also known as material certificates, mill test reports, certified test reports, and material test reports

    Soon available for more than 16,000 aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal alloy products.

    Contact us if you need a certificate for the product you're ordering today.

    Certificates from McMaster-Carr

    Certificates always include a traceable heat or lot number, and typically chemical or physical properties. They are provided at no additional cost. Certificates are emailed and available to download from Activity as soon as your order ships.

    Accessing Certificates

    Certificates are emailed to the person who receives an order confirmation. Access certificates at any time from Activity, a digital file cabinet for your order documents.

    1. 1. Log in to the website or app.
    2. 2. Go to ACTIVITY.
    3. 3. Click on your order.
    4. 4. Download your certificate.
    5. 5. Scroll past the first page to find the certificate with a traceable lot number.

    If you are unable to find the order you're looking for in ACTIVITY, please contact us:

    (630) 833-0300


    How can we improve?

    Please share feedback on your experience and suggestions for other products we should make available with certificates.

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