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    Compatible with Manufacturer/Model Number
    Compatible with
    Manufacturer/Model Number
    Ace 22084
    Ace 22087
    Ace 27175
    Ace 2014413
    Ace 2064673
    Airy ASM-0645
    Airy AST-0626S
    Airy AST-0638B
    Arrow 8000
    Arrow CT50
    Arrow CT50K
    Arrow ET50
    Arrow ET50RED
    Arrow ETC50
    Arrow ETF50
    Arrow ETF50BN
    Arrow ETF50PBN
    Arrow ETFX50
    Arrow ETN50
    Arrow HT50
    Arrow HT50-10
    Arrow HT50A/50P
    Arrow HT50IRED
    Arrow HT50RED
    Arrow HT55
    Arrow HTX50
    Arrow T50
    Arrow T50ACD
    Arrow T50PBN
    Arrow T50RED
    Arrow T-50VP
    Arrow T55C
    Arrow T500C
    Arrow T7000
    AtroMinor 90/40
    BeA AT-A18
    BeA AT-A22
    BeA AT-C18
    BeA AT-PB-A22
    BeA AT-SB-A22
    BeA CT-IC-1819
    BeA MT-A18
    BeA MT-A22
    BeA MT-C18
    BeA MT-PB-A22
    BeA MT-PB-C22
    BeA MT-SB-A22
    BeA MT-SB-C22
    Beck FA 32-15/18
    Beck FA 35-15/18
    Beck FA 35-18/22
    Beck FA RR-15/18
    Beck FM 32-15/18
    Beck FM 35-15/18
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 2000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 3000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 4000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 5700
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 5800
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 6000
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 6000E
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 8000
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 8150
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9000
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9100
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9700
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9701
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9713
    Black & Decker
    Powershot 9715
    Bostitch BT110
    Bostitch BT160HL
    Bostitch SX150K
    Hausfeld SN258K
    CCC AC100T A 5/8
    CCC AC100T A 3/4
    CCC AC150T C 5/8
    CCC AC150T C 3/4
    CCC FC200A
    CCC FC200A S
    CCC FC250A S
    CCC FC250C
    CCC FC250C S
    CCC HC100T A 3/4
    CCC HC150T C 5/8
    CCC HC150T C 3/4
    CCC HC1005 A 5/8
    CCC PC200A
    CCC PC200A S
    CCC PC250C
    CCC PC250C S
    CCC RC1000T 5/8
    CCC RC1000T 3/4
    Craftsman 6843
    Craftsman 6844
    Craftsman 6846
    Craftsman 27227
    Craftsman 68416
    Craftsman 68423
    Craftsman 68434
    Craftsman 68447
    Craftsman 68471
    Craftsman 68481
    Craftsman 68492
    Craftsman 68496
    Craftsman 68514
    Craftsman 68515
    Craftsman 68517
    Craftsman 68642
    Craftsman 68643
    Craftsman 93055
    Craftsman 93056
    Craftsman 93066
    DePoan 673/9040
    Duo-Fast 5020
    Duo-Fast 501870
    Duo-Fast BN1832
    Duo-Fast CS5000
    Duo-Fast CT50
    Duo-Fast CT850
    Duo-Fast CT859
    Duo-Fast EWC5018A
    Duo-Fast HE5018
    Duo-Fast HT-550
    Duo-Fast HT-755
    Duo-Fast KB1836
    Duo-Fast KN-1848
    Duo-Fast KN1848A
    Duo-Fast KW-1748A
    Duo-Fast KWR-1748A
    Duo-Fast KWR-1848A
    Duo-Fast NSW-1748
    Duo-Fast ST18
    Duo-Fast SureShot 1832
    Duo-Fast SureShot 1848
    Duo-Fast SW1748
    Esselte 90100
    FasCo F3C-90/40
    FasCo F20-40
    FasCo F25-90/40
    Haubold PN6040H
    Hitachi N3804A
    Hitachi N3804AB
    Hitachi N3804AB2
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2011TR
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2021TR
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2111TR
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2121TR
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2311
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2321
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2511
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2521
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2740
    ISM Enterprises
    2618 2750
    ISM Enterprises
    2661 0120
    ISM Enterprises
    2661 0121
    ISM Enterprises
    2661 0122
    ISM Enterprises
    2661 0123
    ISM Enterprises
    2662 0120
    ISM Enterprises
    2662 0121
    ISM Enterprises
    2662 0122
    ISM Enterprises
    2662 0123
    Jamerco JTS061825
    Josef Kihlberg 560M
    Josef Kihlberg 560PN
    Josef Kihlberg 561M
    Josef Kihlberg 561PN
    Josef Kihlberg 561-15PN
    Josef Kihlberg 561-18PN
    Josef Kihlberg B560
    Josef Kihlberg B560PN
    Josef Kihlberg B561
    Josef Kihlberg B561PN
    Josef Kihlberg F560
    Josef Kihlberg F560PN
    Josef Kihlberg F561
    Josef Kihlberg F561PN
    Josef Kihlberg R555PN
    Makita BST221
    Makita XTS01
    Paslode 1832
    Paslode CS5000
    Paslode HT550
    Porter Cable NS100
    Porter Cable NS150
    (Swingline) 10401
    (Swingline) 31690
    Prebena 2F-ES-26SD
    Prebena 2M-ES-40S
    Rapid R311
    Salco B32-CPN
    Salco B35-A
    Salco B35-APN
    Salco BA-32
    Salco BA-35
    Salco BA-3222
    Salco BA-3522
    Salco BH-32
    Salco BH-32H
    Salco BH-35
    Salco BH-35H
    Salco F32-CPN
    Salco F35-A
    Salco F35-APN
    Salco RF-888
    Senco HMW
    Senco MW
    Senco MWXP
    Senco PW
    Senco SKSL
    Senco SKSN4450
    Senco SLS15
    Senco SLS18
    Senco SLS20K
    Senco SLS20L
    Senco SLX25XPL
    Senco SPS
    Senco WC150XP
    Senco WC200XP
    SpotNails FS4825
    Stanley 69.5
    Stanley 69.55
    Stanley PHT150
    Stanley PHT150C
    Stanley PHT250
    Stanley T150
    Stanley TR60
    Stanley TR85
    Stanley TR100
    Stanley TR100HL
    Stanley TR110
    Stanley TR150
    Stanley TR150HL
    Stanley TR200
    Stanley TR250
    Stanley TRE150
    Stanley TRE200
    Stanley TRE500
    Stanley TRE550
    Stan-Tech SDS18-14-26
    Stan-Tech SDS18-LM-
    SupCo 90/40
    Surebonder 5600
    Surebonder 5650
    Surebonder 5670
    Surebonder 5685
    Surebonder 5690
    Surebonder 5700
    Surebonder 5800
    Surebonder 5850
    Surebonder 5900
    Surebonder 5910
    Surebonder 9600
    Surebonder 9610
    Surebonder 10401
    For Magazine Style
    For Magazine Style
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
    click to learn more about
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
    Box Staple Industry Designation
    Box Staple Industry
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