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System of Measurement
System of Measurement
Staple Style
Staple Style
Compatible with Manufacturer/Model Number
Compatible with
Manufacturer/Model Number
Ace 22084
Ace 22087
Ace 22804
Ace 27175
Ace 2014413
Ace 2034767
Ace 2064673
Airy ASM-0645
Airy AST-0626S
Airy AST-0638B
Arrow 210
Arrow 5700
Arrow 5800
Arrow 8000
Arrow 9000
Arrow 9100
Arrow 9500
Arrow 9600
Arrow CT50
Arrow CT50K
Arrow CT20215
Arrow ET50
Arrow ET50RED
Arrow ET100
Arrow ET150
Arrow ET155
Arrow ET200
Arrow ET2025
Arrow ETC50
Arrow ETF50
Arrow ETF50BN
Arrow ETF50PBN
Arrow ETFX50
Arrow ETN50
Arrow HT30
Arrow HT50
Arrow HT50-10
Arrow HT50A/50P
Arrow HT50IRED
Arrow HT50RED
Arrow HT55
Arrow HTX50
Arrow JT21
Arrow JT27
Arrow P22
Arrow P35
Arrow P35S
Arrow P66
Arrow P98
Arrow T18
Arrow T25
Arrow T27
Arrow T30
Arrow T32
Arrow T37
Arrow T50
Arrow T50ACD
Arrow T50PBN
Arrow T50RED
Arrow T-50VP
Arrow T55C
Arrow T59
Arrow T75
Arrow T500C
Arrow T2025
Arrow T7000
Atro Minor 600
AtroMinor 90/40
Beck F1B 777-16
Beck F1B 779-16
Black & Decker
Powershot 1000E
Black & Decker
Powershot 2000E
Black & Decker
Powershot 3000E
Black & Decker
Powershot 4000E
Black & Decker
Powershot 5650
Black & Decker
Powershot 5700
Black & Decker
Powershot 5800
Black & Decker
Powershot 6000
Black & Decker
Powershot 6000E
Black & Decker
Powershot 8000
Black & Decker
Powershot 8150
Black & Decker
Powershot 9000
Black & Decker
Powershot 9100
Black & Decker
Powershot 9700
Black & Decker
Powershot 9701
Black & Decker
Powershot 9713
Black & Decker
Powershot 9715
Black and Decker 5700
Black and
Decker TRE650
Bostitch 438S2
Bostitch 438S2R
Bostitch 438S2R-1
Bostitch 438S4
Bostitch 450S2
Bostitch 538S4
Bostitch 650S4
Bostitch 650S5
Bostitch BT110
Bostitch BT125-2
Bostitch BT160HL
Bostitch BT200K-2
Bostitch BT1855K
Bostitch EHF1838K
Bostitch F28WW
Bostitch FN1664K
Bostitch FN16250K-2
Bostitch HL1612AT
Bostitch N52FN
Bostitch N80CB-1
Bostitch N80CD
Bostitch N80SB
Bostitch N86S
Bostitch N100C
Bostitch N100S
Bostitch S32SX-BHF-2
Bostitch SB-2IN1
Bostitch SB-150SX
Bostitch SB150SX-HD
Bostitch SB-1664FN
Bostitch SB-1850BN
Bostitch SX-150-BHF-2
Bostitch SX150K
Bostitch SX150K-1
Bostitch SX1838K
Bostitch T28-5
Bostitch T-31-SX5035
Bostitch T35-15
Bostitch T35-32
Bostitch T35-40
Bostitch T36-1
Bostitch T36-35
Bostitch T36-50
Bostitch T40-B
Bostitch T40S2
Bostitch T40S4-C
Bostitch T40S4-CT
Bostitch T-40SX-CT
Bostitch T50S2-1
Bostitch T50S4-1
Bostitch T55S4-1
Bostitch T-358
Bostitch TR200
Bostitch TRE300
Bostitch TRE500
Bostitch XS1640
Bostitch XS1650
Hausfeld NS2890
Hausfeld RN154500
Hausfeld SN258K
Craftsman 6843
Craftsman 6844
Craftsman 6846
Craftsman 6848
Craftsman 18314
Craftsman 18323
Craftsman 18430
Craftsman 18431
Craftsman 27227
Craftsman 68416
Craftsman 68423
Craftsman 68428
Craftsman 68434
Craftsman 68447
Craftsman 68471
Craftsman 68477
Craftsman 68478
Craftsman 68481
Craftsman 68492
Craftsman 68496
Craftsman 68513
Craftsman 68514
Craftsman 68515
Craftsman 68517
Craftsman 68642
Craftsman 68643
Craftsman 93055
Craftsman 93056
Craftsman 93066
DePoan 673/9040
Dewalt D1236K
Dewalt D51238K
DeWalt D51256
Dewalt D51256K
Dewalt DC608K
Dewalt DC612KA
DeWalt DC614K
DeWalt DC614KA
DeWalt DC615
DeWalt DC616KA
DeWalt DC618K
DeWalt DC619
DeWalt DC51257K
Duo-Fast 5020
Duo-Fast 501870
Duo-Fast BB4440
Duo-Fast BN1832
Duo-Fast CN-325
Duo-Fast CNW75
Duo-Fast CS5000
Duo-Fast CT50
Duo-Fast CT850
Duo-Fast CT859
Duo-Fast DBN-4440
Duo-Fast DBN-4450
Duo-Fast DS-7656P
Duo-Fast DS-7664P
Duo-Fast EWC5018A
Duo-Fast HE5018
Duo-Fast HT-550
Duo-Fast HT-755
Duo-Fast HT755M
Duo-Fast KB1836
Duo-Fast KN-1848
Duo-Fast KN1848A
Duo-Fast KS-7648
Duo-Fast KW-1748A
Duo-Fast KWR-1748A
Duo-Fast KWR-1848A
Duo-Fast LFN748
Duo-Fast LFN-
748A-1 1/2"
Duo-Fast LFN-764A-2"
Duo-Fast MS7664E
Duo-Fast NSW-1748
Duo-Fast SM-7648
Duo-Fast SM7664
Duo-Fast ST18
Duo-Fast Sure Shot 764
Duo-Fast SureShot 1832
Duo-Fast SureShot 1848
Duo-Fast SW1748
Duo-Fast XE5018
Esselte 90100
FasCo F3C-90/40
FasCo F3C RN-50A
Fasco F3P FN-50
FasCo F20-40
FasCo F25-90/40
FasCo F26C FN-50
Fasco GN31
Grip-Rite GRTFN250
Haubold PN6040H
Haubold SKN30JN/12
Haubold SKN64A
Haubold SKS64A/16
Hilti BN136B
Hitachi N3804A
Hitachi N3804AB
Hitachi N3804AB2
Hitachi N3824A
Hitachi N5008AA
Hitachi N5008AB
Hitachi N5008AC
Hitachi NT32AE
Hitachi NT32AE2
Hitachi NT45A
Hitachi NT50AD
Hitachi NT50AE2
Hitachi NT65A
Hitachi NT65A2
Hitachi NT65A3
Hitachi NT65AA
Hitachi NT65GB
Hitachi NT65GS
Hitachi NT65M2
Hitachi NV65AB
Hitachi NV65AC
Hitachi NV83A
Impulse IM250
Jamerco JTFN1664A
Jamerco JTS061825
Kihlberg JK20T777L
Josef Kihlberg JK20T779
Kihlberg JK20T779L
Kihlberg JK20T779L22
Kihlberg JK20V779L
Makita AF501
Makita AF502
Makita AN901
Makita AT1150A
Makita BST221
Makita XTS01
Mechanic 2500MM
MasterCraft 57-7916-6
MasterCraft 57-7943-0
Max CN665
Max NF211/18-25
Max NF352-ST
Max SN890CH/28
Omer 14.50
Omer 14.63SNS
Paslode 1832
Paslode 2138-F18
Paslode 3150
Paslode 3150/38 116
Paslode 3175RCU
Paslode 3200 116
Paslode 3200-F16
Paslode 3250-F16
Paslode 4275/CN70
Paslode 5300C
Paslode 5325/CN80
Paslode 5350C
Paslode 902400
Paslode CS5000
Paslode F275C
Paslode F325C
Paslode F16200
Paslode F162000N
Paslode GSI 3150
Paslode HT550
Paslode HT755
Paslode IM200-F18
Paslode IM250A
Paslode IM250A-F16
Paslode IM250-F16
Paslode IMF250A-F16
Paslode MA-GS116
Paslode MU-112-F
Paslode MU-212-F
Paslode T125-F18
Paslode T200-F18
Paslode T250A-F16
Paslode T250-F-16
Paslode T250-F16
Porter Cable BN125
Porter Cable BN138
Porter Cable BN200
Porter Cable BN200B
Porter Cable CFN250
Porter Cable CM200
Porter Cable Coil 350
Porter Cable FN200
Porter Cable FN250
Porter Cable FN250A
Porter Cable FN250B
Porter Cable MS200
Porter Cable NS100
Porter Cable NS150
(Swingline) 10401
(Swingline) 31690
Prebena 2F-ES-26SD
Prebena 2M-ES-40S
Rapid R311
Ridgid R2138BNA
Rigid R250SFA
Senco 6F0001N
Senco FinishPro 15
Senco FinishPro 32
Senco GT65RHA
Senco HMW
Senco M1
Senco M2
Senco MW
Senco MWXP
Senco PW
Senco SCN60
Senco SCN65
Senco SCN300
Senco SKSL
Senco SKSN1-17
Senco SKSN1-45
Senco SKSN1-50
Senco SKSN4450
Senco SLS15
Senco SLS18
Senco SLS20K
Senco SLS20L
Senco SLX25XPL
Senco SNS40
Senco SNS50
Senco SPS
Senco WC150XP
Senco WC200XP
SpotNails CB1650
SpotNails CB1820
SpotNails FB1632
SpotNails FS4825
SpotNails GB1832
SpotNails HB1640
SpotNails KB1564
SpotNails MS6650I
SpotNails W1B1650
SpotNails WB1650
SpotNails XB1564
SpotNails XIS6650
Stanley 69.5
Stanley 69.506
Stanley 69.55
Stanley PHT150
Stanley PHT150C
Stanley PHT250
Stanley T150
Stanley TR35
Stanley TR40
Stanley TR45
Stanley TR60
Stanley TR85
Stanley TR100
Stanley TR100HL
Stanley TR110
Stanley TR150
Stanley TR150HL
Stanley TR200
Stanley TR250
Stanley TRE150
Stanley TRE200
Stanley TRE500
Stanley TRE550
Stan-Tech SDS18-LM-
SupCo 90/40
Surebonder 2500
Surebonder 5500
Surebonder 5525
Surebonder 5580
Surebonder 5600
Surebonder 5650
Surebonder 5670
Surebonder 5685
Surebonder 5690
Surebonder 5700
Surebonder 5800
Surebonder 5850
Surebonder 5900
Surebonder 5910
Surebonder 9600
Surebonder 9610
Surebonder 9760
Surebonder 10401
Surebonder ST-3600
Leg Diameter
Leg Diameter
Anchor Type
Anchor Type
Eye Style
Eye Style