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    45V62 Power Cable AdaptersA AdaptersAC AdaptersAdhesive Dispensing Gun AdaptersAerator AdaptersAerosol Can Trigger AdaptersAluminum BSPT-to-NPT Pipe AdaptersAnnular Cutter Arbor AdaptersApple iPad-Compatible Power AdaptersApple iPhone-Compatible Power AdaptersApple-Compatible Power AdaptersArbor AdaptersAudio AdaptersAWB AdaptersAWS AdaptersBanana AdaptersBarbed Flared Tube AdaptersBarbed Tube AdaptersBarbed Vacuum Tube AdaptersBarrel AdaptersBarrel Bung AdaptersBarrel Jack AdaptersBarrel Plug AdaptersBattery AdaptersBattery Charge AdaptersBattery Terminal AdaptersBayonet AdaptersBearing AdaptersBeveler AdaptersBit AdaptersBlack Iron Pipe AdaptersBNC AdaptersBolt AdaptersBore AdaptersBoring Bar AdaptersBox AdaptersBox-End Wrench AdaptersBrass BSPP-to-NPT Pipe AdaptersBrass BSPT-to-NPT Pipe AdaptersBrass Pipe AdaptersBritish Instantaneous Thread AdaptersBSPP-to-NPT Pipe Fitting AdaptersBSPT-to-NPT Pipe Fitting AdaptersBuffing Wheel AdaptersBulkhead Tank AdaptersBung AdaptersBushing Straight Reducing AdaptersButtress AdaptersButt-Weld Tube AdaptersButt-Weld Vacuum Tube AdaptersCaliper AdaptersCaliper Display Freeze AdaptersCan Trigger AdaptersCandelabra Base Light Bulb Socket AdaptersC-Face Motor AdaptersCGA AdaptersChuck AdaptersCoarse-to-Fine Thread AdaptersCollet AdaptersCompression AdaptersCompression Vacuum Tube AdaptersComputer AdaptersComputer Cable AdaptersComputer Cable Gender AdaptersComputer Cord AdaptersConduit AdaptersConduit and Cord Grip Thread AdaptersConduit Metric Thread AdaptersCone AdaptersCoolant Hose and Nozzle AdaptersCore Drill Bit AdaptersCoupling Nut Thread AdaptersData Cable Testing AdaptersData Cord AdaptersDB AdaptersDC AdaptersDesktop Computer Power AdaptersDial Indicator AdaptersDie AdaptersDIN Panel AdaptersDIN Rail Mounting AdaptersDisplayPort AdaptersDog Bone Wrench AdaptersDownspout AdaptersDrill AdaptersDrill Bit AdaptersDrill Bit Shank AdaptersDrill Chuck AdaptersDrill Chuck Arbor AdaptersDrill Head AdaptersDrill Rig Thread AdaptersDrive AdaptersDrum AdaptersDrum Bung AdaptersDrum-Plug AdaptersDryer Hose AdaptersDuct AdaptersDVI AdaptersE AdaptersElectrical AdaptersElectrical Cable Terminal AdaptersElectrical Outlet AdaptersElectrical Wire Terminal AdaptersEMC AdaptersEMI AdaptersEnd Mill AdaptersEthernet AdaptersEuropean Plug AdaptersExtension Cord AdaptersF AdaptersFaucet AdaptersFeedthrough AdaptersFeedthrough USB AdaptersFiber-Optic AdaptersFire Hose AdaptersFire Hydrant AdaptersFlange AdaptersFlap Wheel AdaptersFlared Compression Tube AdaptersFlared Vacuum Tube AdaptersFlexible Bit AdaptersFlexible Duct AdaptersFlexible Duct Hose AdaptersFlex-Joint AdaptersFloat AdaptersForklift Lifting and Hitch AdaptersFuse AdaptersGalvanized Iron Pipe AdaptersGarden Hose AdaptersGauge AdaptersGear and Bearing Puller Step-Plate AdaptersGFCI AdaptersGrease AdaptersGrease Fitting AdaptersGrease Gun AdaptersGrease Gun Tip AdaptersGrinder Spindle AdaptersGrinding Wheel AdaptersGround Plug AdaptersGrounding AdaptersHD BNC AdaptersHDMI AdaptersHigh-Misalignment AdaptersHigh-Polish Butt-Weld Tube AdaptersHigh-Polish Sanitary Tube AdaptersHigh-Polish Stainless Steel Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersHigh-Polish Tube AdaptersHilti-Compatible Drill Bit AdaptersHitch AdaptersHole AdaptersHose AdaptersHose Bibb AdaptersHose Fitting Swivel AdaptersHose-to-Pipe AdaptersHVAC AdaptersHydrant AdaptersHydraulic Pump AdaptersIBC AdaptersIBC Tote AdaptersImpact Driver AdaptersInsulated Socket AdaptersInternational AdaptersInternational Outlet AdaptersInternational Plug AdaptersInternational Power AdaptersKeystone AdaptersKf AdaptersKnockout AdaptersLamp Socket AdaptersLathe Chuck AdaptersLathe Chuck Collet AdaptersLeveling Glide AdaptersLeveling Mount AdaptersLight Bulb Socket AdaptersMachine-Mount Coolant AdaptersMagnetic Socket Wrench AdaptersMasonry Drill Bit AdaptersMauser AdaptersMetric-to-Inch Pipe Fitting AdaptersMicrometer AdaptersMicrophone AdaptersMicrophone USB AdaptersMilling Machine Shank AdaptersMobile Device Power AdaptersMotor AdaptersMotor Arbor AdaptersMulti-Angle Drill AdaptersNEMA AdaptersNetwork AdaptersNoncontact Vacuum Lifters for Anti-Slip AdaptersNozzle AdaptersNutdriver AdaptersOutlet AdaptersOutlet-to-Raceway AdaptersPanel-Mount Coaxial AdaptersPanel-Mount DB AdaptersPanel-Mount DisplayPort AdaptersPanel-Mount USB AdaptersPC Power AdaptersPFA AdaptersPipe AdaptersPipe Fitting Swivel AdaptersPipe Fitting Thread AdaptersPipe O-Ring AdaptersPipe Reducing AdaptersPipe Swivel AdaptersPipe Thread AdaptersPipe-to-Pipe AdaptersPipe-to-Tube Metric-to-Inch AdaptersPlastic Pipe AdaptersPlier AdaptersPlug AdaptersPneumatic AdaptersPole Handle AdaptersPower AdaptersPressure AdaptersPressure Gauge AdaptersPressure Washer AdaptersPS/2 AdaptersPuller Thread AdaptersPump AdaptersPump-to-Motor AdaptersPump-to-Motor Mount AdaptersPush-to-Connect Vacuum Tube AdaptersPVC Reducing Pipe AdaptersPVC Trap AdaptersQuick-Clamp to Hose AdaptersQuick-Disconnect Stud AdaptersRatchet Wrench AdaptersReceptacle AdaptersReducing AdaptersRegulator AdaptersRespirator Filter AdaptersReversible AdaptersRight-Angle Drill AdaptersRobot Tool AdaptersRobot Vacuum Cup AdaptersRobot Wrist AdaptersRod AdaptersRod End AdaptersRod End Step-Down AdaptersRotary-Hammer Chuck AdaptersRotary-Hammer Drill Bit AdaptersRouter AdaptersRV AdaptersSA Spool AdaptersSanding Disc AdaptersSanding Wheel AdaptersSanitary AdaptersSanitary Barbed Tube AdaptersSanitary Tube AdaptersSaw Blade Arbor AdaptersScrew AdaptersScrewdriver Bit AdaptersScrewdriver Insert Bit AdaptersScrewdriver Power Bit AdaptersSDS Shank Bit AdaptersSDS-Max Shank Rotary Hammer AdaptersSerial-to-USB AdaptersShaft AdaptersShaft Collar AdaptersShank AdaptersSink Drain Compression Tube AdaptersSink Trap AdaptersSlide Hammer AdaptersSlotted-Drive Thread AdaptersSmall-Hole Drill AdaptersSmartphone Power AdaptersSocket AdaptersSocket Wrench AdaptersSolder-Joint and CPVC Tube AdaptersSolder-Joint Socket-Weld Tube AdaptersSpigot AdaptersSpindle AdaptersSpline AdaptersSpool AdaptersSpray Can Trigger AdaptersSquare Drive Size AdaptersSquare-Drive Bit AdaptersStainless Steel BSPP-to-NPT Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel BSPT-to-NPT Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Luer Lock Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStainless Steel Push-to-Connect Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersStandoff AdaptersStandoff Thread AdaptersSteel Pipe AdaptersSteel Pipe Swivel AdaptersSteel Single-Sleeve Compression Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersSteering Wheel AdaptersStep-Down AdaptersStep-Down Shaft AdaptersStep-Up Shaft AdaptersStraight-Blade to Turn-Lock Outlet AdaptersStraight-Thread Pipe AdaptersStraight-Thread Pipe-to-Pipe AdaptersStrut Channel AdaptersSwitching AdaptersSwivel AdaptersSwivel Grease Fitting AdaptersSwivel-Joint AdaptersSyringe AdaptersTablet Computer Power AdaptersTank AdaptersTank Adapters for 78505ATap AdaptersTee AdaptersTelephone AdaptersTelephone Tester AdaptersTerminal AdaptersTest Lead AdaptersText Telephone AdaptersThermocouple AdaptersThread AdaptersThreaded Rod AdaptersThreaded Rod Turnbuckle AdaptersThreading Die AdaptersThrough Hole Thread AdaptersTIG Torch Power Cable AdaptersTire Valve AdaptersTorque AdaptersTorque Wrench AdaptersTote AdaptersTrailer AdaptersTravel AdaptersTripod Head AdaptersTube AdaptersTube End AdaptersTube Fitting Swivel AdaptersTube-to-Pipe AdaptersType J Thermocouple AdaptersType K Thermocouple AdaptersType T Thermocouple AdaptersUnion Tube AdaptersUniversal Socket AdaptersUSB AdaptersUSB Multiport AdaptersUSB-to-Parallel AdaptersVacuum AdaptersVacuum Cup AdaptersVacuum Cup Antislip AdaptersVacuum Hose AdaptersVacuum Lifter Antislip AdaptersVacuum Quick-Disconnect Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersVacuum Quick-Turn Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersVacuum Single-Sleeve Compression Tube AdaptersVacuum Tube AdaptersVacuum Tube-to-Hose AdaptersVacuum Tube-to-Pipe AdaptersVacuum Yor-Lok Tube AdaptersValve AdaptersVariance Indicator Contact Point AdaptersVesa AdaptersVGA AdaptersVise AdaptersWall AdaptersWelding Hose AdaptersWelding Regulator AdaptersWelding Regulator Tank AdaptersWelding Tank AdaptersWheel AdaptersWheel Brush AdaptersWheel Brush Adapters, Bushings, and ArborsWrench AdaptersXLR Adapters
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    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Connection Type
    Connection Type
    Connection Style
    Connection Style
    Push to
    Push-to-Connect Type
    Push-to-Connect Type
    Tube Stem
    Push to Connect
    Grip Ring
    For Tube Hardness Rating
    For Tube Hardness Rating
    Release Ring Material
    Release Ring Material
    Stainless Steel
    316 Stainless Steel
    Release Ring Color
    Release Ring Color
    Maximum Temperature
    Maximum Temperature
    100° to 249° F
    250° to 499° F
    Not Rated
    Release Type
    Release Type
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    RoHS Compliant with
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
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