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    FEP Products
    Acetal/PTFE RodsAcetal/PTFE TubingBondable PTFE FilmBondable PTFE SheetsBraided PTFE HoseChain Lubricants (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Choose-a-Color FEP TubingDry-Film Lubricants (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Dupont Teflon® GreaseDupont Teflon® LubricantsDupont Teflon® Multi-UseDupont Teflon® Non-Stick Dry-FilmDupont Teflon® SiliconeEtched Film (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Etched Sheets (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Expanded PTFE WashersExpanded-PTFE GasketsExpanded-PTFE Joint SealantExtreme-Purity Clear PFA TubingFEP Bar StockFEP BarsFEP FilmFEP GasketsFEP Heat-Shrink TubingFEP HoseFEP LinersFEP PlasticFEP PlatesFEP RodsFEP Sheet StockFEP SheetsFEP SleevingFEP Square StockFEP SquaresFEP StockFEP TapeFEP TubingFEP WrapFEP-Coated CableFEP-Encapsulated O-RingsFEP-Lined TubingGlass-Filled PTFE GasketsMoly Lubricants (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Oil (Made with Teflon® PTFE)PFA AdaptersPFA Check ValvesPFA DuctPFA Duct HosePFA Pipe AdaptersPFA Pipe CouplingsPFA Pipe ElbowsPFA Pipe Fitting PlugsPFA Pipe FittingsPFA Pipe NipplesPFA Pipe ReducersPFA Pipe Street ElbowsPFA Pipe TeesPFA Pipe UnionsPFA PlugsPFA Rod StockPFA Round StockPFA RoundsPFA Tube FittingsPTFE (Schedule 80) PipePTFE (Schedule 80) Pipe FittingsPTFE AdhesivesPTFE Angle BarsPTFE Angle StockPTFE AnglesPTFE Backup RingsPTFE BallsPTFE BearingsPTFE BlanksPTFE BlocksPTFE BoltsPTFE BrushesPTFE BushingsPTFE CapsPTFE ChannelsPTFE CordsPTFE DiscsPTFE ExtrusionsPTFE Fastening TapePTFE Faucet WashersPTFE Flat WashersPTFE Foam Gasket SheetsPTFE Foam GasketsPTFE Gasket SealantsPTFE Gasket SheetsPTFE GreasePTFE Grease SpraysPTFE Hex Head Cap ScrewsPTFE Hex NutsPTFE Hex RodsPTFE Hollow RodsPTFE L-ChannelsPTFE Linear BearingsPTFE Linear BushingsPTFE Lubricant SpraysPTFE LubricantsPTFE MeshPTFE NutsPTFE O-RingsPTFE PackingPTFE PadsPTFE PastePTFE PinsPTFE PipePTFE Pipe AdaptersPTFE Pipe BushingsPTFE Pipe ElbowsPTFE Pipe Fitting CapsPTFE Pipe Fitting Thread ReducersPTFE Pipe FittingsPTFE Pipe NipplesPTFE Pipe PlugsPTFE Pipe ReducersPTFE Pipe Reducing CouplingsPTFE Pipe TeesPTFE Pipe Thread SealantsPTFE Pipe Thread TapePTFE PlugsPTFE Reducing BushingsPTFE Rod StockPTFE Round StockPTFE RoundsPTFE ScrewsPTFE Sealing WashersPTFE SealsPTFE Shim StockPTFE ShimsPTFE Shoulder WashersPTFE SpacersPTFE Spray LubricantsPTFE StripsPTFE Threaded RodsPTFE Threaded StudsPTFE Thrust BearingsPTFE U-ChannelsPTFE Vacuum GreasePTFE WashersPTFE Wire TubingPTFE Wire WrapPTFE-Bonding EpoxiesPTFE-Coated Aluminum FoilPTFE-Coated BoltsPTFE-Coated Fiberglass FabricPTFE-Coated Machine ScrewsPTFE-Coated ScrewsPTFE-Coated WirePTFE-Filled AcetalPTFE-Lined Linear BearingsPTFE-Lined Linear BushingsPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for FEP TubingSilicone Lubricants (Made with Teflon® PTFE)Slic-Tite PTFE Pipe Thread SealantsStandard High-Temperature PTFE Threaded Pipe FittingsUltra-Clear PFA TubingWorm-Drive Clamps for Flexible White Tubing (Made with Teflon® PTFE)