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    Head Type
    Head Type
    Shank Type
    Shank Type
    Nail Gauge
    Nail Gauge
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    Compatible with Manufacturer/Model Number
    Compatible with
    Manufacturer/Model Number
    Airy ATH-0565
    Alfit BN1464S
    A-Plus DA65
    Arrow 5700
    Arrow 5800
    Arrow 8000
    Arrow 9000
    Arrow 9100
    Arrow 9500
    Arrow 9600
    Arrow ET100
    Arrow ET200
    Arrow ETF50BN
    Arrow ETFX50
    Arrow T50PBN
    Arrow T50RED
    Atro CHS933
    Atro Minor 600
    Black and Decker 5700
    Black and
    Decker TRE650
    Bostitch 421PL
    Bostitch BT125-2
    Bostitch BT200K-2
    Bostitch BT1855K
    Bostitch F21PL2
    Bostitch F28WW
    Bostitch FN1664K
    Bostitch FN16250K-2
    Bostitch LPF21PL
    Bostitch N52FN
    Bostitch N80CB-1
    Bostitch N80CD
    Bostitch N80SB
    Bostitch N86S
    Bostitch N100C
    Bostitch N100S
    Bostitch SB-1664FN
    Bostitch SB-1850BN
    Bostitch T35-40
    Bostitch T36-35
    Bostitch T40-B
    Bostitch TR200
    Bostitch TRE300
    Bostitch TRE500
    Hausfeld NB356500
    Hausfeld NS2890
    Hausfeld RN154500
    Craftsman 18314
    Craftsman 18323
    Craftsman 18329
    Craftsman 18430
    Craftsman 18431
    Craftsman 18448
    Craftsman 27227
    Craftsman 68514
    Craftsman 68515
    Craftsman 93055
    Craftsman 93056
    DePoan DPN-6D12/DA25
    Devilbiss SHBN4
    Dewalt D1236K
    Dewalt D51238K
    DeWalt D51256
    Dewalt D51256K
    Dewalt D51275K
    DeWalt D51822
    DeWalt D51823
    Dewalt DC608K
    Dewalt DC612KA
    DeWalt DC614K
    DeWalt DC614KA
    DeWalt DC615
    DeWalt DC616KA
    DeWalt DC618K
    DeWalt DC619
    DeWalt DC51257K
    Dewalt DW235PL
    Dewalt DWF83PL
    Duo-Fast BB4440
    Duo-Fast CN-325
    Duo-Fast CNW75
    Duo-Fast DAFN-6432
    Duo-Fast DAFN-6480
    Duo-Fast DBN-4440
    Duo-Fast DBN-4450
    Duo-Fast LFN748
    Duo-Fast LFN-
    748A-1 1/2"
    Duo-Fast LFN-764A-2"
    Duo-Fast Sure Shot 764,
    EZ-Fasten DA-50
    EZ-Fasten DA-65
    FasCo F3C RN-50A
    Fasco F3P FN-50
    Fasco F3PBA-50
    Fasco F3TFN50
    Fasco F3TFN70
    Fasco F4BA-65
    Fasco F4PFN70
    FasCo F26C FN-50
    Fasco GN31
    Fasco R3LBA50CT
    Fasco R4BA65CT
    Grip-Rite GRTFN250
    Haubold SKN30JN/12
    Haubold SKN64A
    Haubold SKS64A/16
    Hilti BN136B
    Hitachi NR83A
    Hitachi NR83A2
    Hitachi NT6MA2
    Hitachi NT32AE
    Hitachi NT32AE2
    Hitachi NT45A
    Hitachi NT50AD
    Hitachi NT50AE2
    Hitachi NT65A
    Hitachi NT65A2
    Hitachi NT65A3
    Hitachi NT65AA
    Hitachi NT65GB
    Hitachi NT65GS
    Hitachi NT65M2
    Hitachi NT65MA4
    Hitachi NV65AB
    Hitachi NV65AC
    Hitachi NV83A
    Impulse IM250
    Jamerco JTAFN-1464
    Jamerco JTFN1664A
    Makita AF501
    Makita AF502
    Makita AF631
    Makita AF632
    Makita AN901
    MasterCraft 57-7916-6
    MasterCraft 57-7943-0
    Max CN665
    Max NF211/18-25
    Max NF352-ST
    Max SN890CH/28
    Omer 14.50
    Omer 14.63SNS
    Omer B17P.763
    Paslode 2138-F18
    Paslode 3175RCU
    Paslode 3200-F16
    Paslode 3250-F16
    Paslode 4275/CN70
    Paslode 5300C
    Paslode 5300S
    Paslode 5325/CN80
    Paslode 5325S
    Paslode 5350C
    Paslode 902400
    Paslode CF325
    Paslode CF325LI
    Paslode CF325XP
    Paslode F275C
    Paslode F325C
    Paslode F350S
    Paslode F16200
    Paslode F162000N
    Paslode IM200-F18
    Paslode IM250A
    Paslode IM250A-F16
    Paslode IM250-F16
    Paslode IM325
    Paslode IM350
    Paslode IMF250A
    Paslode IMF250A-F16
    Paslode MU-112-F
    Paslode MU-212-F
    Paslode SK312
    Paslode T125-F18
    Paslode T200-F18
    Paslode T250A-F16
    Paslode T250-F-16
    Paslode T250-F16
    Porter Cable BN125
    Porter Cable BN138
    Porter Cable BN200
    Porter Cable BN200B
    Porter Cable CDA250
    Porter Cable CFN250
    Porter Cable Coil 350
    Porter Cable DA250
    Porter Cable DA250C
    Porter Cable FC350
    Porter Cable FN200
    Porter Cable FN250
    Porter Cable FN250A
    Porter Cable FN250B
    Porter Cable FR350A
    Porter Cable FR350B
    Ridgid R250AFA
    Ridgid R2138BNA
    Rigid R250SFA
    Senco 6F0001N
    Senco FinishPro 15
    Senco FinishPro 32
    Senco FinishPro 35
    Senco GT65RHA
    Senco SCN60
    Senco SCN65
    Senco SCN300
    Senco SN2+
    Senco SN4
    Senco SN325
    Senco SN901XP
    Senco SN951XP
    SpotNails CB1650
    SpotNails CB1820
    SpotNails FB1632
    SpotNails GB1832
    SpotNails HB1640
    SpotNails KB1564
    SpotNails KBA1564
    SpotNails W1B1650
    SpotNails WB1650
    SpotNails XB1564
    Surebonder 9600
    Surebonder 9760
    TechForge 1519
    For Magazine Angle
    For Magazine Angle
    For Nailer Type
    For Nailer Type
    For Use On
    For Use On
    Soft Wood
    Hard Wood
    For Magazine Style
    For Magazine Style
    Penny Size
    Penny Size
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    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
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    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
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