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    ASTM B36 Brass Shim StockBlack-Plated Brass PipeBlack-Plated Brass Pipe FittingsBrass (Class 125) Threaded Pipe FittingsBrass (Class 150) Pipe FlangesBrass (Schedule 40) British Standard Thread Pipe NipplesBrass (Schedule 40) PipeBrass (Schedule 40) Pipe FittingsBrass (Schedule 40) Unthreaded PipeBrass (Schedule 80) PipeBrass Air Conditioning ValvesBrass Air-Actuated ValvesBrass Allen ScrewsBrass Alloy 385 ChannelsBrass Alloy SheetsBrass ANSI PipeBrass ANSI Pipe FittingsBrass ANSI Pipe FlangesBrass ASME-Code PipeBrass ASME-Code Pipe FittingsBrass ASME-Code Pipe FlangesBrass Barbed Cam-and-Groove Hose CouplingsBrass Barbed Garden Hose FittingsBrass Barbed Grip-Lock Hose CouplingsBrass Barbed Hose CouplingsBrass Barbed Twist-Lock Hose CouplingsBrass Breather VentsBrass British Standard Thread Pipe FittingsBrass British Standard Thread Pipe NipplesBrass BSPP-to-NPT Pipe AdaptersBrass BSPT-to-NPT Pipe AdaptersBrass Cam-and-Groove Hose CouplingsBrass Cam-and-Groove Hose FittingsBrass Cap ScrewsBrass CapsBrass ChannelsBrass Compression Tube CapsBrass Compression Tube FittingsBrass CouplingsBrass Drinking Water Pipe FittingsBrass Electrical Panel NutsBrass Extra-Wide Thin NutsBrass ExtrusionsBrass Finger NutsBrass Fire Hydrant CapsBrass Flared Tube CapsBrass Flared Tube CouplingsBrass Flared Tube FittingsBrass Garden Hose FittingsBrass Grip-Lock Hose CouplingsBrass G-Thread Pipe FittingsBrass Heat ExchangersBrass Heavy Jam NutsBrass Hex LocknutsBrass Hex Pipe NipplesBrass High-Pressure Pipe FittingsBrass Hose Coupling CapsBrass Hose Coupling PlugsBrass Instant Pipe-to-Tube FittingsBrass Instrumentation Pipe FittingsBrass Metric PipeBrass Metric Pipe FittingsBrass NutsBrass Pipe AdaptersBrass Pipe ElbowsBrass Pipe Face BushingsBrass Pipe Fitting Thread ReducersBrass Pipe FittingsBrass Pipe Fittings with SealantBrass Pipe Reducing BushingsBrass Pipe Reducing ElbowsBrass Pipe Reducing TeesBrass Pipe Street ElbowsBrass Pipe Swivel AdaptersBrass Pipe-to-Pipe Swivel AdaptersBrass Pop-Safety ValvesBrass Power BrushesBrass Pressure Regulating ValvesBrass Push-On Hose CouplingsBrass Push-On Hose FittingsBrass Push-to-Connect ManifoldsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube CapsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube CouplingsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Disconnect Barbed Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Disconnect Hose CouplingsBrass Quick-Disconnect Hose FittingsBrass Quick-Disconnect Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Turn Barbed Tube FittingsBrass Quick-Turn Tube CapsBrass Quick-Turn Tube CouplingsBrass Quick-Turn Tube FittingsBrass R-Thread Pipe FittingsBrass Seamless PipeBrass Sheets With OpeningsBrass Single-Sleeve Compression Tube CouplingsBrass Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsBrass Sleeve ValvesBrass Socket Head Cap ScrewsBrass Solenoid Air Control ValvesBrass Solenoid ValvesBrass Spray Nozzle FittingsBrass Straight-to-Taper Hose FittingsBrass Temperature Regulating ValvesBrass Thick NutsBrass Thin StockBrass Threaded BallsBrass Threaded PipeBrass Threaded Pipe FittingsBrass Threaded Pipe-to-Hose FittingsBrass Threaded-One-End Pipe NipplesBrass Tube BrushesBrass Tube CouplingsBrass Tube FittingsBrass Tube-to-Pipe FittingsBrass Tube-to-Pipe Swivel AdaptersBrass Twist-Claw Hose CouplingsBrass Vacuum-Breaking ValvesBrass Valve CapsBrass Valve Stem CapsBrass Vise Jaw CapsBrass WedgesBrass Welding Hose CouplingsBrass Welding Hose FittingsBrass WoolBrass Yor-Lok Tube CapsBrass Yor-Lok Tube CouplingsBrass Yor-Lok Tube FittingsBrass Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsBrass-Tipped ScrewsBrass-Tipped Socket Head Cap ScrewsCentral Brass Faucet CartridgesChrome-Plated Brass (Class 125) Pipe FittingsChrome-Plated Brass (Schedule 40) Pipe NipplesChrome-Plated Brass PipeChrome-Plated Brass Pipe FittingsFlared Brass Compression Tube FittingsLaminated Brass Shim StockLuer Lock Brass Tube PlugsMetric Brass BoltsMetric Brass Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Brass Hollow BarsMetric Brass Machine ScrewsMetric Brass RodsMetric Brass Shoulder ScrewsMetric Brass TubingMiniature Brass Barbed Tube FittingsMiniature Brass RodsMiniature Brass SheetsMiniature Brass TubingNickel-Plated Brass GrommetsNickel-Plated Brass PipeNickel-Plated Brass Pipe FittingsPerforated Brass SheetsQuick-Assembly Brass Instrumentation Tube CapsQuick-Disconnect Brass Compression Tube FittingsSolder Connect Fittings for Brass TubingStandard Brass (Schedule 40) Threaded Pipe NipplesStandard Brass AlloysT & S Brass Faucet CartridgesT & S Brass Faucet StemsT&S Brass & Bronze Works Faucet Repair KitsUnion Brass Faucet CartridgesUnion Brass Faucet StemsVibration-Resistant Brass Compression Tube Fittings
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    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
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