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    Adjustable Hole CuttersAir-Powered CuttersAir-Powered Diagonal CuttersAngle Iron CuttersAngled CuttersAnnular CuttersAnvil CuttersAsphalt CuttersBag CuttersBanana CuttersBanding CuttersBar CuttersBarrel CuttersBelt CuttersBench-Mount Bolt CuttersBench-Mount Cable CuttersBench-Mount Rod CuttersBench-Mount Wire Rope CuttersBevel Milling CuttersBolt CuttersBox CuttersBrush CuttersBush CuttersBX-Cable CuttersCable CuttersCable Tie CuttersCarbide-Insert Milling CuttersCarbide-Tipped Magnetic-Base Drill CuttersCarpet CuttersCarton CuttersCartridge CuttersCast Acrylic CuttersCeramic Tile CuttersCeramic-Blade CuttersChain CuttersChamfer Milling CuttersCigar CuttersCircle CuttersCoaxial Cable CuttersComposite CuttersConduit CuttersCord CuttersCorner CuttersCorrosion-Resistant Wire CuttersCuttersDeburring CuttersDiagonal CuttersDouble-Angle Milling CuttersDough CuttersDovetail Milling CuttersDrill Hole CuttersDrum CuttersDrywall Circle CuttersDrywall CuttersElectric Knife CuttersElectric Shear CuttersElectrical-Insulating CuttersElectrical-Insulating Wire CuttersElectrical-Insulating Wire Rope CuttersElectronics CuttersEnd CuttersEnd Mill CuttersEngraving CuttersErem Wire CuttersFabric CuttersFace Milling CuttersFiber-Optic Cable CuttersFilament CuttersFillet Milling CuttersFilm CuttersFinger-Ring CuttersFlexible-Conduit CuttersFlush CuttersFly CuttersFly Milling CuttersFoam CuttersGasket CuttersGate CuttersGear CuttersGlass CuttersGrass CuttersGrommet Hole CuttersGroove CuttersGuillotine-Style CuttersHand-Held Rod CuttersHard Wire CuttersHeated-Blade CuttersHedge CuttersHole Cutter SetsHole CuttersHole Saw CuttersHollow-Core CuttersHose CuttersHot CuttersHot Wire CuttersHydraulic CuttersIndexable-Insert Milling CuttersInsert CuttersInsulation CuttersInvolute Spur-Gear CuttersJewelers' Metal Slotting CuttersJewelers' Slitting CuttersKey CuttersKeyseat CuttersKeyseat Milling CuttersKeyslot CuttersKeyway CuttersKnockout CuttersKnockout Hole CuttersLaminate CuttersLandscaping CuttersLaser CuttersLathe CuttersLawn CuttersLeather CuttersLindstrom Wire CuttersLinoleum CuttersLock CuttersLollipop CuttersLongitudinal CuttersMagnetic-Base Drill Hole CuttersMat CuttersMC-Cable CuttersMetal CuttersMetal Slitting Milling CuttersMetal-Detectable CuttersMilling CuttersMiter CuttersMortise Hinge CuttersMusic Wire CuttersNo-Fray Cord CuttersNo-Fray Rope CuttersNonmagnetic CuttersNonmagnetic Wire CuttersNonsparking CuttersNonsparking Wire CuttersNozzle CuttersNut CuttersOblique CuttersO-Ring CuttersPacking CuttersPadlock CuttersPaper CuttersPaper Roll CuttersPipe CuttersPipe Reducing CuttersPizza CuttersPlasma CuttersPlastic CuttersPlastic Pipe CuttersPlastic Tube CuttersPliers CuttersPlug CuttersPlunge CuttersPneumatic CuttersPneumatic Diagonal CuttersPort CuttersPost-Processing CuttersPowered Bolt and Cable CuttersProfile CuttersPunch CuttersPVC CuttersRadius CuttersRatchet Cable CuttersRebar CuttersRidgid 360 Pipe CuttersRidgid Pipe CuttersRod CuttersRope CuttersRotary CuttersRound CuttersRubber CuttersSafety CuttersSanding Disc CuttersScrew CuttersScrew Slitting CuttersScrew Slotting CuttersShear CuttersSheet CuttersSheet Metal CuttersSheet Metal Hole CuttersShell Milling CuttersShim CuttersShingle CuttersSide CuttersSide-Milling CuttersSingle-Angle Milling CuttersSlitting CuttersSlitting Cutters for 28545ASlotting CuttersSlugger CuttersSolder-Joint Copper Tube Branch TeesSolder-Joint Copper Tube Run TeesSpoilboard CuttersSpot-Weld CuttersSpout CuttersSpur Gear Milling CuttersStandard Bolt CuttersStandard Straight-Tooth Slitting CuttersStatic Control CuttersStatic Control Wire CuttersStencil CuttersStrapping CuttersStretch Wrap CuttersString CuttersTape CuttersThread CuttersThreaded Rod Cutter KitsThreaded Rod CuttersTie Wrap CuttersTile CuttersTip CuttersTree CuttersTrim CuttersTube CuttersTube Cutters for Flexible Nonmetallic ConduitUltrasonic CuttersV-Groove Milling CuttersVictor 400 Series Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting KitsVictor Journeyman Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting KitsVictor Medalist 250 Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting KitsVictor Medalist 350 Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting KitsVictor Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting KitsVictor Performer Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting KitsVictor TurboTorch Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting KitsV-Slot Milling CuttersWasher CuttersWebbing CuttersWeed CuttersWire and Plastic CuttersWire CuttersWire Rope CuttersWire Tie CuttersWood Plug CuttersWoodruff Keyseat CuttersWoodruff Keyseat Milling CuttersZip Tie Cutters
    For Cutting
    For Cutting
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
    For Maximum Medium-Hard Steel Hardness
    For Maximum Medium-
    Hard Steel Hardness
    Brinell 300
    Rockwell C31
    For Maximum Rebar Hardness
    For Maximum
    Rebar Hardness
    Brinell 375
    Rockwell C40
    For Maximum Hard Steel Hardness
    For Maximum Hard
    Steel Hardness
    Brinell 375
    Rockwell C40
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