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    Sanitary Weld-On Swivel Leveling Mounts
    3D CAD models available

    Image of ProductInUse. Shown Installed. Front orientation. Contains Annotated. Leveling Mounts. Sanitary Weld-On Swivel Leveling Mounts.
    Image of Product. Front orientation. Leveling Mounts. Sanitary Weld-On Swivel Leveling Mounts.
    Image of Attribute. Front orientation. Contains Annotated. Sanitary Weld-On Swivel Leveling Mounts.

    Shown Installed

    With an extremely smooth finish, rounded edges, and a covered stud, these mounts are free of crevices where bacteria can grow. A silicone seal at the base of the thread cover keeps contaminants out. The seal is made with chemical additives, so you can find it with an X-ray machine if it falls into your line. To level equipment on sloped floors, insert these mounts into a hole on the bottom of your equipment, and then weld the seam to seal the connection. Once you've adjusted the stud to your desired height and angle, weld the stud to the base.
    304 Stainless Steel Base—The choice for most wet locations, these mounts can withstand repeated washdowns without corroding. However, they won't hold up to cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals like 316 stainless steel can.
    Rubber Cushion—A cushion under the base grips surfaces so vibrating equipment doesn't slide. It also protects floors from scrapes and gouges.
    With Rubber Cushion
    For Hole
    Mounting Ht.
    Swivel Range
    of Motion
    Food Industry Std.
    Cap. per
    304 Stainless Steel Base and Stud
    52 mm56 mm to 85 mm20°109 mmFDA Compliant 21 CFR 177.2600
    6,000 lb.151 mm00000000000000
    62 mm63 mm to 92 mm20°109 mmFDA Compliant 21 CFR 177.2600
    6,000 lb.151 mm0000000000000
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