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    Aluminum Metric Pipe FittingsBrass Metric Pipe FittingsCombination Inch/Metric SocketsCompression Fittings for Metric Seamless Stainless Steel TubingConduit Metric Thread AdaptersGeneral Purpose Metric EyeboltsGeneral Purpose Metric Steel EyeboltsLubrication-Free Metric Roller ChainMade-to-Order Metric Drill BushingsMetric Allen Set ScrewsMetric Allen Shoulder ScrewsMetric Allen SocketsMetric Aluminum SheetsMetric Ball BearingsMetric Ball KnobsMetric Barbed Tube FittingsMetric BearingsMetric Blue Cap ScrewsMetric Blue Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Blue Hex NutsMetric Blue Socket Head Cap ScrewsMetric Blue WashersMetric Borosilicate Glass TubingMetric Box WrenchesMetric Brass BoltsMetric Brass Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Brass Hollow BarsMetric Brass Machine ScrewsMetric Brass RodsMetric Brass Shoulder ScrewsMetric Brass TubingMetric BushingsMetric Button Head ScrewsMetric CableMetric Cartridge HeatersMetric ChainMetric Class 10 WashersMetric Class 10.9 Steel BoltsMetric Class 10.9 Steel Cap ScrewsMetric Class 5 NutsMetric Class 8.8 Steel Cap ScrewsMetric Coiled Spring PinsMetric Compression Fittings for Carbon Steel TubingMetric Compression Tube FittingsMetric Conversion CalculatorsMetric CordsMetric CounterboresMetric Drill And Tap SetsMetric Drive WrenchesMetric External Retaining RingsMetric Fastener Standards BooksMetric Fine Pitch BoltsMetric Fine Pitch NutsMetric Fine Thread StudsMetric Flange ScrewsMetric Flanged Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Flanged Socket Head Cap ScrewsMetric Flared Tube FittingsMetric Force GaugesMetric Furniture ScrewsMetric Grease FittingsMetric Hex BroachesMetric Hex Nut AssortmentsMetric High Hex NutsMetric Hole SawsMetric Internal Retaining RingsMetric Keyway Broach ShimsMetric Keyway BroachesMetric Linear BearingsMetric Lubrication FittingsMetric Maintenance AssortmentsMetric Maintenance Fastener AssortmentsMetric Metal BallsMetric NutdriversMetric O-Ring AssortmentsMetric O-Ring KitsMetric Panel ScrewsMetric Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsMetric Reamer SetsMetric Roller ChainMetric Roller Chain LinksMetric Shim WashersMetric ShimsMetric Single-Sleeve Compression Tube FittingsMetric Single-Sleeve Compression Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMetric Snap-In PlugsMetric Socket WrenchesMetric Spanner Wrench SetsMetric Spanner WrenchesMetric Special Pitch NutsMetric Special Pitch RodsMetric Special Pitch Set ScrewsMetric Special Pitch StudsMetric Spiral Flute TapsMetric Spiral Point TapsMetric SpringsMetric Square BroachesMetric Square Head Set ScrewsMetric Stainless Steel BallsMetric Stainless Steel BoltsMetric Stainless Steel Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Stainless Steel Hollow BarsMetric Stainless Steel Rod End BoltsMetric Stainless Steel RodsMetric Stainless Steel Shoulder ScrewsMetric Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap ScrewsMetric Stainless Steel Tapping ScrewsMetric Stainless Steel Thumb ScrewsMetric Standard-Travel Acme RodsMetric Steel BallsMetric Steel BoltsMetric Steel General Purpose Acme RodsMetric Steel Hex Head Cap ScrewsMetric Steel Hollow BarsMetric Steel Precision Acme RodsMetric Steel Precision ShaftsMetric Steel SheetsMetric Steel Shim StockMetric Steel Shoulder ScrewsMetric Steel Socket Head Cap ScrewsMetric Steel Thumb ScrewsMetric Steel TubingMetric Stem-Mount CastersMetric Test WeightsMetric Thin StockMetric Threaded Sundry BumpersMetric Thread-Forming TapsMetric Thumb Screw NutsMetric Timing-Belt PulleysMetric Tool SetsMetric Tooling Component T-Slot ScrewsMetric Track RollersMetric T-Slot BoltsMetric Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMetric Tungsten Alloy BallsMetric Tungsten Alloy RodsMetric Tungsten Carbide BallsMetric ValvesMetric WireMetric Wrench SetsMetric WrenchesMetric Yor-Lok Tube FittingsMetric Yor-Lok Tube-to-Pipe FittingsMetric-to-Inch Pipe Fitting AdaptersPipe-to-Tube Metric-to-Inch AdaptersPush-to-Connect Metric Tube-to-Pipe FittingsPush-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Metric Polyurethane TubingSpecialty Metric BoltsStainless Steel Metric Pipe Fittings
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    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Thread Type
    Thread Type
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    Body Type
    Body Type
    Nut Type
    Nut Type
    For Use In
    For Use In
    For Minimum Material Thickness
    For Minimum
    Material Thickness
    0.02" to 0.099"
    Less than 1 mm
    1 mm to 1.9 mm
    2 mm to 3.9 mm
    4 mm to 4.9 mm
    5 mm or greater
    End Type
    End Type
    Drill Bit Decimal Size Equivalent
    Drill Bit Decimal
    Size Equivalent
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    RoHS Compliant with
    Thread Spacing
    Thread Spacing
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    Thread Fit
    Thread Fit
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    Class 6H
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
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