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    Saddle Valves Products
    3-A Barbed Tube Fittings3-A Butt-Weld Tube Fittings3-A Sanitary Quick-Clamp Tube Fittings3-A Union Tube Fittings45 Degree Flared Tube FittingsAcetal Barbed Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsAcetal Barbed Tube FittingsAcetal Compression Tube FittingsAcetal Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsAcetal Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsAcid Tube BrushesAdhesive Anchor Tube ScreensAdhesive Tube CapsAdhesives for Polycarbonate TubingAir Brake Tube FittingsAir-Powered Tube Cleaner KitsAir-Powered Tube CleanersAluminum Barbed Tube CouplingsAluminum Barbed Tube FittingsAluminum Flared Tube CouplingsAluminum Flared Tube FittingsAluminum Telescoping-Tube Structural FramingAluminum Vacuum Tube FittingsAN/AS Tube FittingsANSI Compression Tube FittingsANSI Flared Tube FittingsANSI Quick-Turn Tube FittingsANSI Solder-Joint Copper Tube CouplingsANSI Solder-Joint Tube FittingsANSI Tube BendersANSI Tube FittingsANSI Yor-Lok Tube FittingsASME Tube FittingsBanjo Compression Tube FittingsBanjo Flared Tube FittingsBanjo Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsBanjo Tube FittingsBarbed ASME-Code Tube FittingsBarbed Beverage Tube FittingsBarbed Dairy Tube FittingsBarbed Flared Tube AdaptersBarbed Food Industry Tube FittingsBarbed Irrigation Tube FittingsBarbed Panel-Mount Tube CouplingsBarbed Rotating Tube FittingsBarbed Through-Wall Tube FittingsBarbed Tube AdaptersBarbed Tube Branch TeesBarbed Tube BulkheadsBarbed Tube FittingsBarbed Tube Fittings for 3-A Sanitary Clear PVC TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Fuel and Lubricant PVC TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for High-Temperature Polyethylene TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Lightweight Polypropylene TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Masterkleer PVC TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Polyethylene TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Polyurethane TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for PVC TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Rubber TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Silicone Rubber TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Super-Soft Latex Rubber TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Tygon and PVC TubingBarbed Tube Run TeesBarbed Tube StraightsBarbed Vacuum Tube AdaptersBarbed Vacuum Tube ConnectorsBarbed Vacuum Tube ElbowsBarbed Vacuum Tube FittingsBarbed Vacuum Tube TeesBarbed Water Tube FittingsBevel Seat Tube FittingsBeverage Tube FittingsBlind Tube FlangesBPE Tube FittingsBrass Compression Tube CapsBrass Compression Tube FittingsBrass Flared Tube CapsBrass Flared Tube CouplingsBrass Flared Tube FittingsBrass Instant Pipe-to-Tube FittingsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube CapsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube CouplingsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Disconnect Barbed Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Turn Barbed Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Turn Tube CapsBrass Quick-Turn Tube CouplingsBrass Quick-Turn Tube FittingsBrass Single-Sleeve Compression Tube CouplingsBrass Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsBrass Tube BrushesBrass Tube CouplingsBrass Tube FittingsBrass Tube-to-Pipe FittingsBrass Tube-to-Pipe Swivel AdaptersBrass Yor-Lok Tube CapsBrass Yor-Lok Tube CouplingsBrass Yor-Lok Tube FittingsBrass Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsBritish Standard Thread Compression Tube FittingsBritish Standard Thread Flared Tube FittingsBritish Standard Thread Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsBritish Standard Thread Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsBritish Standard Thread Tube-to-Pipe FittingsBritish Standard Thread Yor-Lok Tube FittingsBronze Tube FittingsBronze Tube UnionsBulkhead Single-Sleeve Compression Tube-to-Pipe FittingsBulkhead Tube-to-Pipe FittingsBulkhead Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsButt-Weld Compression Tube AdaptersButt-Weld Fittings for Hastelloy TubingButt-Weld Fittings for Stainless Steel TubingButt-Weld Tube AdaptersButt-Weld Tube Branch TeesButt-Weld Tube ConnectorsButt-Weld Tube StraightsButt-Weld Vacuum Tube AdaptersButt-Weld Vacuum Tube CapsButt-Weld Vacuum Tube ElbowsButt-Weld Vacuum Tube FittingsButt-Weld Vacuum Tube TeesCast Copper Tube FittingsCaster Sockets for Round TubingCaster Sockets for TubingCaulk Tube CapsCaulk Tube ExtensionsCeramic-Tube Fuse BlocksCeramic-Tube FusesCheck Valve Tube FittingsChemical Tube FittingsClamp Tube FittingsClamps for Gum Rubber TubingClean Room Tube FittingsCleaned and Bagged Barbed Tube FittingsCleaned and Bagged Compression Tube FittingsCleaned and Bagged Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsCleaned and Bagged Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsCleaned and Bagged Solder-Joint Tube FittingsCleaned and Bagged Tube FittingsCompression Air Brake Tube FittingsCompression Beverage Tube FittingsCompression D.O.T. Tube FittingsCompression Fittings for Copper TubingCompression Fittings for Extreme-Pressure Stainless Steel TubingCompression Fittings for Hastelloy TubingCompression Fittings for Low-Temperature White EVA TubingCompression Fittings for Metric Seamless Stainless Steel TubingCompression Food Industry Tube FittingsCompression Panel-Mount Tube CouplingsCompression Through-Wall Tube FittingsCompression Tube AdaptersCompression Tube CapsCompression Tube ConnectorsCompression Tube CouplingsCompression Tube CrossesCompression Tube ElbowsCompression Tube FerrulesCompression Tube FittingsCompression Tube Fittings for ETFE TubingCompression Tube Fittings for FEP TubingCompression Tube Fittings for Firm Polyurethane TubingCompression Tube Fittings for Nylon TubingCompression Tube Fittings for PFA TubingCompression Tube Fittings for Polyethylene TubingCompression Tube Fittings for Polypropylene TubingCompression Tube Fittings for PTFE TubingCompression Tube Fittings for PVDF TubingCompression Tube Fittings for Stainless Steel Spray ManifoldsCompression Tube Fittings for THV TubingCompression Tube Fittings for Very Hard TubingCompression Tube NutsCompression Tube PlugsCompression Tube ReducersCompression Tube RingsCompression Tube SleevesCompression Tube StraightsCompression Tube SupportsCompression Tube TeesCompression Tube-to-Weld ElbowsCompression Tube-to-Weld FittingsCompression Vacuum Tube AdaptersCompression Vacuum Tube ElbowsCompression Vacuum Tube FittingsCompression Vacuum Tube TeesCompression Water Tube FittingsConcentric Butt-Weld Tube FittingsConcentric Quick-Clamp Tube FittingsConcentric Tube FittingsConcentric Tube ReducersConcentric Vacuum Tube FittingsCondenser Tube BrushesCondenser Tube PlugsCopper Long Radius Tube ElbowsCopper Push-to-Connect Tube CouplingsCopper Push-to-Connect Tube ElbowsCopper Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsCopper Push-to-Connect Tube TeesCopper Solder-Joint Tube FittingsCopper Sweat Tube FittingsCopper Tube U-BendsCopper Tube UnionsCPVC Tube StraightsCrimping Tools for Press-Connect Fittings for Copper TubingCutting Oil for Tube Fitting ReseatersCutting Ring Tube FittingsDairy Tube FittingsDIN Tube FittingsDisposable Sanitary Tube FittingsDisposable Tube FittingsDouble Ferrule Tube FittingsDouble-Barbed Tube FittingsDrill-Mount Tube FlarersDrill-Mount Tube FlaresDrill-Mount Tube Flaring ToolsDrinking Water Barbed Tube FittingsDrinking Water Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsDrinking Water Solder-Joint Tube FittingsEasy-Access Tube ElbowsEccentric Tube FittingsEccentric Tube ReducersElectric Tube CleanersElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) BendersElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) BracketsElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) ClampsElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) ConnectorsElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) FittingsElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) HangersElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) StrapsElectrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT) FittingsE-Line Tube FittingsExtension Cords for Electric Tube CleanersExtra Support Tube FittingsExtra-Grip Tube FittingsExtreme-Pressure 316 Stainless Steel Compression Tube FittingsEye-Line Tube FittingsFDA-Listed Barbed Tube FittingsFDA-Listed Compression Tube FittingsFDA-Listed Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsFDA-Listed Sanitary Quick-Clamp Tube FittingsFDA-Listed Tube CouplingsFire-Resistant Tube FittingsFittings for Steel Welded Vacuum TubingFixed Tube FlangesFlame-Resistant Tube FittingsFlared Brass Compression Tube FittingsFlared Compression Tube AdaptersFlared Compression Tube CapsFlared Compression Tube CouplingsFlared Compression Tube ElbowsFlared Compression Tube FittingsFlared Compression Tube NutsFlared Compression Tube PlugsFlared Compression Tube SleevesFlared Compression Tube TeesFlared Fittings for Aluminum TubingFlared Fittings for Carbon Steel TubingFlared Fittings for Cleaned Stainless Steel TubingFlared Fittings for Extra-Hard Stainless Steel TubingFlared Fittings for Hastelloy TubingFlared Fittings for High-Strength Stainless Steel TubingFlared Fittings for Smooth-Bore Stainless Steel Seamless TubingFlared Fittings for Stainless Steel PVC-Coated TubingFlared Fittings for Welded Stainless Steel TubingFlared Metal Compression Tube FittingsFlared On All Ends Tube FittingsFlared Panel-Mount Compression Tube FittingsFlared Steel Compression Tube FittingsFlared Swivel Tube FittingsFlared Through-Wall Tube FittingsFlared Tube Branch TeesFlared Tube Fitting AccessoriesFlared Tube Run TeesFlared Tube StraightsFlared Tube-to-Tube ConnectorsFlared Vacuum Tube AdaptersFlared Vacuum Tube ConnectorsFlared Vacuum Tube ElbowsFlared Vacuum Tube FittingsFlared Vacuum Tube TeesFlared-to-Solder-Joint Tube FittingsFlexible PVC Tube FittingsFlexible Tube BrushesFlexible Tube ElbowsFlexible Tube FittingsFlexible Tube WyesFlexible Water Tube FittingsFlow Control Tube ClampsFluorescent Tube CoversFood Industry Tube BrushesFood Industry Tube FittingsGarden Hose Tube FittingsGauges for Flared Tube FittingsGlass-Tube Fuse BlocksGlass-Tube FusesGrease Tube FittingsGrease Tube PlugsGuardrail Tube FittingsHandrail Tube FittingsHeat Exchanger Tube CleanersHeat-Shrink Tubing LabelsHigh Polish Tube Branch TeesHigh-Polish Butt-Weld Tube AdaptersHigh-Polish Butt-Weld Tube FittingsHigh-Polish High-Purity Tube FittingsHigh-Polish Metal Tube FittingsHigh-Polish Pipe-to-Tube FittingsHigh-Polish Sanitary Tube AdaptersHigh-Polish Sanitary Tube ConnectorsHigh-Polish Sanitary Tube FittingsHigh-Polish Stainless Steel Tube FittingsHigh-Polish Stainless Steel Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersHigh-Polish Tube AdaptersHigh-Polish Tube CapsHigh-Polish Tube CouplingsHigh-Polish Tube CrossesHigh-Polish Tube FittingsHigh-Polish Tube Fittings for Sanitary Pressure TanksHigh-Polish Tube ReducersHigh-Polish Water Tube FittingsHigh-Pressure Barbed Tube FittingsHigh-Pressure Compression Tube FittingsHigh-Pressure Flared Tube FittingsHigh-Pressure Quick-Clamp Sanitary Tube ClampsHigh-Pressure Tube FittingsHigh-Pressure Weld Tube FittingsHigh-Purity Barbed Tube FittingsHigh-Purity Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsHigh-Purity Tube FittingsHose and Tube ClampsHydraulic Compression Tube FittingsHydraulic Flared Tube FittingsHydraulic Pipe-to-Tube FittingsHydraulic Tube BendersHydraulic Tube FittingsHydraulic Weld Tube FittingsHydraulic Yor-Lok Pipe-to-Tube FittingsHydraulic Yor-Lok Tube FittingsI-Beam Tube ClampsI-Line Tube ClampsI-Line Tube FittingsI-Line Tube GasketsI-Line Tube SealsImperial-Compatible Tube-Cutting WheelsInner Tubes for 4991TInstant Vacuum Tube-to-Pipe FittingsInstrumentation Tube FittingsInsulated Tube ClampsInverted 45 Degree Flared Tube FittingsIrrigation Tube FittingsJohn Perry Tube FittingsJoining Clamp Tube FittingsKF Tube FittingsKF Tube FlangesLined Tube ClampsLuer Lock Barbed Tube PlugsLuer Lock Brass Tube PlugsLuer Lock Compression Tube PlugsLuer Lock NPT Tube PlugsLuer Lock Pipe-to-Tube FittingsMake-Your-Own Tube ClampsManifold Tube FittingsMetal Barbed Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsMetal Barbed Quick-Turn Tube FittingsMetal Barbed Tube FittingsMetal Butt-Weld Tube CapsMetal Clamp Tube FittingsMetal Compression Tube CapsMetal Compression Tube FittingsMetal Flared Tube CapsMetal Flared Tube FittingsMetal I-Beam Tube ClampsMetal Luer Lock Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersMetal Push-to-Connect Pipe-to-Tube AdaptersMetal Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsMetal Quick-Clamp Tube CapsMetal Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsMetal Quick-Disconnect Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersMetal Quick-Turn Tube CapsMetal Quick-Turn Tube FittingsMetal Sanitary Quick-Clamp Tube FittingsMetal Single-Sleeve Compression Tube CapsMetal Solder-Joint Tube CapsMetal Solder-Joint Tube FittingsMetal Specialty Tube Fitting ClampsMetal Structural Tube ClampsMetal Tube BrushesMetal Tube ClampsMetal Tube Routing ClampsMetal Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersMetal Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMetal Union Tube CapsMetal Union Tube FittingsMetal Vacuum Tube CapsMetal Vacuum Tube FittingsMetal Weld Tube FittingsMetal Yor-Lok Tube CapsMetal Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMetric Barbed Tube FittingsMetric Barbed Tube Fittings for PVC TubingMetric Compression Fittings for Carbon Steel TubingMetric Compression Tube FittingsMetric Flared Tube FittingsMetric Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsMetric Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsMetric Single-Sleeve Compression Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMetric Tube FittingsMetric Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMetric Yor-Lok Tube FittingsMetric Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMiniature Barbed Tube FittingsMiniature Brass Barbed Tube FittingsMiniature Pipe-to-Tube FittingsMiniature Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsMiniature Tube BrushesMiniature Tube ClampsMiniature Tube FittingsMiniature Wire Tube BrushesMulti-Barbed Tube FittingsMultiline Tube ClampsNSF/ANSI-Standard Compression Tube FittingsNSF/ANSI-Standard Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsNSF/ANSI-Standard Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsNW Tube FittingsNylon Compression Tube FittingsNylon Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsNylon Quick-Turn Tube FittingsNylon Tube BrushesOdor-Resistant Tube FittingsO-Ring Face Seal Tube FittingsO-Ring Tube FittingsPanel-Mount Compression Tube FittingsPanel-Mount Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPanel-Mount Tube CouplingsPanel-Mount Tube FittingsPipe-to-Tube FittingsPipe-to-Tube Metric-to-Inch AdaptersPipe-to-Tube WyesPlastic Barbed Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsPlastic Barbed Quick-Turn Tube FittingsPlastic Barbed Tube FittingsPlastic Compression Tube FittingsPlastic Luer Lock Tube CapsPlastic Luer Lock Tube FittingsPlastic Push-to-Connect Tube CapsPlastic Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPlastic Quick-Disconnect Compression Tube FittingsPlastic Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsPlastic Quick-Turn Tube FittingsPlastic Sanitary Quick-Clamp Tube FittingsPlastic Tube CuttersPlastic Tubing ClampsPlastic Tubing Selector PacksPlastic-Pipe Cements for PVC TubingPolyethylene Barbed Tube FittingsPolypropylene and Nylon Barbed Tube FittingsPolypropylene Barbed Luer Lock Tube FittingsPolypropylene Barbed Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsPolypropylene Compression Tube FittingsPolypropylene Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPolypropylene Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsPolypropylene Quick-Turn Tube FittingsPolypropylene Tube FittingsPPS Compression Tube FittingsPPS Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPrecision Tubular ShaftsPressure Test Tube FittingsPush-Button Telescoping Tube LocksPush-to-Connect Beverage Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect D.O.T. Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Flared Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Food Industry Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Irrigation Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Metric Tube-to-Pipe FittingsPush-to-Connect Pipe-to-Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Rotating Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Through-Wall Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Tube Branch TeesPush-to-Connect Tube BulkheadsPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for FEP TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Firm Polyurethane TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Flame-Retardant Nylon TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Flame-Retardant Polyethylene TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Inch Polyurethane TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Metric Polyurethane TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for MFA TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Moisture-Resistant Polyethylene Vacuum TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Rigid White Polypropylene TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Rockwell Hardness Nylon TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Shore D Hardness Nylon TubingPush-to-Connect Tube ManifoldsPush-to-Connect Tube Run TeesPush-to-Connect Tube StraightsPush-to-Connect Tube U-BendsPush-to-Connect Tube-to-Pipe ElbowsPush-to-Connect Tube-to-Pipe TeesPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube AdaptersPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube ConnectorsPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube ElbowsPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube TeesPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube WyesPush-to-Connect Water Tube FittingsPVC Tubes For ChemicalsPVDF Compression Tube FittingsPVDF Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPVDF Sanitary Quick-Clamp Tube FittingsQF Tube FittingsQF Tube FlangesQuick-Assembly Brass Instrumentation Tube CapsQuick-Assembly Compression Tube Fitting CapsQuick-Assembly Instrumentation Tube FittingsQuick-Clamp ASME-Code Tube FittingsQuick-Clamp Fittings for Stainless Steel TubingQuick-Clamp Pipe-to-Tube FittingsQuick-Clamp Tube CouplingsQuick-Clamp Tube ElbowsQuick-Clamp Tube FerrulesQuick-Clamp Tube FittingsQuick-Clamp Tube Fittings for Sanitary Tube MixersQuick-Clamp Tube GasketsQuick-Clamp Tube TeesQuick-Clamp-to-Butt-Weld Tube ElbowsQuick-Disconnect Barbed Tube BulkheadsQuick-Disconnect Barbed Tube CouplingsQuick-Disconnect Barbed Tube ElbowsQuick-Disconnect Barbed Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Barbed Tube PlugsQuick-Disconnect Beverage Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Brass Compression Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Compression Tube CouplingsQuick-Disconnect Compression Tube PlugsQuick-Disconnect Food Industry Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Metal Compression Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect NPT Tube PlugsQuick-Disconnect Panel-Mount Tube CouplingsQuick-Disconnect Pipe-to-Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Through-Wall Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Tube AdaptersQuick-Disconnect Tube Coupling SetsQuick-Disconnect Tube CouplingsQuick-Disconnect Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Tube StraightsQuick-Disconnect Vacuum Tube ConnectorsQuick-Disconnect Vacuum Tube ElbowsQuick-Disconnect Vacuum Tube FittingsQuick-Disconnect Water Tube FittingsQuick-Release Tube FittingsQuick-Turn Barbed Tube CouplingsQuick-Turn Barbed Tube FittingsQuick-Turn Barbed Tube PlugsQuick-Turn NPT Tube PlugsQuick-Turn Nylon Barbed Tube FittingsQuick-Turn Pipe-to-Tube FittingsQuick-Turn Polycarbonate Barbed Tube FittingsQuick-Turn Polycarbonate Tube FittingsQuick-Turn Tube Sockets for 51465KQuick-Turn Tube Sockets for 51525KQuick-Turn Tube Sockets for 5194KQuick-Turn Tube Sockets for 9198TQuick-Turn Tube StraightsQuick-Turn Vacuum Tube ConnectorsQuick-Turn Water Tube FittingsReducer Tube FittingsReed-Compatible Tube-Cutting WheelsRefrigeration Tube FittingsRidgid-Compatible Tube-Cutting WheelsRotating Tube FittingsRough Vacuum Tube FittingsRound Caps for TubesRound Plugs for TubingRound Tube InsertsSAE Tube FittingsSampling Tube FittingsSanitary Barbed Quick-Clamp Tube TeesSanitary Barbed Tube AdaptersSanitary Barbed Tube ConnectorsSanitary Barbed Tube ElbowsSanitary Barbed Tube FittingsSanitary Barbed Tube WyesSanitary Quick-Clamp Beverage Tube FittingsSanitary Quick-Clamp Food Industry Tube FittingsSanitary Quick-Clamp Tube FittingsSanitary Quick-Clamp Tube StraightsSanitary Quick-Clamp Tube WyesSanitary Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsSanitary Tube AdaptersSanitary Tube ConnectorsSanitary Tube ElbowsSanitary Tube FittingsSanitary Tube FlangesSanitary Tube MixersSanitary Tube StraightsSanitary Tube TeesSanitary Tube UnionsSanitary Tube WyesSanitary Union Tube AdaptersSanitary Union Tube ConnectorsSanitary Union Tube FittingsSemiconductor Tube FittingsSemi-Tubular RivetsSepta Tube FittingsSingle-Ferrule Tube FittingsSingle-Sleeve Compression Through-Wall Tube CouplingsSingle-Sleeve Compression Through-Wall Tube FittingsSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube Branch TeesSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube CapsSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube ElbowsSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube ReducersSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube Run TeesSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube TeesSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube-to-Pipe ElbowsSingle-Sleeve Compression Tube-to-Pipe TeesSingle-Sleeve Compression-to-Flared Tube FittingsSingle-Sleeve Stainless Steel Compression Tube CapsSink Drain Compression Tube AdaptersSMS Tube Fitting GasketsSMS Tube FittingsSocket-Tube-to-Threaded-Pipe FittingsSocket-Weld Tube AdaptersSocket-Weld Tube BendsSocket-Weld Tube ConnectorsSocket-Weld Tube ElbowsSocket-Weld Tube StraightsSocket-Weld Tube U-BendsSolder-Joint and CPVC Tube AdaptersSolder-Joint ASME-Code Tube FittingsSolder-Joint Copper Tube Branch TeesSolder-Joint Copper Tube Run TeesSolder-Joint Fittings for Capped Copper TubingSolder-Joint Irrigation Tube FittingsSolder-Joint Reducing Tube CouplingsSolder-Joint Socket-Weld Tube AdaptersSolder-Joint Socket-Weld Tube FittingsSolder-Joint Tube CouplingsSolder-Joint Tube PlugsSolder-Joint Tube StraightsSolder-Joint Tube TeesSolder-Joint Water Tube FittingsSolder-Joint Weld Tube FittingsSound Control Tube ClampsSpecialty Tube Fitting ClampsSpool Tube FittingsSpring Tube BendersSquare Telescoping-Tube Structural FramingSquare Tube CapsSquare Tube ClampsSquare Tube InsertsSquare Tubing BendersSquare Tubing BracketsSquare Tubing ConnectorsSquare Tubing MountsStainless Steel Barbed Tube FittingsStainless Steel Barbed Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Butt-Weld Tube CapsStainless Steel Clamp Tube FittingsStainless Steel Compression Tube CapsStainless Steel Compression Tube CouplingsStainless Steel Compression Tube FittingsStainless Steel Flared Compression Tube FittingsStainless Steel Flared Tube FittingsStainless Steel Flared Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel I-Beam Tube ClampsStainless Steel Luer Lock Tube CouplingsStainless Steel Luer Lock Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Pipe-to-Tube AdaptersStainless Steel Push-to-Connect Tube CouplingsStainless Steel Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsStainless Steel Push-to-Connect Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Quick-Clamp Tube CapsStainless Steel Quick-Disconnect Compression Tube FittingsStainless Steel Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsStainless Steel Quick-Disconnect Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Quick-Turn Tube CapsStainless Steel Specialty Tube Fitting ClampsStainless Steel Telescoping-Tube Structural FramingStainless Steel Tube BrushesStainless Steel Tube ClampsStainless Steel Tube FittingsStainless Steel Union Tube CapsStainless Steel Union Tube FittingsStainless Steel Vacuum Tube CapsStainless Steel Vacuum Tube CouplingsStainless Steel Vacuum Tube FittingsStainless Steel Vacuum Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Weld Tube FittingsStainless Steel Weld Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Yor-Lok Tube CapsStainless Steel Yor-Lok Tube CouplingsStainless Steel Yor-Lok Tube FittingsStainless Steel Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsStandard Barbed Tube FittingsStandard Compression Fittings for Carbon Steel TubingStandard Flared Tube FittingsStandard Push-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Copper TubingStandard Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsStandard Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsStandard Solder-Joint and CPVC Tube FittingsStandard Solder-Joint Fittings for TubingStandard Tube Clamps for Barbed Tube FittingsStandard Tubing BendersStandoff Tube ClampsSteel Compression Tube FittingsSteel Flared Tube FittingsSteel I-Beam Tube ClampsSteel Single-Sleeve Compression Tube CouplingsSteel Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsSteel Single-Sleeve Compression Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersSteel Specialty Tube Fitting ClampsSteel Structural Tube ClampsSteel Telescoping-Tube Structural FramingSteel Tube ClampsSteel Tube Connector NutsSteel Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersSteel Vacuum Tube FittingsSteel Yor-Lok Tube CouplingsSteel Yor-Lok Tube FittingsSteel Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersSteel Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsStraight Tube ConnectorsStructural Framing Tube FittingsStructural Tube ClampsStructural Tube ConnectorsStructural Tube CouplingsStructural Tube CrossesStructural Tube ElbowsStructural Tube FlangesStructural Tube PlugsStructural Tube Reducing CrossesStructural Tube TeesSupported 45 Degree Flared Tube FittingsSwedish Dairy Tube FittingsSwivel Tube FittingsSwivel Tubing GlidesTapered Tube BrushesTelescoping Tubing ConnectorsTelescoping Tubing Push ButtonsTelescoping-Tube Structural FramingTelescoping-Tube Structural Framing FittingsTest Plug Tube FittingsTest Tube BrushesTest Tube HoldersTest Tube RacksThreaded Tube EndsThreaded Tube InsertsThrough-Wall Tube FittingsThrough-Wall Tube StraightsTight-Seal Tube FittingsTri-Clamp Compression Tube FittingsTri-Clamp Sanitary Tube FittingsTri-Clamp Tube FittingsTri-Clamp Tube GasketsT-Slotted Framing Tube HoldersTube AdaptersTube BagsTube BandanasTube BarbsTube BasesTube BeadersTube Beading ToolsTube BendersTube Bending FluidsTube Bending LubricantsTube Bending OilTube Bending PliersTube Bending ToolsTube BevelersTube BlocksTube BracketsTube BrushesTube BumpersTube CapsTube ChamferersTube Chamfering ToolsTube Clamp AssortmentsTube Clamp CoversTube Clamp GuardsTube Clamp KitsTube Clamp ProtectorsTube ClampsTube Cleaner CylindersTube Cleaner PelletsTube Cleaner ProjectilesTube CleanersTube Cleaning BrushesTube CollarsTube Connector ButtonsTube Connector NutsTube Connector PinsTube ConnectorsTube ContainersTube CouplingsTube CrimpersTube CrossesTube CrossoversTube CuttersTube Cutters for Flexible Nonmetallic ConduitTube Deburring ToolsTube DispensersTube Dispensing SqueezersTube Drill BrushesTube DryersTube ElbowsTube End AdaptersTube End CoversTube EndsTube ExpandersTube ExtensionsTube FeedthroughsTube FerrulesTube Fitting CapsTube Fitting GasketsTube Fitting GaugesTube Fitting Locking ClipsTube Fitting ReseatersTube Fitting SleevesTube Fitting Swivel AdaptersTube FittingsTube Fittings ValvesTube FlangesTube FlarersTube FlaresTube Flaring KitsTube Flaring PunchesTube Flaring ToolsTube FusesTube GasketsTube GlidesTube GripsTube GuardsTube Hand BrushesTube HingesTube HoldersTube IncreasersTube InsertsTube JacketingTube JacksTube Joining ClampsTube Label ApplicatorsTube LabelsTube LightsTube ManifoldsTube Marker ApplicatorsTube Marking DecalsTube Marking LabelsTube Marking StickersTube Marking TapeTube Marking ToolsTube MixersTube NotchersTube OutletsTube Pass-ThroughsTube PlugsTube PositionersTube Power BrushesTube RacksTube ReamersTube ReducersTube Reducing ElbowsTube Reducing TeesTube Repair ClampsTube RingsTube RollersTube Routing ClampsTube ScrapersTube Sealing GrommetsTube SealsTube Sign ApplicatorsTube SignsTube SleevesTube SleevingTube SocketsTube SpacersTube SplicesTube SplittersTube SpreadersTube StandsTube StemsTube StickersTube StiffenersTube StoppersTube StorageTube Storage RacksTube StraightenersTube StraightsTube Stretcher KitsTube Stretcher SetsTube StubsTube Swaging ToolsTube Swivel ElbowsTube Swivel StraightsTube Swivel TeesTube SwivelsTube TeesTube Thickness CalipersTube TiesTube ToolsTube U-BendsTube Wall MicrometersTube WashersTube Wire BrushesTube WrenchesTube WringersTube WyesTube-Cutting BladesTube-Cutting ShearsTube-Cutting WheelsTube-Fitting FiltersTube-Style Flow SightsTube-to-Butt-Weld Pipe ElbowsTube-to-Butt-Weld Pipe FittingsTube-to-Pipe AdaptersTube-to-Pipe ConnectorsTube-to-Pipe ElbowsTube-to-Pipe TeesTubing Adapter NutsTubing AnchorsTubing Ball ValvesTubing ButtonsTubing CarriersTubing ChainTubing ChannelsTubing ClipsTubing CoilersTubing ConstrictorsTubing CornersTubing Diameter GaugesTubing Durometer Hardness Selector PacksTubing for Compression Quick-Turn Tube CouplingsTubing Gate ValvesTubing GaugesTubing Globe ValvesTubing GrommetsTubing GuidesTubing HangersTubing HeatersTubing InsulationTubing LaddersTubing Length GaugesTubing MarkersTubing Material Selector PacksTubing MountsTubing NozzlesTubing NutsTubing Pinch ValvesTubing PliersTubing ProtectorsTubing PumpsTubing ReelsTubing Restrictor ClampsTubing RoutersTubing Selector PacksTubing SheathingTubing Size IdentifiersTubing StrapsTubing SupportsTubing Toggle ValvesTubing TracksTubing TraysTubing TroughsTubing ValvesTubing VisesTubing WrapTubular DowelsTubular ExtrusionsTubular Heat ElementsTubular LevelsTubular LocksTubular Rivet Installation ToolsTubular RivetsTubular SolenoidsTubular Spanner WrenchesTwisted-Bristle Tube BrushesUltra-High-Purity Tube FittingsUnion Tube AdaptersUnion Tube FittingsUnion Tube NutsUnion Water Tube FittingsUniversal Thread Tube FittingsVacuum Compression Tube CouplingsVacuum Metal Compression Tube FittingsVacuum Quick-Disconnect Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersVacuum Quick-Turn Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersVacuum Single-Sleeve Compression Tube AdaptersVacuum Single-Sleeve Compression Tube ElbowsVacuum Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsVacuum Single-Sleeve Compression Tube TeesVacuum Tube AdaptersVacuum Tube CapsVacuum Tube ClampsVacuum Tube ConnectorsVacuum Tube CouplingsVacuum Tube CrossesVacuum Tube ElbowsVacuum Tube FittingsVacuum Tube FlangesVacuum Tube ReducersVacuum Tube RingsVacuum Tube StraightsVacuum Tube TeesVacuum Tube WyesVacuum Tube-to-Hose AdaptersVacuum Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersVacuum Yor-Lok Tube AdaptersVacuum Yor-Lok Tube ElbowsVacuum Yor-Lok Tube FittingsVacuum Yor-Lok Tube TeesVacuum Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsVibration-Resistant Brass Compression Tube FittingsVibration-Resistant Stainless Steel Compression Tube FittingsVortex Tube CoolersVortex Tube MufflersWater Tube FittingsWeather-Resistant Vortex Tube CoolersWeld Tube CouplingsWeld Tube ElbowsWeld Tube TeesWeld Water Tube FittingsWeldable Threaded Tube EndsWeld-Spatter Tube FittingsWorm-Drive Clamps for Flexible White Polyethylene TubingWorm-Drive Clamps for Flexible White Tubing (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Worm-Drive Tube ClampsWorm-Drive Tube Clamps for Large-Diameter Polyurethane TubingWrot-Copper Tube FittingsYor-Lok Through-Wall Tube CouplingsYor-Lok Through-Wall Tube FittingsYor-Lok Tube Branch TeesYor-Lok Tube Run TeesYor-Lok Tube StraightsYor-Lok Tube SupportsYor-Lok Tube-to-Butt-Weld Pipe FittingsYor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe ElbowsYor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsYor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe TeesYor-Lok Water Tube FittingsYor-Lok-to-Flared Tube FittingsZerk Tube Fittings
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