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    Diamond Lapping Paste

    5 gram Syringe
    18 gram
    Abrasive Grain
    Size, micronsGrit (For Finish)For Use On Each Each
    Water Soluble
    Oil Soluble
    Water Soluble/Oil Soluble

    Diamond Lapping Paste Assortments

    Lubricants for Diamond Lapping Paste

    Lapping Paste

    Clover Lapping Paste

    16 oz. Can
    Abrasive Grain
    Size, micronsGrit (For Finish)For
    Use On Each
    Silicon Carbide
    Water Soluble
    Oil Soluble

    Clover Lapping Paste Assortments

    Long-Lasting Lapping Paste

    Lapping Paste for Stainless Steel and Hard Metals

    Lapping Paste for Curved Stainless Steel and Hard Metal Surfaces

    Lapping Paste for Aluminum and Soft Metals