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    D.O.T. Vehicle Signs

    1075—2 with Flame Symbol
    1203—3 with Flame Symbol
    1263—3 with Flame Symbol
    1760—8 with Corrosion Symbol
    1805—8 with Corrosion Symbol
    1824—8 with Corrosion Symbol
    1863—3 with Flame Symbol
    1987—3 with Flame Symbol
    1993—3 with Flame Symbol
    3257—Hot (English)
    3264—8 with Corrosion Symbol
    Combustible—3 with Flame Symbol (English)
    Corrosive—8 with Corrosion Symbol (English)
    Dangerous (English)
    Flammable—3 with Flame Symbol (English)
    Flammable Gas—2 with Flame Symbol (English)
    Flammable Solid—4 with Flame Symbol (English)
    Inhalation Hazard—2 with Skull and Crossbones Symbol (English)
    Non-Flammable Gas—2 with Gas Cylinder Symbol (English)
    Oxidizer—5.1 with Flame Over Circle Symbol (English)
    Oxygen—2 with Flame Over Circle Symbol (English)
    Toxic—6 with Skull and Crossbones Symbol (English)

    Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labels

    Corrosion Symbol
    Environment Symbol
    Exclamation Mark
    Exploding Bomb Symbol
    Flame Over Circle Symbol
    Flame Symbol
    Gas Cylinder Symbol
    Health Hazard Symbol
    Skull and Crossbones Symbol