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    Acetal Copolymer BarsAcetal Homopolymer BarsAlignment BarsAlignment Pry BarsAngle BarsAntislip Step BarsBoring Bar SetsBoring BarsBrake BarsBreaker BarsBucking BarsBuffing BarsBulletin BarsBus BarsCable Tray Hanging BarsCalibration BarsCarbide-Insert Boring BarsCargo BarsCeiling T-BarsChannel BarsChisel BarsClaw BarsClif BarsConcrete Reinforcing BarsCrash BarsCrowfoot Pry BarsDemolition BarsDigging BarsDistribution BarsDoor Security BarsDrill BarsDrive-Thru Clearance BarsElectrical Bus BarsElectromagnetic BarsEnergy BarsEntry and Exit BarsExtruded Acrylic BarsExtrusion BarsFire-Rated Touch BarsFlat BarsFoam BarsGlass and Ceramic BarsGlass and Ceramic Flat BarsGooseneck BarsGrab BarsGrade XXX Garolite BarsGranola BarsGraphite and Carbon Fiber Bars and RodsGraphite and Carbon Fiber Flat BarsGrooving BarsGrounding BarsH-BarsHigh Strength Steel BarsHollow BarsIndexable Boring BarsIonizing BarsJ-BarsJig BarsJimmy BarsJohnson BarsKey Stock BarsLady Foot Pry BarsLathe Boring BarsLavatory BarsL-BarsLifting BarsLight BarsLine-Up Pry BarsLoad BarsLoading BarsLocking BarsMachine Moving Pry BarsMagnetic BarsMagnetic Tool BarsMetal Casting Alloy BarsMetric Brass Hollow BarsMetric Stainless Steel Hollow BarsMetric Steel Hollow BarsMicro Boring BarsNail BarsNail-Pulling Pry BarsNonmarring Pry BarsOverhead Clearance BarsPallet Pry BarsParallel BarsPinch BarsPower BarsPower Distribution BarsProfiling Boring BarsProtein BarsPry BarsPull BarsPush BarsRatchet Breaker BarsRed Metal Angle BarsRed Metal BarsReinforcing BarsRidgid 844 Drive BarsRipping BarsRock BarsRoll Head Pry BarsRound BarsSatin Buff BarsSine BarsSleever BarsSlotted BarsSolder BarsSpray BarsSpreader BarsSpring Steel Key Stock BarsSpud BarsSquare BarsStainless Steel Metric Key Stock BarsStainless Steel True BarStaircase Grab BarsSteel Metric Key Stock BarsStep BarsStir BarsStripping BarsT-BarsTensioning BarsThreaded BarsThreading Boring BarsTin BarsTommy BarsTool Steel BarsTorque Limiting Extension BarsTouch BarsTowel BarsTraffic Cone BarsVehicle-Height Clearance BarsVisual Warning BarsWarehouse BarsW-BarsWheeled Pry BarsWinch BarsWrecking BarsZ-Bars
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    A286 Super Alloy Hex Flange NutsAluminum Hex Head Cap ScrewsAluminum Hex Pipe NipplesArmy-Navy Hex Head Cap ScrewsBall-End Hex Screwdriver BitsBits for Pin-in-Hex ScrewsBlack-Oxide Hex KeysBrass Hex LocknutsBrass Hex Pipe NipplesDrilled Head Hex Head ScrewsDrilled Hex Head Cap ScrewsElectrical-Insulating Hex Key WrenchesFemale Threaded Hex StandoffsFinished Full Hex NutsFlexible Hex DriversGalvanized Iron Pipe Hex BushingsGalvanized Steel Hex Nuts for ASTM BoltsGrade 9 Steel Heavy Hex NutsGrade C Steel Hex NutsGrade C Steel Hex Nuts for ASTM BoltsGrade DH Steel Hex NutsGrade F Steel Hex NutsGrade G Steel Hex NutsHeavy Hex Head BoltsHex Bit Impact SocketsHex Bit SetsHex Bit SocketsHex BitsHex BoltsHex BushingsHex CapsHex ClampsHex Drive BoltsHex Drive ScrewsHex Drive Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap ScrewsHex Drive Stainless Steel Socket Shoulder ScrewsHex Driver ExtensionsHex Driver SetsHex DriversHex Drivers for Tamper-Resistant Hex Head ScrewsHex Flange BoltsHex HandlesHex HangersHex Head BoltsHex Head Cap Screw AssortmentsHex Head Cap ScrewsHex Head CoversHex Head Flange Cap ScrewsHex Head Flange ScrewsHex Head PinsHex Head Pipe Fitting PlugsHex Head RivetsHex Head ScrewdriversHex Head ScrewsHex Head Tap BoltsHex Head Thumb ScrewsHex HeadsHex Hole SleevesHex Insert BitsHex Key BitsHex Key CaddiesHex Key HoldersHex Key SetsHex Key SocketsHex Key Wrench SetsHex Key WrenchesHex KeysHex Keys with Screwholding TipsHex L-KeysHex ManifoldsHex Nut CapsHex Nut CoversHex Nut Lock WashersHex Nut Shank ReamersHex Nut Tooth WashersHex NutdriversHex NutsHex Nuts for Galvanized Round Head Square Neck BoltsHex Nuts for Low-Strength Anchor BoltsHex Nuts with Lock WashersHex Nuts with Material CertificationHex Pipe NipplesHex Plus KeysHex Rethreading DiesHex Screwdriver BitsHex ScrewdriversHex ScrewsHex ShanksHex SleevesHex Socket BoltsHex Socket Panel ScrewsHex Socket ScrewsHex Socket Shoulder ScrewsHex Standoff NutsHex StockHex Thick NutsHex TipsHex ToolsHex Washer Head ScrewsHex Washer ScrewsHex Wrench HoldersHex WrenchesHexagonal Composite TubesHex-Bore CollarsHex-Jaw PliersHex-Nose Spring PlungersHex-Shank Grinding BitsHex-Shank Screwdriver BitsHex-Socket Cam LatchesHex-Socket Draw LatchesIron Pipe Hex BushingsLeft-Hand Threaded Finished Full Hex NutsLeft-Hand Threaded Heavy Hex NutsLeft-Hand Threaded Hex Jam NutsLeft-Hand Threaded Hex NutsLeft-Hand Threaded Hex Thick NutsLeft-Hand Threaded Thin Hex NutsMachine Screw Hex NutsMagnetic Hex Nut ReamersMale-Female Threaded Hex StandoffsMale-Male Threaded Hex StandoffsMetal Hex RodsMetal Hex StockMetal Pipe Hex Reducing BushingsMetric Blue Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Blue Hex NutsMetric Brass Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Class 10.9 Steel Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Flanged Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Hex BroachesMetric Hex DriversMetric Hex Head Cap Screw AssortmentsMetric Hex HeadsMetric Hex Nut AssortmentsMetric Hex Socket Head Cap ScrewsMetric Hex WrenchesMetric High Hex NutsMetric Stainless Steel Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Steel Hex Head Cap ScrewsMil. Spec. Thin Hex NutsMiniature Hex DriversMiniature Hex NutsMS 21042L-05 Hex NutsMS 35649 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-204 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-224 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-2254 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-2314 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-2384 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-244 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-264 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35649-284 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35650 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35650-314 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35650-3254 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35650-3314 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35650-3384 Machine Screw Hex NutsMS 35691 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-11 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-11 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-15 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-15 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-19 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-19 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-23 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-23 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-27 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-27 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-3 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-3 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-31 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-31 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-35 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-35 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-39 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-39 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-51 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-51 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-55 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-55 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-7 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-7 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B11 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B11 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B15 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B15 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B19 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B19 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B23 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B23 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B27 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B27 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B3 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B3 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B35 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B35 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B51 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B51 Thin Hex NutsMS 35691-B7 Hex Jam NutsMS 35691-B7 Thin Hex NutsNonmagnetic Hex Key WrenchesNonsparking Hex Key WrenchesNylon Hex LocknutsPin-in-Hex Drive BoltsPin-in-Socket Hex Screwdriver BitsPlastic Hex LocknutsPlastic Hex Nut CapsPlastic Hex Pipe NipplesPlastic Pipe Hex Reducing BushingsPrecision Hex DriversRed Metal Hex RodsRight-Hand Threaded Extra-Wide Thin Hex NutsRight-Hand Threaded Finished Full Hex NutsRight-Hand Threaded Heavy Hex NutsRight-Hand Threaded Heavy Jam Hex NutsRight-Hand Threaded Hex Flange NutsRight-Hand Threaded Hex Jam NutsRight-Hand Threaded Hex LocknutsRight-Hand Threaded Hex NutsRight-Hand Threaded Hex Thick NutsRight-Hand Threaded Thin Hex NutsScrew-Holding Hex BitsSelf-Locking Hex NutsSelf-Sealing Hex NutsStainless Steel Hex Head Lag ScrewsStainless Steel Hex Head Shoulder ScrewsStainless Steel Hex Head Tapping ScrewsStainless Steel Hex LocknutsStainless Steel Hex Pipe NipplesStandard Fully Threaded Hex Head Cap ScrewsStandard Galvanized Grade DH Steel Hex NutsStandard Galvanized Hex NutsStandard Hex Head ScrewsStandard Metal Hex-Head Pipe Fitting PlugsStandard Partially Threaded Hex Head Cap ScrewsStandard Threaded Hex StandoffsStar Hex NutsSteel Hex Flange NutsSteel Hex Head Shoulder ScrewsSteel Hex Head Tapping ScrewsSteel Hex LocknutsSteel Hex Pipe NipplesStructural Hex NutsStubby Hex KeysTamper-Resistant Hex Insert BitsT-Handle Hex WrenchesTooling Component Hex NutsUltra-Coated Hex KeysUNEF Extra-Fine-Thread Hex NutsVented Hex Cap Screws
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    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Hardness Rating
    Hardness Rating
    Medium Soft
    Not Rated
    Specifications Met
    Specifications Met
    Tolerance Rating
    Tolerance Rating
    Low-Carbon Steel Grade
    Low-Carbon Steel Grade
    Heat Treatment
    Heat Treatment
    Annealed (Softened)
    Stress Relieved
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense
    Regulations Supplement)
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    Heat Treatable
    Heat Treatable
    Maximum Temperature
    Maximum Temperature
    Less than 1,000° F
    1,000° to 1,999° F
    Not Rated
    Minimum Temperature
    Minimum Temperature
    -350° F
    -320° F
    -100° F
    -65° F
    -40° F
    0° F
    Not Rated
    Maximum Hardness After Heat Treatment
    Maximum Hardness
    After Heat Treatment
    Rockwell C40
    Rockwell C60
    Not Rated
    Aluminum Performance Properties
    Aluminum Performance
    Easy to Machine
    Corrosion Resistant
    Easy to Weld
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