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    Reamer Sets

    Keep a variety of reamer sizes on hand for finishing holes.
    Adjustable Size, Square Shank
    Image of Product. Front orientation. Reamers. Reamer Sets, Adjustable Size, Square Shank.
    Work on a wide range of hole diameters by keeping a set of adjustable reamers on hand. Each reamer can finish multiple hole sizes by moving the adjustable blades within the diameter range. Convenient for maintenance work, these don't require powered tools. They're often used to make precise size adjustments during installation of bearings and bushings.
    Move the blades by tightening and loosening the two nuts on the reamer. To measure size, adjust blades to a known size (such as a bushing or ring), or measure across two opposite blades with a micrometer. When the blades become worn, they can be reground or replaced.
    Turn these reamers by hand with an adjustable wrench or straight-handle tap wrench (sold separately).
    Straight Blade—Use these reamers in straight holes that don't have a keyway or other breaks in the surface.
    High-Speed Steel—Durable and wear resistant, these are good for general purpose reaming in most materials.
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    For Use On
    Straight Blade
    1/4"-15/32"7High-Speed SteelWood CaseAluminum, Brass, Bronze, Fiberglass, Iron, Plastic, Steel, Titanium0000000000000000
    Straight-Blade Adjustable-Size Reamer Set, 7 Pieces
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