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    ABS StockAcetal Copolymer Bar StockAcetal Copolymer Rod StockAcetal Copolymer Round StockAcetal Copolymer Sheet StockAcetal Copolymer Square StockAcetal Homopolymer Bar StockAcetal Homopolymer Rod StockAcetal Homopolymer Round StockAcetal Homopolymer Sheet StockAcetal Homopolymer Square StockAcetal StockAcrylic Half Round StockAcrylic/PVC Sheet StockAluminum Thin StockAluminum/Plastic Sheet StockAngle StockBalsa Wood Bar StockBand Saw Blade Coil StockBar StockBasswood Bar StockBearing StockBrass Thin StockBronze Angle StockBronze Bar StockBronze Thin StockBushing StockButyrate Round StockButyrate StockCarbon Fiber Bar StockCarbon Fiber StockCarbon Steel StockCarbon Steel Thin StockCeramic Square StockCeramic StockChannel StockCoil StockComposite StockCompression Spring StockCopper Sheet StockCopper StockCopper Thin StockCPVC StockDie Spring StockDie StocksDovetail StockDowel Pin StockDrill StockDuctile Iron Round StockE-Glass Grade Garolite Bar StockE-Glass Grade Garolite Sheet StockE-Glass Grade Garolite Square StockE-Glass Grade Garolite StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Angle StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Bar StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Rod StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Sheet StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Square StockEngraving Plate StockExpanded Metal Sheet StockFeeler Gauge StockFeeler StockFEP StockFiber StockFiberglass (FRP) Angle StockFiberglass (FRP) Bar StockFiberglass (FRP) Rod StockFiberglass (FRP) Round StockFiberglass (FRP) Sheet StockFiberglass (FRP) Square StockFiberglass StockFlat StockFoam Sheet StockFoam StockGarolite Sheet StockGarolite StockGasket StockGear StockGlass and Ceramic Round StockGlass Carbon Grade Garolite Sheet StockGlass Carbon Grade Garolite Square StockGlass-Filled Nylon Rod StockGlass-Filled Nylon Sheet StockGrade CE Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-10 Garolite Angle StockGrade G-10 Garolite Round StockGrade G-10 Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-10/CR Garolite Round StockGrade G-10/CR Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-11 Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-9 Garolite Round StockGrade G-9 Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-9 Garolite Square StockGrade LE Garolite Sheet StockGrade XX Garolite Sheet StockGrade XX Garolite Square StockGraphite and Carbon Fiber Round StockGraphite Square StockHex StockIron Flat StockKevlar/Nylon Bar StockKevlar/Nylon Rod StockKevlar/Nylon Round StockKevlar/Nylon Sheet StockKevlar/Nylon StockKey StockKey Stock AssortmentsKeyed Round StockKeyway StockLaminate StockLead Rod StockLead StockLeg StockMachine Key Bar StockMetal Hex StockMetal Sheet StockMetal Thin StockMetal-Detectable O-Ring Cord StockMetric Thin StockMica Rod StockMica Sheet StockMica StockNatural Rubber Sheet StockNeedle StockNickel Thin StockNitrile Rubber Round StockNylon StockOffset Key StockO-Ring Cord StockO-Ring Cord Stock for O-Ring Joining KitsO-Ring StockPEEK StockPETG Thin StockPFA StockPhenolic StockPine Wood Bar StockPinion StockPlastic Rod StockPlastic Sheet StockPlastic Thin StockPlate StockPolyester (PET) Rod StockPolyester (PET) Sheet StockPolyester (PET) Square StockPolyester Thin StockPolyethylene StockPolypropylene StockPolystyrene Thin StockPolyurethane Spring StockPolyurethane StockPrecision Bushing StockPrecision StockPTFE StockPulley StockPVC Round StockPVC StockPVDF StockRed Metal Round StockRod StockRound StockRubber Bar StockRubber Cord StockRubber StockRulon 142 Sheet StockRulon 142 StockRulon 641 Rod StockRulon 641 Round StockRulon 641 StockRulon J Rod StockRulon J Round StockRulon J Sheet StockRulon J StockRulon LR Rod StockRulon LR Round StockRulon LR Sheet StockRulon LR StockRulon Rod StockRulon Round StockRulon Sheet StockRulon StockShaft StockSheet StockSlotted Steel Flat StockSpacer StockSpring Steel Thin StockSpring StockSpring-Tempered Bronze Thin StockSpring-Tempered Steel Thin StockSpring-Tempered Thin StockSpur Gear Rod StockSquare O-Ring Cord StockSquare StockStainless Steel Half Round StockStainless Steel Rod StockStainless Steel Sheet StockStainless Steel Square StockStainless Steel StockStainless Steel Thin StockStandard Stainless Steel Precision Bushing StockSteel Bar StockSteel Flat StockSteel Shaft StockSteel StockSteel Thin StockStockThickness Gauge StockThin StockThreaded StockThreading Die StocksTin Bar StockTin StockTin Triangle StockTitanium StockTitanium Thin StockTungsten Alloy Rod StockTungsten Alloy Round StockTungsten Alloy StockTurcite Rod StockTurcite Round StockTurcite StockUHMW Polyethylene Angle StockUHMW Polyethylene StockUltem StockU-StockVHMW Polyethylene Sheet StockVHMW Polyethylene Square StockVHMW Polyethylene StockViton® Fluoroelastomer O-Ring Cord StockWaspaloy Rod StockWaspaloy Round StockWax StockX-Ring Cord Stock
    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Shim Stock Form
    Shim Stock Form
    Temper Rating
    Temper Rating
    Full Hard
    Softened (Annealed)
    1/2 Hard
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense
    Regulations Supplement)
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    Magnetic Properties
    Magnetic Properties
    May Be Mildly Magnetic
    Minimum Temperature
    Minimum Temperature
    -110° F
    -50° F
    -40° F
    -30° F
    -20° F
    0° F
    32° F
    Not Rated
    For Use Outdoors
    For Use Outdoors
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