Tarp CoversMetal-Detectable CoversMIG Cable CoversMilling Machine Way CoversMobile Device CoversMobile Phone CoversMonitor CoversMouth CoversNeck CoversNut CoversOil-Hole CoversOutlet CoversPadlock CoversPail Dust CoversPaint Brush CoversPaint CoversPaint Roller CoversPallet CoversPallet Load CoversPallet Stack CoversPallet Top CoversPan CoversPanel CoversPaper CoversPillow Block CoversPipe CoversPipe End CoversPipe Flange CoversPlastic CoversPlastic Grease Fitting CoversPlastic Outlet CoversPlastic Tarp CoversPlier Jaw CoversPlug CoversPole CoversPost CoversPoster CoversPressure Gauge CoversPrinter CoversProng CoversProtective Cap CoversProtective Carpet CoversProtective Drum CoversProtective Floor CoversProtective Surface CoversP-Trap CoversPull Bar CoversPulley CoversPush-Botton Safety CoversPush-Button CoversPush-Button Switch CoversQuick-Disconnect Hose Coupling Dust CoversRail CoversRain CoversReceptacle CoversReplacement Covers for Steel DrumsReport CoversRigid Shaft Coupling CoversRobot Arm CoversRobot Camera CoversRobot CoversRocker Switch CoversRod CoversRoller CoversRoll-Up CoversRotary Switch CoversSafety CoversSamsung Phone-Compatible CoversSamsung-Compatible CoversSanitary Thread CoversScaffold CoversScreen CoversScrew Cap CoversScrew Conveyor Trough CoversScrew CoversScrew Head CoversSeat Belt CoversSelf-Closing Barrel CoversSelf-Closing Drum CoversSewer CoversShaft Coupling CoversShaft CoversShelf CoversShoe CoversShrink Wrap CoversSieve CoversSlide CoversSling CoversSmartphone CoversSmoke Alarm CoversSmoke Detector CoversSocket Head CoversSpindle CoversSpring CoversStair Tread CoversStatic Control Dust CoversSteel Toe CoversSteering Wheel CoversStep CoversStretchable CoversStrut Channel CoversStrut Channel End CoversStrut CoversSurface Plate CoversSwitch CoversTable CoversTablet Computer CoversTank CoversTarp CoversTelephone Jack CoversTelescoping CoversTerminal Block CoversTerminal Block End CoversTerminal CoversThermocouple CoversThermostat CoversThread CoversThread Protector CoversThreaded Rod CoversTIG Cable CoversTile CoversToggle Switch CoversToilet Seat CoversTooling Ball CoversTote Box CoversTote CoversTouch Bar CoversTraffic Bollard CoversT-Slot CoversT-Slotted Framing CoversTube Clamp CoversTube End CoversTurn-Lock Connector CoversTurn-Lock Plug CoversTweezer Tip CoversUrinal CoversVent CoversVise Jaw CoversWall CoversWaste Container CoversWay CoversWeatherproof CoversWelding Cable CoversWelding Lens CoversWheel CoversWhile-in-Use Outlet CoversWinch CoversWindow CoversWire CoversWire Rack CoversWire Shelving CoversWorkbench CoversZerk Covers
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    Overall Diameter
    Overall Diameter
    3 3/4"
    Mount Type
    Mount Type
    Guard Finish
    Guard Finish
    Zinc Plated
    Guard Material
    Guard Material
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
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