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    Compatible with Manufacturer/Model Number
    Compatible with
    Manufacturer/Model Number
    Ace 2014413
    Ace 2034767
    Ace 2064673
    Arrow 8000
    Arrow CT50
    Arrow CT50K
    Arrow ET50
    Arrow ET50RED
    Arrow ETC50
    Arrow ETF50
    Arrow ETF50BN
    Arrow ETF50PBN
    Arrow ETFX50
    Arrow ETN50
    Arrow HT50
    Arrow HT50-10
    Arrow HT50A/50P
    Arrow HT50IRED
    Arrow HT50RED
    Arrow HT55
    Arrow HTX50
    Arrow JT21
    Arrow JT27
    Arrow T27
    Arrow T50
    Arrow T50ACD
    Arrow T50PBN
    Arrow T50RED
    Arrow T-50VP
    Arrow T55C
    Arrow T500C
    Arrow T7000
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 1000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 2000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 3000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 4000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 5650
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 5700
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 5800
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 6000
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 6000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 8000
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 8150
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9000
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9100
    Bostitch 438S2
    Bostitch 438S2R
    Bostitch 438S2R-1
    Bostitch 450S2
    Bostitch 650S5
    Bostitch BT110
    Bostitch BT160HL
    Bostitch EHF1838K
    Bostitch HL1612AT
    Bostitch S32SX-BHF-2
    Bostitch SB-2IN1
    Bostitch SB-150SX
    Bostitch SB150SX-HD
    Bostitch SX-150-BHF-2
    Bostitch SX150K-1
    Bostitch SX1838K
    Bostitch T28-5
    Bostitch T-31-SX5035
    Bostitch T35-15
    Bostitch T35-32
    Bostitch T40S2
    Bostitch T-40SX-CT
    Bostitch T50S2-1
    Bostitch T-358
    Bostitch XS1640
    Bostitch XS1650
    Craftsman 68428
    Craftsman 68434
    Craftsman 68492
    Craftsman 68496
    Craftsman 68513
    Craftsman 68514
    Craftsman 68515
    Craftsman 68517
    Craftsman 93055
    Craftsman 93056
    Craftsman 93066
    Duo-Fast 501870
    Duo-Fast KW-1748A
    Duo-Fast KWR-1748A
    Duo-Fast KWR-1848A
    Duo-Fast NSW-1748
    Duo-Fast SW1748
    Esselte 90100
    Hitachi N3824A
    Hitachi N5008AA
    Hitachi N5008AB
    Hitachi N5008AC
    Makita BST221
    Makita XTS01
    Paslode 3150
    Porter Cable CM200
    Porter Cable MS200
    (Swingline) 10401
    (Swingline) 31690
    Rapid R311
    Senco HMW
    Senco M1
    Senco M2
    Senco MW
    Senco MWXP
    Senco PW
    Senco SKSN1-17
    Senco SKSN1-45
    Senco SKSN1-50
    Senco SNS40
    Senco SNS50
    Senco SPS
    Senco WC150XP
    Senco WC200XP
    Stanley 69.5
    Stanley 69.506
    Stanley 69.55
    Stanley PHT150
    Stanley PHT150C
    Stanley PHT250
    Stanley T150
    Stanley TR35
    Stanley TR40
    Stanley TR45
    Stanley TR60
    Stanley TR85
    Stanley TR100
    Stanley TR100HL
    Stanley TR110
    Stanley TR150
    Stanley TR150HL
    Stanley TR200
    Stanley TR250
    Stanley TRE150
    Stanley TRE200
    Stanley TRE500
    Stanley TRE550
    Surebonder 5500
    Surebonder 5525
    Surebonder 5580
    Surebonder 5600
    Surebonder 5650
    Surebonder 5670
    Surebonder 5685
    Surebonder 5690
    Surebonder 5700
    Surebonder 5800
    Surebonder 5850
    Surebonder 5900
    Surebonder 5910
    Surebonder 9600
    Surebonder 10401
    Surebonder ST-3600
    Wire Gauge
    Wire Gauge
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    30 Products

    Flat Staples

    Leg Lg.Wire
    GaugeCompatible with ManufacturerPkg.
    Qty. Pkg.
    Small Pack
    Galvanized Steel
    3/8" Wd.
    7/16" Wd.
    Stainless Steel
    400 Nickel
    3/8" Wd.
    Large Pack
    Galvanized Steel
    7/32" Wd.
    3/8" Wd.
    7/16" Wd.
    1" Wd.
    Stainless Steel