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    Streamline your designing and ordering process with our Solidworks Add-In.

    Installing the Add-In

    System Requirements:
    • Windows 10
    • Solidworks 2017 or newer
      (latest service pack installed)
    • Internet Connection
    • Approval for web browser process in
      antivirus or security software (as needed)

    Using the Add-In

    Add McMaster-Carr CAD models to your assembly from Solidworks

    From the add-in, search for McMaster-Carr CAD models.

    Find the CAD model you need and insert it directly into your design.

    Replace a McMaster-Carr CAD model in your design with another

    Replace a CAD model with one that meets your design needs.

    Select the component you would like to replace, browse for the CAD model you need, and insert it directly into your assembly.

    Automatically create a bill of materials

    Build your order as you import CAD models into your Solidworks assembly.

    The add-in automatically adds the part number, description, and unit of measure to your bill of materials.

    Copy your bill of materials from the add-in or send your order to, where you can modify and place your order.

    Feedback and Questions

    Contact us at with any questions or feedback.

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