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    Abrasive BrushesAbrasive Disc BrushesAbrasive Nylon BrushesAcid BrushesAcid Tube BrushesAdhesive Applicator BrushesAdhesive BrushesAir Brush AccessoriesAir BrushesAir Conditioner Coil BrushesAngled Paint BrushesApplicator BrushesArmature BrushesArtists' BrushesBarrel BrushesBattery BrushesBattery Terminal BrushesBeaker BrushesBelt BrushesBench BrushesBent-Handle Paint BrushesBevel Knot BrushesBlade BrushesBlowgun BrushesBoiler BrushesBonding BrushesBoot BrushesBoot Cleaning BrushesBore BrushesBottle BrushesBristle BrushesBrush MaterialBrush RollsBrush SetsBrushesCamel Hair Paint BrushesCar Washing BrushesCarbon BrushesChemical-Resistant BrushesChimney BrushesChina Bristle BrushesChip BrushesChun King Bristle BrushesCircular Saw BrushesClean Room BrushesCleaning BrushesCNC Machine BrushesCoated-Bristle BrushesCoating BrushesCoil BrushesCoil Cleaning BrushesColor-Coding BrushesCommutator BrushesCondenser BrushesCondenser Tube BrushesCone BrushesConveyor BrushesConveyor Strip BrushesCorner BrushesCounter BrushesCylindrical BrushesCylindrical Conveyor BrushesDC Motor BrushesDC Motor Replacement BrushesDeburring BrushesDeburring Wheel BrushesDeck BrushesDetail Applicator BrushesDetail BrushesDetail Cleaning BrushesDetail Wire BrushesDisc BrushesDish BrushesDisposable BrushesDisposable Paint BrushesDock Seal BrushesDoor BrushesDope BrushesDraftsman BrushesDrain BrushesDrill Brush SetsDrill-Operated Cleaning BrushesDryer Vent BrushesDuct BrushesDust BrushesEasy-Cut Strip BrushesEdge BrushesElectric Motor BrushesEncapsulated-Bristle BrushesEnd BrushesEpoxy Coating BrushesExternal BrushesFile BrushesFile Cleaning BrushesFinishing BrushesFitting BrushesFlexible BrushesFlexible Disc BrushesFlexible Shaft BrushesFlexible Tube BrushesFlexible Wheel BrushesFlow-Through BrushesFlue BrushesFoam BrushesFoam Paint BrushesFoot BrushesFoxtail BrushesFurnace BrushesGenerator BrushesGlue BrushesGrease BrushesGrill BrushesGrinder BrushesGrinding BrushesGrout BrushesGun BrushesHand BrushesHand Lubrication BrushesHand Scrub BrushesHeat Exchanger BrushesHigh-Temperature BrushesHog Hair BrushesHole BrushesHole Cleaning BrushesHorsehair Applicator BrushesHorsehair Hand BrushesHorsehair Lubrication BrushesInk BrushesInternal BrushesKnot-Wire BrushesLaboratory BrushesLaboratory Scrub BrushesLong-Handle Scrub BrushesLube BrushesLubrication BrushesMachine BrushesMasonry BrushesMetal-Backed Strip BrushesMetal-Detectable BrushesMicro BrushesMiniature BrushesMiniature Cup BrushesMiniature End BrushesMiniature Hand BrushesMiniature Tube BrushesMiniature Wheel BrushesMiniature Wire BrushesMiniature Wire Cup BrushesMiniature Wire Hand BrushesMiniature Wire Tube BrushesMiniature Wire Wheel BrushesMiniature Wire-End BrushesMotor BrushesMotor Carbon Brush AssortmentsMotor Carbon BrushesNail BrushesNatural-Bristle BrushesNylon BrushesNylon Conveyor BrushesNylon Tube BrushesOiler BrushesPaint BrushesPaint Roller BrushesParts BrushesParts Cleaning BrushesParts Washer BrushesParts Washing BrushesPastry BrushesPencil-Style BrushesPen-Style BrushesPilot Bonding Wire-End BrushesPipe BrushesPipe Cleaning BrushesPipe Wire BrushesPlaters' BrushesPlumbing Fitting BrushesPneumatic BrushesPolishing BrushesPVC-Backed Strip BrushesRadiator BrushesRed Sable Paint BrushesRefrigeration Fitting BrushesRefrigerator Coil BrushesRoller BrushesRoof BrushesRoof Coating BrushesRoof Repair BrushesRotary BrushesRotary Tool Wheel BrushesRound BrushesSanding BrushesSanitary BrushesSash Paint BrushesScratch BrushesScratch Wire BrushesScrub BrushesSeal BrushesShaft BrushesShoe Cleaning BrushesShoe Handle BrushesShunt Carbon BrushesSide-Action BrushesSlag BrushesSmall BrushesSmall Cleaning BrushesSmall Hand BrushesSnow BrushesSoldering BrushesSolvent BrushesSpiral BrushesSpiral Hand Wire BrushesSpiral Wire BrushesSpoke BrushesSponge Paint BrushesSpray Control BrushesSpray Control Suppression BrushesStatic BrushesStatic Control BrushesStencil Ink BrushesStringer Bead BrushesStrip BrushesTable BrushesTabletop BrushesTampico BrushesTapered Tube BrushesTest Tube BrushesTight-Seal BrushesTight-Seal Conveyor Strip BrushesTight-Seal Strip BrushesToilet Bowl BrushesToilet BrushesTouch-Up BrushesTruck Washing BrushesTube BrushesTube Cleaning BrushesTube Drill BrushesTube Hand BrushesTwisted-Bristle BrushesTwisted-Bristle Tube BrushesTwisted-Wire BrushesUtility BrushesVacuum BrushesVacuum Cleaner BrushesVacuum Motor BrushesVari-Trim BrushesVehicle Washing BrushesWallpaper BrushesWand Cleaning BrushesWeather BrushesWelding BrushesWheel Brush AccessoriesWheel BrushesWheel Drill BrushesWhisk BrushesWindow Cleaning BrushesWire BrushesWire Chip BrushesWire Tube BrushesWire Wheel Brush AccessoriesWire Wheel BrushesWire-End Brushes
    Brush Style
    Brush Style
    Shank Style
    Shank Style
    Bristle Flexibility
    Bristle Flexibility
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    Brush Operation
    Brush Operation
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
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    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    RoHS Compliant with
    Arbor Hole Diameter
    Arbor Hole Diameter
    1 1/4"
    4 1/4"
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
    Bristle Style
    Bristle Style
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