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    ABS Bar StockABS Rod StockABS Round StockABS Sheet StockABS Square StockABS StockABS/PVC Sheet StockAcetal Bar StockAcetal Copolymer Bar StockAcetal Copolymer Rod StockAcetal Copolymer Round StockAcetal Copolymer Sheet StockAcetal Copolymer Square StockAcetal Homopolymer Bar StockAcetal Homopolymer Rod StockAcetal Homopolymer Round StockAcetal Homopolymer Sheet StockAcetal Homopolymer Square StockAcetal Rod StockAcetal Round StockAcetal Sheet StockAcetal Square StockAcetal StockAcrylic Bar StockAcrylic Half Round StockAcrylic Rod StockAcrylic Round StockAcrylic Sheet StockAcrylic Square StockAcrylic StockAcrylic/PVC Sheet StockAflas Rubber Bar StockAflas Rubber Sheet StockAlumina Oxide Round StockAluminum Angle StockAluminum Bar StockAluminum Hex StockAluminum Key StockAluminum Rod StockAluminum Round StockAluminum Shaft StockAluminum Sheet StockAluminum Shim StockAluminum Square StockAluminum StockAluminum Thin StockAluminum/Plastic Sheet StockAngle StockASTM B36 Brass Shim StockASTM Copper Shim StockBalsa Wood Bar StockBand Saw Blade Coil StockBar StockBearing StockBlue-Tempered Spring Steel Shim StockBrass Alloy 260 Shim StockBrass Angle StockBrass Bar StockBrass Hex StockBrass Key StockBrass Rod StockBrass Round StockBrass Sheet StockBrass Shim StockBrass Square StockBrass StockBrass Thin StockBronze Angle StockBronze Bar StockBronze Rod StockBronze Round StockBronze Sheet StockBronze Shim StockBronze Square StockBronze StockBronze Thin StockBuna-N Rubber Bar StockBuna-N Rubber Rod StockBuna-N Rubber Round StockBuna-N Rubber Sheet StockBuna-N Rubber StockBuna-N Rubber/Vinyl Sheet StockBushing StockButyl Rubber Bar StockButyl Rubber Sheet StockButyl Rubber StockButyrate Round StockButyrate StockCarbon Fiber Bar StockCarbon Fiber Rod StockCarbon Fiber Round StockCarbon Fiber Sheet StockCarbon Fiber Square StockCarbon Fiber StockCarbon Steel Angle StockCarbon Steel Bar StockCarbon Steel Hex StockCarbon Steel Rod StockCarbon Steel Sheet StockCarbon Steel Shim StockCarbon Steel Square StockCarbon Steel StockCarbon Steel Thin StockCellulose Sheet StockCeramic Bar StockCeramic Rod StockCeramic Round StockCeramic Sheet StockCeramic Square StockCeramic StockChannel StockCoil StockCommercially Pure Copper Shim StockComposite StockCompression Spring StockCopper Bar StockCopper Hex StockCopper Rod StockCopper Round StockCopper Sheet StockCopper Shim StockCopper Square StockCopper StockCopper Thin StockCPVC Bar StockCPVC Rod StockCPVC Round StockCPVC Sheet StockCPVC Square StockCPVC StockCTFE Rod StockCTFE Round StockCTFE StockDie Spring StockDie StocksDovetail StockDowel Pin StockDrill StockDuctile Iron Bar StockDuctile Iron Rod StockDuctile Iron Round StockE-Glass Grade Garolite Bar StockE-Glass Grade Garolite Sheet StockE-Glass Grade Garolite Square StockE-Glass Grade Garolite StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Angle StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Bar StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Sheet StockElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Square StockElectronic-Grade Copper Shim StockEngraving Plate StockEPDM O-Ring Cord StockEPDM Rubber Bar StockEPDM Rubber Rod StockEPDM Rubber Sheet StockEVA Foam Sheet StockExpanded Metal Sheet StockExtension Spring StockFeeler Gauge StockFeeler StockFEP Bar StockFEP Sheet StockFEP Square StockFEP StockFiber Bar StockFiber Rod StockFiber Round StockFiber Sheet StockFiber StockFiberglass (FRP) Angle StockFiberglass (FRP) Bar StockFiberglass (FRP) Rod StockFiberglass (FRP) Round StockFiberglass (FRP) Sheet StockFiberglass (FRP) Square StockFiberglass Angle StockFiberglass Bar StockFiberglass Rod StockFiberglass Round StockFiberglass Sheet StockFiberglass Square StockFiberglass StockFluorosilicone Rubber Bar StockFluorosilicone Rubber Sheet StockFoam Bar StockFoam Rod StockFoam Round StockFoam Sheet StockFoam StockFoil Shim StockGarolite Angle StockGarolite Bar StockGarolite Rod StockGarolite Round StockGarolite Sheet StockGarolite Square StockGarolite StockGear StockGlass and Ceramic Round StockGlass Bar StockGlass Carbon Grade Garolite Sheet StockGlass Carbon Grade Garolite Square StockGlass Rod StockGlass Round StockGlass Sheet StockGlass StockGlass-Filled Nylon Rod StockGlass-Filled Nylon Sheet StockGrade CE Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-10 Garolite Angle StockGrade G-10 Garolite Round StockGrade G-10 Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-11 Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-9 Garolite Round StockGrade G-9 Garolite Sheet StockGrade G-9 Garolite Square StockGrade LE Garolite Sheet StockGrade XX Garolite Sheet StockGrade XX Garolite Square StockGraphite and Carbon Fiber Round StockGraphite Round StockGraphite Square StockGum Foam Bar StockGum Rubber Bar StockGum Rubber Sheet StockHDPE Bar StockHDPE Rod StockHDPE Round StockHDPE Sheet StockHDPE Square StockHDPE StockHex StockInvar Rod StockInvar Round StockInvar Sheet StockIron Bar StockIron Rod StockIron Round StockIron Sheet StockIron StockKevlar/Nylon Bar StockKevlar/Nylon Rod StockKevlar/Nylon Round StockKevlar/Nylon Sheet StockKevlar/Nylon StockKey StockKeyed Round StockKeyway StockKovar Rod StockKovar Round StockKovar Sheet StockLaminate StockLaminated Aluminum Shim StockLaminated Brass Shim StockLaminated Shim StockLaminated Stainless Steel Shim StockLaminated Steel Shim StockLatex Rubber Bar StockLDPE Bar StockLDPE Rod StockLDPE Round StockLDPE Sheet StockLDPE Square StockLDPE StockLead Rod StockLead Round StockLead Sheet StockLead Square StockLead StockLeg StockLow-Carbon Steel Shim StockMachine Key Bar StockMetal Angle StockMetal Bar StockMetal Hex StockMetal Precision Shim Bushing StockMetal Sheet StockMetal Shim StockMetal Thin StockMetal-Detectable O-Ring Cord StockMetric Shim StockMetric Steel Shim StockMetric Thin StockMica Bar StockMica Rod StockMica Round StockMica Sheet StockMica StockMirrored Acrylic Round StockMirrored Acrylic Sheet StockMirrored Plastic Round StockMirrored Plastic Sheet StockMirrored Polycarbonate Sheet StockNatural Foam Bar StockNatural Rubber Bar StockNatural Rubber Round StockNatural Rubber Sheet StockNeoprene O-Ring Cord StockNeoprene Rubber Bar StockNeoprene Rubber Rod StockNeoprene Rubber Sheet StockNeoprene/EPDM/SBR Rubber Bar StockNeoprene/EPDM/SBR Rubber Sheet StockNickel Alloy 718 Rod StockNickel Alloy 718 Round StockNickel Alloy 718 Sheet StockNickel Bar StockNickel Rod StockNickel Round StockNickel Sheet StockNickel Shim StockNickel Square StockNickel StockNickel Thin StockNitrile Rubber Bar StockNitrile Rubber Rod StockNitrile Rubber Round StockNitrile Rubber Sheet StockNoryl Bar StockNoryl Rod StockNoryl Round StockNoryl Sheet StockNoryl Square StockNoryl StockNylon Bar StockNylon Rod StockNylon Round StockNylon Sheet StockNylon Square StockNylon StockOffset Key StockO-Ring Cord StockO-Ring Cord Stock for O-Ring Joining KitsO-Ring StockPEEK Bar StockPEEK Rod StockPEEK Round StockPEEK Square StockPEEK StockPeel-Away Shim StockPEI Rod StockPEI Sheet StockPEI StockPETG Bar StockPETG Rod StockPETG Round StockPETG Sheet StockPETG Shim StockPETG StockPETG Thin StockPFA Bar StockPFA Rod StockPFA Round StockPFA StockPhenolic Angle StockPhenolic Round StockPhenolic StockPhosphor Bronze Shim StockPine Wood Bar StockPinion StockPlastic Angle StockPlastic Bar StockPlastic Hex StockPlastic Precision Shim Bushing StockPlastic Rod StockPlastic Round StockPlastic Sheet StockPlastic Shim StockPlastic Thin StockPlate StockPolycarbonate Angle StockPolycarbonate Bar StockPolycarbonate Rod StockPolycarbonate Round StockPolycarbonate Sheet StockPolycarbonate Square StockPolycarbonate StockPolyester (PET) Rod StockPolyester (PET) Sheet StockPolyester (PET) Square StockPolyester Sheet StockPolyester Shim StockPolyester Thin StockPolyethylene Angle StockPolyethylene Bar StockPolyethylene Foam Bar StockPolyethylene Foam Sheet StockPolyethylene Rod StockPolyethylene Round StockPolyethylene Rubber Bar StockPolyethylene Rubber Sheet StockPolyethylene Sheet StockPolyethylene Square StockPolyethylene StockPolyimide Foam Sheet StockPolyimide Sheet StockPolyolefin Angle StockPolyolefin Bar StockPolyolefin Rod StockPolyolefin Round StockPolyolefin Sheet StockPolyolefin StockPolypropylene Angle StockPolypropylene Bar StockPolypropylene Rod StockPolypropylene Round StockPolypropylene Sheet StockPolypropylene Square StockPolypropylene StockPolystyrene Foam Sheet StockPolystyrene Rod StockPolystyrene Round StockPolystyrene Sheet StockPolystyrene Shim StockPolystyrene StockPolystyrene Thin StockPolysulfone Bar StockPolysulfone Rod StockPolysulfone Round StockPolysulfone Sheet StockPolysulfone Square StockPolysulfone StockPolyurethane Bar StockPolyurethane Foam Bar StockPolyurethane Rod StockPolyurethane Round StockPolyurethane Sheet StockPolyurethane Spring StockPolyurethane StockPPS Rod StockPPS Sheet StockPPS StockPPSU Rod StockPPSU StockPrecision Bushing StockPrecision StockPTFE Angle StockPTFE Bar StockPTFE Rod StockPTFE Round StockPTFE Sheet StockPTFE Shim StockPTFE Square StockPTFE StockPVC Angle StockPVC Bar StockPVC Foam Sheet StockPVC Rod StockPVC Round StockPVC Rubber Bar StockPVC Rubber Sheet StockPVC Sheet StockPVC Square StockPVC StockPVDF Bar StockPVDF Rod StockPVDF Round StockPVDF Sheet StockPVDF Square StockPVDF StockRadel Rod StockRed Metal Round StockRed Metal Shim StockRexolite Polystyrene Rod StockRexolite Polystyrene Sheet StockRod StockRound StockRubber Bar StockRubber Cord StockRubber Rod StockRubber Round StockRubber Sheet StockRubber StockRulon 142 Sheet StockRulon 142 StockRulon 641 Rod StockRulon 641 Round StockRulon 641 StockRulon J Rod StockRulon J Round StockRulon J Sheet StockRulon J StockRulon LR Rod StockRulon LR Round StockRulon LR Sheet StockRulon LR StockRulon Rod StockRulon Round StockRulon Sheet StockRulon StockSantoprene Rubber Bar StockSantoprene Rubber Round StockSantoprene Rubber Sheet StockSBR Rubber Bar StockSBR Rubber Sheet StockShaft StockSheet StockShim StockSilicone O-Ring Cord StockSilicone Rubber Angle StockSilicone Rubber Bar StockSilicone Rubber Rod StockSilicone Rubber Sheet StockSpacer StockSpring Steel Shim StockSpring Steel Thin StockSpring StockSpring-Tempered Bronze Shim StockSpring-Tempered Bronze Thin StockSpring-Tempered Shim StockSpring-Tempered Steel Shim StockSpring-Tempered Steel Thin StockSpring-Tempered Thin StockSpur Gear Rod StockSquare O-Ring Cord StockSquare StockStainless Steel Angle StockStainless Steel Bar StockStainless Steel Half Round StockStainless Steel Hex StockStainless Steel Rod StockStainless Steel Round StockStainless Steel Shaft StockStainless Steel Sheet StockStainless Steel Shim StockStainless Steel Square StockStainless Steel StockStainless Steel Thin StockStandard Plastic Precision Bushing StockStandard Plastic Rod StockStandard Stainless Steel Precision Bushing StockSteel Angle StockSteel Bar StockSteel Hex StockSteel Key StockSteel Precision Bushing StockSteel Rod StockSteel Round StockSteel Shaft StockSteel Sheet StockSteel Shim StockSteel Square StockSteel StockSteel Thin StockStockThickness Gauge StockThin StockThreaded StockThreading Die StocksTin Bar StockTin Sheet StockTin Square StockTin StockTin Triangle StockTitanium Bar StockTitanium Hex StockTitanium Rod StockTitanium Round StockTitanium Sheet StockTitanium Shim StockTitanium Square StockTitanium StockTitanium Thin StockTorlon Bar StockTorlon Rod StockTorlon Round StockTorlon Sheet StockTorlon Square StockTorlon StockTungsten Alloy Rod StockTungsten Alloy Round StockTungsten Alloy StockTungsten Carbide Rod StockTungsten Carbide Round StockTungsten Carbide StockTurcite Rod StockTurcite Round StockTurcite StockUHMW Polyethylene Angle StockUHMW Polyethylene Bar StockUHMW Polyethylene Rod StockUHMW Polyethylene Round StockUHMW Polyethylene Sheet StockUHMW Polyethylene Square StockUHMW Polyethylene StockUltem Rod StockUltem Round StockUltem Sheet StockUltem Square StockUltem StockU-StockVespel® Polyimide Rod StockVespel® Polyimide Round StockVHMW Polyethylene Sheet StockVHMW Polyethylene Square StockVHMW Polyethylene StockVinyl Rubber Bar StockVinyl Rubber Sheet StockViton® Fluoroelastomer O-Ring Cord StockViton® Fluoroelastomer Rubber Bar StockViton® Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet StockWax Bar StockWax Round StockWax Sheet StockWax StockWood Bar StockWood Round StockX-Ring Cord StockZinc Bar StockZinc Sheet StockZinc Square Stock