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SwitchesKeyed Door LocksetsKeyless Door LocksLatching Door LocksLavatory Door HingesLavatory Partition Door HandlesLiftmaster-Compatible Garage Door OpenersLocker Door LocksMagnetic Door CatchesMagnetic Door ClosersMagnetic Door ContactsMagnetic Door HoldersMagnetic Door LatchesMagnetic Door LocksMagnetic Door SwitchesMounting Screw Door HooksOven Door LatchesOverhead Door ButtonsOverhead Door LatchesOverhead Door LocksOverhead Door OpenersOverhead Door PartsOverhead Door Remote ControlsOverhead Door RollersOverhead Door SealsOverhead Door SwitchesOverhead Door Track ProtectorsOverhead Door TracksOverhead Door WeatherstrippingOver-the-Door HooksPartition Door LatchesPivot Door HingesPneumatic Door ClosersPocket Door HardwarePocket Door RollersPot-Belly Door ClosersProtective Door EdgingProximity Door ReadersProximity Reader Door LocksPush-and-Pull Door LatchesPush-Button Door ControlsPush-to-Close Door LatchesRefrigerator Door ClosersRefrigerator Door HingesRemote Control Door ReceiversRemote Control Door TransmittersRemote Door ControlsRim Door LocksRixson-Firemark 998 Door HoldersRoller-Ball Door LatchesSafety Door SwitchesSanitary Door OpenersScreen Door CatchesScreen Door ClosersScreen Door HandlesScreen Door HingesScreen Door LatchesScreen Door SpringsScreen Door StopsSecurity Door GuardsSecurity Door LocksSecurity Door ViewersSlide Bolt Door LocksSliding Door ChannelsSliding Door HandlesSliding Door HardwareSliding Door LocksSliding Door PullsSliding Door RollersSliding Door TracksSliding Door U-ChannelsSliding Door WheelsSmoke Alarm Door HoldersSpring Door ClosersSpring Door HingesSpring-Loaded Door CatchesStanley-Compatible Garage Door OpenersStorm Door ClosersStorm Door CylindersStorm Door HandlesStorm Door KnobsStorm Door LatchesStorm Door StopsStrip Door HardwareStrip Door Mounting PlatesStrip Door PartitionsStrip Door RollsStrip Door StripsSupport Door OpenersTemporary Door LocksTouch-Door CatchesTouch-Door LatchesTouch-Free Door OpenersTouch-Free Door PullsTrailer Door LatchesTruck Door LatchesUniversal Door ClosersWireless Door Bells
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    Handle Style
    Handle Style
    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Mounting Stud Center-to-Center Width
    Mounting Stud Center-
    to-Center Width
    3 3/4"
    4 1/4"
    4 1/2"
    Mount Type
    Mount Type
    Threaded Stud
    Grip Style
    Grip Style
    Three Arm
    Grip Diameter
    Grip Diameter
    Pull Capacity
    Pull Capacity
    Not Rated
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
    click to learn more about
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    RoHS Compliant with
    Folding Angle
    Folding Angle
    Back Projection
    Back Projection
    12 mm
    14 mm
    16 mm
    21 mm
    35 mm
    50 mm
    Thread Pitch
    Thread Pitch
    click to learn more about
    0.7 mm
    0.8 mm
    1 mm
    1.25 mm
    1.5 mm
    Hub Height
    Hub Height
    13.5 mm
    15 mm
    19 mm
    22 mm
    29 mm
    For Panel Cutout Height
    For Panel Cutout Height
    63 mm
    73 mm
    90 mm
    91 mm
    99 mm
    108 mm
    115 mm
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