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16 mm Panel Contact Blocks22 mm Panel Contact Blocks30 mm Panel Contact BlocksAnalog Panel MetersBarbed Panel-Mount Tube CouplingsBrass Electrical Panel NutsCam Panel LatchesCaps for Panel-Mount Data AdaptersCaptive Panel BoltsCaptive Panel FastenersCaptive Panel GrommetsCaptive Panel PinsCaptive Panel ScrewsCaptive Panel Spring PlungersCeiling Panel MirrorsCircuit Panel DecalsCircuit Panel LabelsCircuit Panel MarkersCircuit Panel Marking DecalsCircuit Panel Marking LabelsCircuit Panel StickersCompression Panel-Mount Tube CouplingsControl Panel KeysControl Panel PunchesCurrent Panel MetersDIN Panel Adapter PlatesDIN Panel AdaptersDIN Panel PunchesElectrical Circuit Panel MarkersElectrical Panel and Conduit Fitting NutsElectrical Panel DecalsElectrical Panel Equipment MarkersElectrical Panel LabelsElectrical Panel LocksElectrical Panel MarkersElectrical Panel Marking DecalsElectrical Panel NutsElectrical Panel SignsElectrical Panel StickersFlared Panel-Mount Compression Tube FittingsFlat-Panel Monitor MountsFloor Panel LiftersGlass Panel ClampsHand-Held Panel CarriersHex Socket Panel ScrewsIndicator Panel Light BulbsKey Panel ActuatorsKnurled Head Captive Panel ScrewsKnurled Head Panel ScrewsLever Panel ActuatorsMade-to-Order Pleated Panel Air FiltersMade-to-Order Prefilter Panel Air FiltersMade-to-Order Reusable Metal Panel Air FiltersMetric Panel ScrewsMobile Panel RacksMulti-Panel MirrorsOdor-Removal Panel Air FiltersPanel ActuatorsPanel AdhesivesPanel Air ConditionersPanel AlarmsPanel Ball BearingsPanel BearingsPanel BoltsPanel BracketsPanel BulbsPanel ButtonsPanel CarriersPanel CartsPanel ClampsPanel Clip PliersPanel Clip ScrewsPanel ClipsPanel Connecting TrimPanel ConnectorsPanel CoolersPanel CoversPanel DolliesPanel Draw LatchesPanel Fastener BoltsPanel Fastener NutsPanel Fastener RivetsPanel Fastener ScrewsPanel FastenersPanel Filter FramesPanel FittingsPanel GasketsPanel GrippersPanel GrommetsPanel HangersPanel Hanging BracketsPanel Hanging HardwarePanel HeatersPanel HingesPanel IndicatorsPanel InsertsPanel Interface ConnectorsPanel LampsPanel LatchesPanel LiftersPanel LightsPanel LocksPanel MetersPanel MonitorsPanel Mount PlugsPanel MountsPanel MoversPanel NutsPanel PoppersPanel PunchesPanel Push TrucksPanel RetainersPanel RivetsPanel SawsPanel ScrewsPanel StandoffsPanel StudsPanel SwitchesPanel TrucksPanel-Mount Ball BearingsPanel-Mount Ball ValvesPanel-Mount BearingsPanel-Mount Compression Tube FittingsPanel-Mount ConnectorsPanel-Mount CouplingsPanel-Mount Disconnect SwitchesPanel-Mount Emergency Stop SwitchesPanel-Mount LED LightsPanel-Mount LightsPanel-Mount Needle ValvesPanel-Mount NEMA OutletsPanel-Mount NEMA ReceptaclesPanel-Mount Pilot SwitchesPanel-Mount Pipe CouplingsPanel-Mount Pipe FittingsPanel-Mount Power JacksPanel-Mount Power OutletsPanel-Mount Power ReceptaclesPanel-Mount Power SocketsPanel-Mount Pressure GaugesPanel-Mount PumpsPanel-Mount Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsPanel-Mount Strobe LightsPanel-Mount TachometersPanel-Mount Timer SwitchesPanel-Mount Toggle ValvesPanel-Mount Tube CouplingsPanel-Mount Tube FittingsPanel-Mount USB AdaptersPanel-Mount ValvesPanel-Mount Variable Output SwitchesPanel-Mount Wire ConnectorsPleated-Panel Air FiltersPush-Button Panel ActuatorsPush-In Panel PlugsPush-to-Close Panel LatchesQuarter-Turn Captive Panel FastenersQuick-Disconnect Panel-Mount Tube CouplingsRound Electrical Panel NutsSealed Panel-Mount Pilot SwitchesSlip-Over Panel HingesSolar Panel BracketsSolar Panel MountsSolar Panel RacksSpeed Rail Panel ConnectorStainless Steel Electrical Panel NutsSteel Electrical Panel NutsTemperature Panel MetersThrough-Wall Panel FittingsUSB Panel MountsVertical Panel SawsVibration Control Panel Screws
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System of Measurement
System of Measurement
Sheet and Bar
Hardness Rating
Hardness Rating
Barcol 40
Barcol 50
Barcol 55
Brinell 20
Brinell 30
Brinell 40
Brinell 55
Brinell 60
Brinell 65
Brinell 70
Brinell 90
Brinell 95
Brinell 115
Brinell 120
Brinell 130
Brinell 150
Durometer 40D
Durometer 41D-46D
Durometer 50D-65D
Durometer 52D-55D
Durometer 54D-60D
Durometer 55D-66D
Durometer 56D
Durometer 60D-65D
Durometer 60D-70D
Durometer 62D-67D
Durometer 65D
Durometer 65D-67D
Durometer 66D
Durometer 68D
Durometer 69D
Durometer 84D
Durometer 86D
Extra Hard
Extra Soft
Knoop 19 KHN100
Knoop 418 KHN100
Knoop 570 KHN100
Medium Hard
Medium Soft
Mohs 3
Rockwell 45N 83
Rockwell A48
Rockwell B25
Rockwell B35
Rockwell B40
Rockwell B45
Rockwell B50
Rockwell B55
Rockwell B65
Rockwell B70
Rockwell B75
Rockwell B80
Rockwell B85
Rockwell B90
Rockwell B92
Rockwell B95
Rockwell B98
Rockwell C15
Rockwell C18
Rockwell C20
Rockwell C25
Rockwell C30
Rockwell C35
Rockwell C38
Rockwell C40
Rockwell C45
Rockwell C48
Rockwell C50
Rockwell C55
Rockwell C65
Rockwell C80
Rockwell D79
Rockwell E90
Rockwell F40
Rockwell F60
Rockwell F65
Rockwell F75
Rockwell F83
Rockwell F90
Rockwell H59
Rockwell H90
Rockwell H91
Rockwell M65
Rockwell M68
Rockwell M70
Rockwell M79
Rockwell M84-M87
Rockwell M87
Rockwell M88
Rockwell M89-M96
Rockwell M90
Rockwell M93-M95
Rockwell M94-M100
Rockwell M95
Rockwell M100
Rockwell M106
Rockwell M110
Rockwell M115
Rockwell M120
Rockwell R40-R80
Rockwell R70
Rockwell R80
Rockwell R80-R90
Rockwell R87
Rockwell R94
Rockwell R101-R109
Rockwell R106-R115
Rockwell R108-R121
Rockwell R110
Rockwell R110-R115
Rockwell R110-R120
Rockwell R111-R116
Rockwell R111-R125
Rockwell R114
Rockwell R115-R118
Rockwell R118
Rockwell R118-R119
Rockwell R119
Rockwell R120
Rockwell R120-R122
Rockwell R125
Rockwell R126
Rockwell R130
Shore D80
Very Hard
Vickers 674HV0.2
Not Rated
Tolerance Rating
Tolerance Rating
Backing Type
Backing Type
Heat Treatable
Heat Treatable
For Use Outdoors
For Use Outdoors