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    Additional Tubing
    3-A Sanitary White PVDF Tubing3-A TubingAbrasion-Resistant TubingABS TubingAcetal Copolymer TubingAcetal Homopolymer TubingAcetal TubingAcetal/PTFE TubingAcrylic Rectangular TubingAcrylic Square TubingAcrylic TubingAdhesive Anchor Screen TubesAdhesive-Lined Heat-Shrink TubingAdjustable-Length Plastic TubesAir Brake TubingAir Conditioning TubingAir Transfer TubesAlloy Steel TubingAlumina Oxide TubingAluminum Rectangular TubingAluminum Square Structural Framing TubingAluminum Square TubingAluminum Structural Framing TubingAluminum Structural TubingAluminum Telescoping TubingAluminum TubingANSI Shrink TubingASME TubingASTM Copper TubingASTM D4020 Polyethylene TubesBent TubingBeverage TubingBicycle TubesBlack Anodized Aluminum TubesBlowing Duct TubingBlueprint TubesBox TubesBraided TubingBrake Line TubingBrake TubingBrass Alloy 260 TubingBrass Alloy 330 TubingBrass Rectangular TubingBrass Square TubingBrass Structural TubingBrass Telescoping TubingBrass TubingBronze Alloy 863 TubingBronze Alloy 932 TubingBronze Alloy 936 TubingBronze Alloy 954 TubingBronze TubingBuna-N Rubber TubingBundyweld TubingBus Bar Heat-Shrink TubingBus Bar TubingButyrate TubingCable-Protection TubingCapillary TubingCarbon Fiber TubingCarbon Steel Rectangular TubingCarbon Steel Square TubingCarbon Steel Structural TubingCarbon Steel TubingCardboard TubesCaulk TubesCellulose TubingCement Column TubesCement Form TubesCentrifuge TubesCeramic TubingChemfluor TubingChemical-Resistant Clear PVC TubingChemical-Resistant Heat-Shrink TubingChoose-a-Color FEP TubingChoose-a-Color Polyurethane TubingChoose-a-Color PVC TubingChoose-a-Color TubingChrome-Moly TubingCleaned and Bagged Silicone Rubber TubingCleaned and Capped TubingClearflex TubingCloth Inserted TubingCloth Reinforced TubingCoated TubingCoiled TubingCold-Shrink TubingComposite TubingConcrete Column TubesConcrete Form TubesConvoluted TubingCopper Alloy 101 TubingCopper Alloy 122 TubingCopper TubingCopper Tubing for Natural and LP GasCorrugated Stainless Steel TubingCorrugated TubingCPVC TubingCrack-Resistant TubingCrush-Resistant Silicone Rubber TubingCulture TubesCut-to-Length Shipping TubesD.O.T. TubingDairy TubingDocument TubesDOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) TubingDouble Wall TubingDrain TubingDrawing TubesDrill Bit Shipping TubesDrill Bit TubesDrinking Water TubingDust TubingDymo Rhino Heat-Shrink TubingEDM TubesElectrical Heat-Shrink TubingElectrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT)Electrical TubingElectrical-Grade Fiberglass (GPO3) TubingEMI-RFI Heat-Shrink TubingEmpty Caulk TubesEPDM Foam TubingEPDM No-Heat Shrink TubingEPDM Rubber TubingETFE TubingEVA TubingExcelon TubingExhaust TubingExtreme-Pressure Stainless Steel TubingExtreme-Purity Clear PFA TubingFabric Heat-Shrink TubingFabric Inserted TubingFabric Reinforced TubingFabric TubingFDA-Listed TubingFEP Heat-Shrink TubingFEP TubingFEP-Lined TubingFiber TubingFiberglass (FRP) Rectangular TubingFiberglass (FRP) Square TubingFiberglass (FRP) TubingFiberglass Rectangular TubingFiberglass Square TubingFiberglass TubingFiberglass Wire TubingFillable Caulk TubesFire-Resistant TubingFire-Retardant Heat-Shrink TubingFire-Retardant TubingFlame-Resistant TubingFlame-Retardant Heat-Shrink TubingFlame-Retardant TubingFlareable TubingFlexelene TubingFlexible Heat-Shrink TubingFlexible Metal TubingFlexible TubingFluorocarbon TubingFluoropolymer Heat-Shrink TubingFluoropolymer TubingFluorosilicone Rubber TubingFood-Grade Heat-Shrink TubingFood-Grade TubingFooting TubesFraming TubesFuel TubingFuel-Resistant Heat-Shrink TubingGarolite TubingGasoline TubingGlass TubingGooseneck TubingGrade 9 Titanium TubingGrade CE Garolite TubingGrade G-10 Garolite TubingGrade G-10/FR4 Garolite TubingGrade LE Garolite TubingGrade XX Garolite TubingGraduated TubesGrease TubesGrease-Filled TubingGum Rubber TubingHalogen-Free TubingHastelloy Alloy C276 TubingHastelloy TubingHDPE TubingHeat Exchanger TubingHeat TubesHeat-Shrink TubingHeat-Shrink Tubing AssortmentsHexagonal TubingHigh-Pressure TubingHigh-Pressure White EVA TubingHigh-Pressure White Nylon TubingHigh-Pressure White Silicone Rubber TubingHigh-Purity TubingHigh-Purity White Silicone Rubber Tubing for Peristaltic PumpsHigh-Strength Clear Nylon TubingHigh-Strength White PVDF TubingHoned TubingHydraulic TubingHypodermic TubingInconel TubingInner TubesInstrumentation TubingInterference-Shielding Heat-Shrink TubingIron Structural TubingIron TubingIrrigation TubingJoined TubingKevlar TubingKuritec TubingKynar Heat-Shrink TubingKynar TubingLaboratory Test TubesLaminate TubingLatex Rubber TubingLatex TubingLDPE TubingLight TubesLLDPE TubingLP Gas TubingLubricant TubingMailing TubesMap TubesMasterkleer TubingMelamine Foam TubingMetal Beverage TubingMetal Double Wall TubingMetal Food-Grade TubingMetal Fuel TubingMetal High-Pressure TubingMetal Rectangular TubingMetal Sanitary TubingMetal Square TubingMetal Structural Framing TubingMetal TubingMetal Vacuum TubingMetal-Detectable TubingMetric Borosilicate Glass TubingMetric Brass TubingMetric Copper TubingMetric Stainless Steel TubingMetric Steel TubingMetric TubingMica TubingMicro TubingMil. Spec. Metal TubingMil. Spec. TubingMIL-T-8808B Stainless Steel TubingMiniature Brass TubingMiniature Stainless Steel TubingMiniature TubingMixing TubesMoisture-Seal Heat-Shrink TubingMonel TubingMultiple Line TubingNalgene TubingNatural Gas TubingNeedle TubingNeoprene Rubber Heat-Shrink TubingNeoprene Rubber TubingNestable TubingNickel Alloy 400 TubingNickel Alloy 600 TubingNickel TubingNitrile Rubber TubingNo-Heat Shrink TubingNomex Wire TubingNorprene TubingNylobrade TubingNylon TubingNylon Wire TubingOdor-Resistant Blue Polyethylene TubingOdor-Resistant TubingOlefin Heat-Shrink TubingOlefin TubingOxygen-Free Copper TubingOzone TubingOzone-Resistant TubingPackaging TubesPacking TubesPaint TubesPaperboard TubesPEEK TubingPEEK Wire TubingPeelable TubingPerforated Aluminum TubingPerforated Steel Structural Framing TubingPerforated Steel TubingPerforated Structural Framing TubingPerforated TubingPeristaltic Metering Pump TubingPeristaltic TubingPETG TubingPEX TubingPFA TubingPhenolic TubingPitot TubesPlastic Food-Grade TubingPlastic Heat-Shrink TubingPlastic Rectangular TubingPlastic Shipping TubesPlastic Square TubingPlastic Structural TubingPlastic TubingPlastic-Coated TubingPneumatic TubingPolished Structural Framing TubingPolished TubingPolycarbonate Rectangular TubingPolycarbonate Square TubingPolycarbonate TubingPolyester TubingPolyester Wire TubingPolyethylene Plastic TubesPolyethylene Shipping TubesPolyethylene TubingPolyethylene Wire TubingPolyethylene-Coated TubingPolyolefin Heat-Shrink TubingPolyolefin TubingPolypropylene TubingPolyurethane TubingPotable Water TubingPrecision TubingPressure Gauge Steam TubesProtective TubesPTFE Heat-Shrink TubingPTFE TubingPTFE Wire TubingPush-Lock TubingPVC Heat-Shrink TubingPVC Rectangular TubingPVC Square TubingPVC TubingPVC Wire TubingPVC-Coated TubingPVDF Heat-Shrink TubingPVDF TubingRectangular TubingRed Metal Tubing for FlowRefrigeration TubingReinforced Drinking Water TubingReinforced TubingRigid PVC TubingRigid TubingRTD Protection TubesRubber Food-Grade TubingRubber Heat-Shrink TubingRubber Rectangular TubingRubber Square TubingRubber TubingRubber/Plastic Blend TubingSAE 841 Bronze TubingSanitary TubingSantoprene TubingSeamless TubingSelf-Retracting Polyurethane TubingSelf-Retracting TubingShipping TubesShrink TubingShrink Tubing AccessoriesSight Glass TubingSight TubesSilica TubingSilicone Rubber TubingSilicone-Coated TubingSink Drain TubingSiphon TubesSlit-Convoluted TubingSlotted TubingSmoke TubesSmooth-Bore Seamless Steel TubingSmooth-Bore TubingSpaghetti TubingSpiral TubingSplit Loom TubingSplit TubingSquare TubingStainless Steel Rectangular TubingStainless Steel Square Structural Framing TubingStainless Steel Square TubingStainless Steel Structural Framing TubingStainless Steel Structural TubingStainless Steel TubingStandard Aluminum Hollow TubingStandard Aluminum TubingStandard Metal Structural TubesStandard Metal TubingStandard Plastic and Rubber TubingStandard Plastic Hollow TubingStandard Polyurethane Hollow TubingStandard Rubber Hollow TubingStandard Stainless Steel Hollow TubingStandard Stainless Steel Structural TubingStandard Stainless Steel TubingStandard Steel TubingStatic Control TubingStatic Mixing TubesSteel Framing System Rectangular TubingSteel Rectangular TubingSteel Square TubingSteel Structural Framing TubingSteel Structural TubingSteel TubingStorage TubesStructural Framing TubingStructural Square TubingStructural TubingSuction TubingSurgical TubingTelescoping TubingTest TubesThermocouple Protection TubesThermometer-Protection TubesThermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) TubingThreaded TubesTHV TubingTire TubesTitanium TubingTubingTubing AssortmentsTubing for Metal Barbed Quick-Turn Tube CouplingsTwin TubingTwist-Close Shipping TubesTwist-to-Length Shipping TubesTygon 2375 TubingTygon 2475 TubingTygon B-44-3 TubingTygon B-44-4X TubingTygon E-1000 TubingTygon E-3603 TubingTygon F-4040-A TubingTygon LFL TubingTygon ND-100-65 TubingTygon TubingTygothane TubingType K Copper TubingType L Copper TubingType M Copper TubingUHMW Polyethylene TubingUltra-Clear PFA TubingUltra-Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum TubingUV-Resistant TubingVacuum TubingVenturi TubesVersilic TubingVersilon 2001 TubingVersilon C-210-A TubingVersilon C-544-A I.B. TubingVersilon R-3400 TubingVersilon SE-200 TubingVersilon TubingVinyl TubingViton® Fluoroelastomer TubingVortex TubesVulcanized Fiber TubingWater Supply Riser TubesWelded TubingWeld-Spatter TubingWire Reinforced TubingWire-Protection TubingWrap-Around Heat-Shrink Tubing
    Tube Style
    Tube Style
    Minimum ID After Shrinking
    Minimum ID After Shrinking
    Less than 1"
    1" to 1.99"
    2" to 2.99"
    3" to 3.99"
    4" or greater
    For Use On
    For Use On
    Minimum Wall Thickness After Shrinking
    Minimum Wall Thickness
    After Shrinking
    Less than 0.01"
    0.01" to 0.099"
    0.1" to 0.124"
    0.125" to 0.499"
    0.5" or greater
    Shrink Temperature
    Shrink Temperature
    195 to 340° F
    195 to 350° F
    195 to 395° F
    195 to 485° F
    250 to 350° F
    195° F
    215° F
    230° F
    250° F
    275° F
    285° F
    305° F
    350° F
    420° F
    575° F
    655° F
    660° F