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    3-A Sanitary White PVDF Tubing3-A TubingAbrasion-Resistant TubingAcetal Copolymer TubingAcetal Homopolymer TubingAcetal/PTFE TubingAcid-Resistant TubingAdhesive Anchor Screen TubesAdhesive-Lined Heat-Shrink TubingAdjustable-Length Plastic TubesAir Brake TubingAir Conditioning TubingAir Transfer TubesAluminum Rectangular TubingAluminum Square Structural Framing TubingAluminum Square TubingAluminum Structural Framing TubingAluminum Structural TubingBarbed Fittings for Chemical Rubber TubingBarbed Tube Fittings For Chemical Resistant Plastic TubingBarbed Tube Fittings For PVC Plastic TubingBarbed Tube Fittings For Soft Plastic Food And Beverage TubingBeverage TubingBicycle TubesBlack Anodized Aluminum TubesBlowing Duct TubingBlueprint TubesBox TubesBraided TubingBrake Line TubingBrake TubingBundyweld TubingBus Bar Heat-Shrink TubingBus Bar TubingButyrate TubingCabinet Vortex TubesCable-Protection TubingCapillary TubingCapped TubesCarbon Steel Structural TubingCaulk TubesCement Column TubesCement Form TubesCentrifuge TubesChemfluor TubingChemical-Resistant Clear PVC TubingChemical-Resistant Heat-Shrink TubingChemical-Resistant TubingChoose-a-Color FEP TubingChoose-a-Color Polyurethane TubingChoose-a-Color PVC TubingChoose-a-Color TubingChrome TubingCleaned and Capped TubingClear Nylon TubingClearflex TubingClosed-End TubesCloth Reinforced TubingCoiled TubingCold-Rolled TubesCold-Shrink TubingCompression Fittings for 316 Mini Stainless Steel TubingConcrete Column TubesConcrete Form TubesConvoluted TubingCooling TubesCorrugated Stainless Steel TubingCorrugated TubingCrack-Resistant TubingCrush-Resistant Silicone Rubber TubingCryogenic TubingCulture TubesCut-to-Length Shipping TubesDocument TubesDOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) TubingDom Steel TubesDrain TubingDrawing TubesDrill Bit Shipping TubesDrill Bit TubesDust TubingDymo Rhino Heat-Shrink TubingEDM TubesElectrical Heat-Shrink TubingElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT)Electrical TubingElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Rectangular TubingElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) Square TubingElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) TubingElectrical-Insulating TubingEMI-RFI Heat-Shrink TubingEmpty Caulk TubesEnclosure Cooling TubesEPDM No-Heat Shrink TubingExcelon TubingExcelprene TubingExhaust TubingExtension TubesExtreme-Pressure Stainless Steel TubingExtreme-Purity Clear PFA TubingFabric Heat-Shrink TubingFabric TubingFEP Heat-Shrink TubingFiberglass (FRP) Rectangular TubingFiberglass (FRP) Square TubingFiberglass (FRP) TubingFiberglass Wire TubingFillable Caulk TubesFinned TubesFire-Resistant TubingFire-Retardant Heat-Shrink TubingFire-Retardant TubingFlame-Resistant TubingFlame-Retardant Heat-Shrink TubingFlame-Retardant TubingFlareable TubingFlexelene TubingFlexible Heat-Shrink TubingFlexible Metal TubingFluoropolymer Heat-Shrink TubingFluoropolymer TubingFood Industry Heat-Shrink TubingFood Industry TubingFooting TubesFraming TubesFuel TubingFuel-Resistant Heat-Shrink TubingGarolite Rectangular TubingGarolite Square TubingGasoline TubingGlass TubingGooseneck TubingGrade CE Garolite TubingGrade G-14 Garolite TubingGrade LE Garolite Square TubesGrade LE Garolite TubingGrade XX Garolite TubingGraduated TubesGrease TubesHDPE TubingHeat Exchanger TubingHeat Resistant TubingHeat Sink TubingHeat TubesHeat-Shrink TubingHeat-Shrink Tubing AssortmentsHexagonal Composite TubesHigh Modulus Carbon Fiber TubingHigh-Polish Sanitary TubesHigh-Pressure TubingHigh-Pressure White EVA TubingHigh-Pressure White Nylon TubingHigh-Pressure White Silicone Rubber TubingHigh-Purity TubingHigh-Purity White Silicone Rubber Tubing for Peristaltic PumpsHigh-Strength Clear Nylon TubingHigh-Strength White PVDF TubingHigh-Temperature TubingHoned TubingHypodermic TubingImmersion Heater TubesInner TubesInstrumentation TubingInsulation TubingInternal Threaded TubesIrrigation TubingJoined TubingKuritec TubingKynar Heat-Shrink TubingLaboratory Test TubesLay Flat TubingsLDPE TubingLight TubesLLDPE TubingLubricant TubingMailing TubesMap TubesMechanical TubingMesh TubeMetal Beverage TubingMetal Food Industry TubingMetal Fuel TubingMetal Rectangular TubingMetal Sanitary TubingMetal Square TubingMetal Structural Framing TubingMetal Vacuum TubingMetric Borosilicate Glass TubingMetric Brass TubingMetric Stainless Steel TubingMetric Steel TubingMicro TubingMIL-T-8808B Stainless Steel TubingMiniature Brass TubingMiniature Stainless Steel TubingMiniature TubingMixing TubesMoisture-Seal Heat-Shrink TubingMultiple-Bore TubesNalgene TubingNatural Gas TubingNeedle TubingNeoprene Rubber Heat-Shrink TubingNestable TubingNo-Heat Shrink TubingNomex Wire TubingNorprene TubingNylon Wire TubingOdor-Resistant Blue Polyethylene TubingOdor-Resistant TubingOlefin Heat-Shrink TubingOzone TubingOzone-Resistant TubingPackaging TubesPacking TubesPaint TubesPaperboard TubesPEEK Wire TubingPeelable TubingPerforated Aluminum TubingPerforated Plastic TubingPerforated Steel Structural Framing TubingPerforated Steel TubingPerforated Structural Framing TubingPerforated TubingPeristaltic Metering Pump TubingPeristaltic Pump TubingPeristaltic TubingPitot TubesPlastic Food Industry TubingPlastic Heat-Shrink TubingPlastic Square TubingPneumatic TubingPolished Structural Framing TubingPolished TubingPolyester Wire TubingPolyethylene Wire TubingPolyolefin Heat-Shrink TubingPolyolefin TubingPrecision ID TubingPrecision TubingPressure Gauge Steam TubesPressure TubingProtective TubesPTFE Wire TubingPump TubingPush-Lock TubingPVC Heat-Shrink TubingPVC Wire TubingPVDF Heat-Shrink TubingRectangular Steel TubingsRectangular TubingRed Metal Tubing for FlowRefrigeration TubingReinforced Drinking Water TubingReinforced TubingRibbon TubingRigid PVC TubingRigid TubingRiser TubesRoller TubingRTD Protection TubesRubber Food Industry TubingRubber Heat-Shrink TubingRubber/Plastic Blend TubingSample TubesSanitary TubingSeamless TubingSelf-Retracting Polyurethane TubingSelf-Retracting TubingShipping TubesShrink TubingShrink Tubing AccessoriesShrink Tubing KitsShrink Wrap TubingSiAlON TubesSight Glass TubingSight TubesSilicon Nitride TubesSink Drain TubingSiphon TubesSlit TubesSlit-Convoluted TubingSlotted TubingSmoke TubesSolder Connect Fittings for Brass TubingSound Control Cabinet Vortex TubesSound Control Vortex TubesSpaghetti TubingSpiral TubingSplit Loom TubingSplit TubingSquare Aluminum TubingSquare Metal TubingSquare Plastic TubingSquare TubingStainless Steel Square Structural Framing TubingStandard Aluminum TubingStandard Metal Structural TubesStandard Metal TubingStandard Polyurethane Hollow TubingStandard Rubber Hollow TubingStatic Mixing TubesSteel Braided TubingSteel Framing System Rectangular TubingSteel Rectangular TubingSteel Structural Framing TubingSteel Structural TubingStorage TubesStraight Connector TubesStructural Framing TubingStructural Square TubingStructural TubingSuction TubingSuper-soft Rubber TubingSurgical TubingTelescopic TubesTelescoping TubingTemperature Control Vortex TubesTest TubesThermocouple Protection TubesThermocouple TubesThermometer-Protection TubesThermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) TubingThreaded TubesTire TubesTubingTubing AssortmentsTubing for Metal Barbed Quick-Turn Tube CouplingsTwist-Close Shipping TubesTwist-to-Length Shipping TubesTygothane TubingU TubesUltra-Clear PFA TubingUltra-Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum TubingUV-Resistant TubingVacuum TubingVenturi TubesVersilic TubingVortex TubesWater Supply Riser TubesWelded TubingWelding TubesWeld-Spatter TubingWire Reinforced TubingWire-Protection TubingWrap-Around Heat-Shrink Tubing
    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Hardness Rating
    Hardness Rating
    Medium Soft
    Extra Hard
    Not Rated
    Connection Style
    Connection Style
    Socket Connect
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
    Specifications Met
    Specifications Met
    click to learn more about
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    Maximum Vacuum
    Maximum Vacuum
    29 in. of Hg @ 72° F
    Not Rated
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
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