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    79 Products

    High-Pressure Plated Brass Threaded Pipe Fittings

    Straight Connectors, Female
    Straight Connectors, Male
    Straight Adapters, Female × Male
    Straight Reducing Adapters
    Bushing Straight Reducing Adapters
    Straight Reducers, Male
    90° Elbow Connectors, Female
    90° Elbow Adapters, Female × Male
    45° Elbow Adapters
    Tee Connectors, Female
    Right-Angle Tee Adapters, Female × Male
    Plugs with Hex Drive
    Plugs with External Hex Drive

    High-Pressure Plated Brass Threaded Pipe Nipples and Pipe

    Threaded on Both Ends
    Fully Threaded