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15-Pin DB Connectors15-Pin HD Connectors25-Pin DB Connectors37-Pin DB Connectors7/8" Connectors80/20-Compatible Connectors90 Degree Connectors9-Pin DB Connectors9-Volt Battery ConnectorsAbout Duct ConnectionsAbout NEMA ConnectorsAbout Sensor ConnectorsAC ConnectorsAir Line ConnectorsAluminum Extrusion ConnectorsAmp ConnectorsAppleton-Compatible ConnectorsAudio ConnectorsAutomotive ConnectorsBall ConnectorsBallast ConnectorsBall-Grip Positioning Arm ConnectorsBanana ConnectorsBarbed ConnectorsBarbed Vacuum Tube ConnectorsBarrel ConnectorsBarrel Power ConnectorsBattery ConnectorsBattery Connectors and Terminal CoversBattery Snap ConnectorsBattery Terminal ConnectorsBayonet-Style ConnectorsBayonet-Style Multipin ConnectorsBeam ConnectorsBelt ConnectorsBend-Close D-Ring ConnectorsBranch ConnectorsBulb ConnectorsBulkhead ConnectorsBulkhead Electrical ConnectorsBullet ConnectorsBung ConnectorsButt ConnectorsButton ConnectorsBX Conduit ConnectorsBX-Cable ConnectorsC13 IEC ConnectorsC14 IEC ConnectorsC19 IEC ConnectorsC20 IEC ConnectorsCable ConnectorsCalifornia Standard ConnectorsCam Lock ConnectorsCarabiner ConnectorsCarabiner Connectors for WebbingCategory 3 ConnectorsCategory 6 ConnectorsCB Radio ConnectorsCeramic Twist-On Wire ConnectorsChain ConnectorsCircuit Board ConnectorsCircuit ConnectorsCircular Electrical ConnectorsCircular Power/Control ConnectorsClamp-On ConnectorsClaw-Clamp ConnectorsClevis ConnectorsCombination ConnectorsComponent ConnectorsCompression ConnectorsCompression Tube ConnectorsComputer ConnectorsComputer Cord ConnectorsConduit ConnectorsConveyor Guide ConnectorsConveyor Rail ConnectorsCoolant ConnectorsCoolant Hose ConnectorsCoolant Hose Wye Inline ConnectorsCord ConnectorsCotter-Type ConnectorsCountertop ConnectorsCPC ConnectorsCPC Quick ConnectsCrimp-On Wire Connector AssortmentsCrimp-On Wire ConnectorsData Network ConnectorsDB15 ConnectorsDB25 ConnectorsDB37 ConnectorsDB9 ConnectorsDC Power ConnectorsDC Voltage ConnectorsDC Voltage Turn-Lock ConnectorsD-Coded ConnectorsDeutsch-Compatible ConnectorsDIN ConnectorsDisplayPort ConnectorsDMX ConnectorsDrum ConnectorsDuct ConnectorsDuct Fitting ConnectorsElbow ConnectorsElectrical ConnectorsElectrical Cord ConnectorsElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) ConnectorsElectronic ConnectorsElectronics ConnectorsEthernet Cord ConnectorsEuropean ConnectorsExtension Cord ConnectorsEyelid ConnectorsFaucet ConnectorsFeedthrough ConnectorsFlared ConnectorsFlared Tube-to-Tube ConnectorsFlared Vacuum Tube ConnectorsFlat ConnectorsFlexible ConnectorsFlexible Duct ConnectorsFork ConnectorsForklift ConnectorsFour-Way ConnectorsFraming Bracket ConnectorsFraming ConnectorsGarden Hose ConnectorsGrease ConnectionsGrounding ConnectorsGround-Monitoring ConnectorsHammer Lock ConnectorsHarsh Environment Electrical ConnectorsHD15 ConnectorsHDMI ConnectorsHigh-Polish Sanitary Tube ConnectorsHigh-Temperature Twist-On Wire ConnectorsHose ConnectorsIEC 309 ConnectorsIEC 320 ConnectorsIEC ConnectorsInlet/Outlet ConnectorsInsulated ConnectorsJoint ConnectorsJunction Box ConnectorsLatching Power ConnectorsLight ConnectorsLighted ConnectorsLug ConnectorsM12-Coded ConnectorsM18 ConnectorsM23 ConnectorsM8 ConnectorsMachinable Shaft ConnectorsMarine Electrical ConnectorsMat ConnectorsMetal-Detectable Shaft ConnectorsMil. Spec. Cable ConnectorsMil. Spec. Pin-and-Socket ConnectorsMIL-C-5015 ConnectorsMIL-DTL-5015 ConnectorsModular ConnectorsMolded ConnectorsMolex ConnectorsMonitor ConnectorsMS3101F ConnectorsMS3102R ConnectorsMS3106F ConnectorsMS3111F ConnectorsMS3112E ConnectorsMS3116F ConnectorsMulti-Outlet ConnectorsMultipin ConnectorsMultiple Pin ConnectorsMultiple Pole ConnectorsMultipole ConnectorsNEMA 10-20 ConnectorsNEMA 10-30 ConnectorsNEMA 10-50 ConnectorsNEMA 1-15 ConnectorsNEMA 14-30 ConnectorsNEMA 14-50 ConnectorsNEMA 14-60 ConnectorsNEMA 18-60 ConnectorsNEMA 5-15 ConnectorsNEMA 5-20 ConnectorsNEMA 6-15 ConnectorsNEMA 6-20 ConnectorsNEMA 6-30 ConnectorsNEMA 6-50 ConnectorsNEMA 7-15 ConnectorsNEMA ConnectorsNEMA L10-20 ConnectorsNEMA L10-30 ConnectorsNEMA L1-15 ConnectorsNEMA L14-20 ConnectorsNEMA L14-30 ConnectorsNEMA L15-20 ConnectorsNEMA L15-30 ConnectorsNEMA L16-20 ConnectorsNEMA L16-30 ConnectorsNEMA L17-30 ConnectorsNEMA L18-20 ConnectorsNEMA L18-30 ConnectorsNEMA L19-20 ConnectorsNEMA L19-30 ConnectorsNEMA L20-20 ConnectorsNEMA L20-30 ConnectorsNEMA L21-20 ConnectorsNEMA L21-30 ConnectorsNEMA L2-20 ConnectorsNEMA L22-20 ConnectorsNEMA L22-30 ConnectorsNEMA L23-20 ConnectorsNEMA L23-30 ConnectorsNEMA L5-15 ConnectorsNEMA L5-20 ConnectorsNEMA L5-30 ConnectorsNEMA L6-15 ConnectorsNEMA L6-20 ConnectorsNEMA L6-30 ConnectorsNEMA L7-15 ConnectorsNEMA L7-20 ConnectorsNEMA L7-30 ConnectorsNEMA L8-20 ConnectorsNEMA L8-30 ConnectorsNEMA L9-20 ConnectorsNEMA L9-30 ConnectorsNEMA Midget ConnectorsNEMA ML1-15 ConnectorsNEMA ML2-15 ConnectorsNEMA ML3-15 ConnectorsNetwork Cable ConnectorsNorth American ConnectorsPanel ConnectorsPanel Interface ConnectorsPanel-Mount ConnectorsPanel-Mount Wire ConnectorsPC ConnectorsPin ConnectorsPin-and-Sleeve ConnectorsPin-and-Socket ConnectorsPin-to-Pin ConnectorsPipe Branch ConnectionsPipe ConnectorsPipe Railing ConnectorsPower ConnectorsPower Cord ConnectorsPower/Control ConnectorsPower-Indicating ConnectorsPower-Pole ConnectorsPush-In ConnectorsPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube ConnectorsQuick ConnectorsQuick-Disconnect ConnectorsQuick-Disconnect Vacuum Tube ConnectorsQuick-Release Button ConnectorsQuick-Turn Vacuum Tube ConnectorsReducing ConnectorsRG-174 Coaxial ConnectorsRG-58 Coaxial ConnectorsRG-59 Coaxial ConnectorsRG-6 Coaxial ConnectorsRG-62 Coaxial ConnectorsRidgid 758 ConnectorsRing ConnectorsRJ ConnectorsRobot ConnectorsRod ConnectorsRoller Chain ConnectorsRope ConnectorsRotating ConnectorsRP-SMA ConnectorsRTD ConnectorsSafety ConnectorsSanitary Barbed Tube ConnectorsSanitary Union Tube ConnectorsSensor ConnectorsSerial ConnectorsServomotor ConnectorsSet Screw ConnectorsShaft ConnectorsSignal/Power ConnectorsSingle Pole ConnectorsSink Trap Compression ConnectorsSling ConnectorsSMA ConnectorsSnap ConnectorsSnap-Loc Wye Inline ConnectorsSolid Core Round Belting ConnectorsSpade ConnectorsSpeed Rail Panel ConnectorSpigot ConnectorsSplice ConnectorsSplit Ring ConnectorsSplit-Bolt ConnectorsSplit-Nut ConnectorsSpring ConnectorsSquare ConnectorsSquare Tubing ConnectorsStage Pin ConnectorsStereo ConnectorsStraight Hose ConnectorsStraight Pipe ConnectorsStraight Tube ConnectorsStraight-Blade ConnectorsStrain Relief ConnectorsStructural Framing ConnectorsStructural Pipe ConnectorsStructural Tube ConnectorsTap ConnectorsT-ConnectorsTee ConnectorsTelephone Wire ConnectorsTerminal ConnectorsTest ConnectorsThermocouple ConnectorsThreaded ConnectorsThreaded Connectors for WebbingThree-Way ConnectorsThrough-Wall ConnectorsTIG Torch ConnectorsTile ConnectorsTrailer Light ConnectorsTransformer ConnectorsT-Slotted Framing Anchor ConnectorsT-Slotted Framing ConnectorsTube ConnectorsTurn-Lock ConnectorsTurret ConnectorsTwist-Lock ConnectorsTwo-Prong ConnectorsUHF ConnectorsUnderground Wire ConnectorsUSB ConnectorsVGA ConnectorsWatertight Wire ConnectorsWebbing ConnectorsWelding ConnectorsWire ConnectorsWire Rope ConnectorsWood Connectors
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Acetal Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsAdd-and-Connect LinksAluminum Push-to-Connect ManifoldsBanjo Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsBattery Connector LockoutsBattery Connector LocksBelt Lacing Connecting PinsBinding Connection PostsBrass Push-to-Connect ManifoldsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube CapsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube CouplingsBrass Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsBritish Standard Thread Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsButton Connector Dog LegsCleaned and Bagged Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsComputer Connectors for Fluke MetersConnectable Pipe ClampsConnecting BoltsConnecting LanyardsConnecting LinksConnecting RodsConnector CoversConnector HeadsConnector NutsConnector PinsConnector PlatesConnector PliersConnector PlugsConnector PunchesConnector ScrewsConnector SleevesCopper Push-to-Connect Tube CouplingsCopper Push-to-Connect Tube ElbowsCopper Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsCopper Push-to-Connect Tube TeesCrimping Tools for Press-Connect Fittings for Copper TubingDB Connector PunchesDrinking Water Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsDuct Connector DrawbandsElectrical Connection GreaseElectrical Connection LubricantsElectrical Connector ExtractorsElectrical Connector Holding ToolsElectrical Connector Insert ToolsElectrical Connector ToolsElectronics Connector PunchesFDA-Listed Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsFigure-Eight Connecting LinksFigure-Eight Connection GripsFraming Connector BracketsF-Type Connector ExtractorsF-Type Connector RemoversGalvanized Steel Connector SleevesGrade 2 Steel Connector NutsGrade 2H Steel Connector NutsGrade 5 Steel Connector NutsGrade 8 Steel Connector NutsHigh-Purity Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsI-Beam Connector ClampsJoint Connector BoltsJoint Connector NutsJoint Connector ScrewsMetal Pipe Connecting CouplingsMetal Push-to-Connect Pipe-to-Tube AdaptersMetal Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsMetric Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsMicro Connector PlugsMini Connector PlugsMultipin Connector PlugsMultipole Connector CapsMultipole Connector PlugsNano Connector PlugsNSF/ANSI-Standard Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsNylon Push-to-Connect ManifoldsNylon Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPanel Connecting TrimPanel-Mount Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPico Connector PlugsPipe Connecting CouplingsPlastic Push-to-Connect Tube CapsPlastic Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPolypropylene Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPPS Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPump-Connector HosePush-to-Connect Ball ValvesPush-to-Connect Beverage Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Check ValvesPush-to-Connect D.O.T. Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect FittingsPush-to-Connect Flared Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Food Industry Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Irrigation Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Metric Tube-to-Pipe FittingsPush-to-Connect Needle ValvesPush-to-Connect Pipe ManifoldsPush-to-Connect Pipe Swivel ElbowsPush-to-Connect Pipe-to-Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Plug ValvesPush-to-Connect Rotating Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Through-Wall Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Tube Branch TeesPush-to-Connect Tube BulkheadsPush-to-Connect Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for FEP TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Firm Polyurethane TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Flame-Retardant Nylon TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Flame-Retardant Polyethylene TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Inch Polyurethane TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Metric Polyurethane TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for MFA TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Moisture-Resistant Polyethylene Vacuum TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Rigid White Polypropylene TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Rockwell Hardness Nylon TubingPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Shore D Hardness Nylon TubingPush-to-Connect Tube ManifoldsPush-to-Connect Tube Run TeesPush-to-Connect Tube StraightsPush-to-Connect Tube SwivelsPush-to-Connect Tube U-BendsPush-to-Connect Tube-to-Pipe ElbowsPush-to-Connect Tube-to-Pipe TeesPush-to-Connect Vacuum ManifoldsPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube AdaptersPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube ElbowsPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube FittingsPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube TeesPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube WyesPush-to-Connect Water Tube FittingsPVC Connector SleevesPVDF Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsQuick-Connect CouplingsQuick-Connect FittingsQuick-Connect Hoist RingsQuick-Connect Hose CouplingsQuick-Connect Hose FittingsQuick-Connect RTD ProbesQuick-Connect Shaft CollarsQuick-Connect TerminalsQuick-Connect Thermocouple ProbesQuick-Connect Tube FittingsRight Hand Threaded Rod Ends for Right Hand Threaded Connecting RodsRotating Connector RingsSocket-Connect Pipe FittingsSpring Connector StudsStainless Steel Pipe Connecting CouplingsStainless Steel Push-to-Connect Tube CouplingsStainless Steel Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsStainless Steel Push-to-Connect Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStandard Push-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Copper TubingSteel Pipe Connecting CouplingsSteel Tube Connector NutsStrut Channel Connecting PlatesThreaded Connecting LinksT-Slotted Framing Connecting PlatesTube Connector ButtonsTube Connector NutsTube Connector PinsTurnbuckle-Style Threaded Connecting RodsTurn-Lock Connector BootsTurn-Lock Connector CoversTwist-Connect CouplingsTwist-On Wire Connector Installation ToolsUnion Connection Ball ValvesWire Connector Clamps
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Connection Type
Connection Type
Ball SocketHose
System of Measurement
System of Measurement
Pipe Size
Pipe Size
Maximum Pressure
Maximum Pressure
30 psi @ 72° F
50 psi @ 72° F
60 psi @ 72° F
70 psi @ 72° F
75 psi @ 72° F
90 psi @ 72° F
100 psi @ 72° F
110 psi @ 72° F
120 psi @ 72° F
125 psi @ 72° F
130 psi @ 72° F
140 psi @ 72° F
145 psi @ 72° F
150 psi @ 72° F
170 psi @ 72° F
190 psi @ 72° F
200 psi @ 72° F
220 psi @ 72° F
230 psi @ 72° F
250 psi @ 72° F
270 psi @ 72° F
290 psi @ 72° F
300 psi @ 72° F
400 psi @ 72° F
435 psi @ 72° F
500 psi @ 72° F
700 psi @ 72° F
800 psi @ 72° F
870 psi @ 72° F
1,000 psi @ 72° F
1,080 psi @ 72° F
1,200 psi @ 72° F
1,300 psi @ 72° F
1,400 psi @ 72° F
1,450 psi @ 72° F
1,600 psi @ 72° F
1,800 psi @ 72° F
1900 psi @ 72° F
2,000 psi @ 72° F
2,100 psi @ 72° F
2,200 psi @ 72° F
2,250 psi @ 72° F
2,300 psi @ 72° F
2,500 psi @ 72° F
2,600 psi @ 72° F
2,700 psi @ 72° F
2,800 psi @ 72° F
2,900 psi @ 72° F
3,000 psi @ 72° F
3,100 psi @ 72° F
3,200 psi @ 72° F
3,300 psi @ 72° F
3,500 psi @ 72° F
3,600 psi @ 72° F
3,800 psi @ 72° F
3,900 psi @ 72° F
4,000 psi @ 72° F
4,100 psi @ 72° F
4,200 psi @ 72° F
4,300 psi @ 72° F
4,400 psi @ 72° F
4,500 psi @ 72° F
4,800 psi @ 72° F
4,900 psi @ 72° F
5,000 psi @ 72° F
5,100 psi @ 72° F
5,200 psi @ 72° F
5,250 psi @ 72° F
5,300 psi @ 72° F
5,500 psi @ 72° F
5,600 psi @ 72° F
5,800 psi @ 72° F
5,900 psi @ 72° F
6,000 psi @ 72° F
6,100 psi @ 72° F
6,150 psi @ 72° F
6,400 psi @ 72° F
6,500 psi @ 72° F
6,600 psi @ 72° F
6,700 psi @ 72° F
6,800 psi @ 72° F
7,000 psi @ 72° F
7,200 psi @ 72° F
7,300 psi @ 72° F
7,500 psi @ 72° F
7,700 psi @ 72° F
8,000 psi @ 72° F
9,000 psi @ 72° F
9,100 psi @ 72° F
9,700 psi @ 72° F
10,000 psi @ 72° F
11,000 psi @ 72° F
15,000 psi @ 72° F
30 psi
39 psi
55 psi
100 psi
150 psi
1,000 psi
1,500 psi
3,000 psi
5,000 psi
5,800 psi
6,000 psi
8,000 psi
10,000 psi
Not Rated
For Tube Material
For Tube Material
Specifications Met
Specifications Met
FDA Compliant
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Fed. Spec.
Mil. Spec.
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For Tube Hardness Rating
For Tube Hardness Rating
Body Shape
Body Shape