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    3D CAD models available

    Finish holes to precise inch, metric, wire gauge, or letter sizes with these reamers.
    Round Shank
    Image of Product. Front orientation. Contains Annotated. Reamers. Reamers, Round Shank, Straight Flute.

    Straight Flute

    These reamers fit in the chuck of drill presses, turret lathes, and other machine and power tools, making them the most common shank type.
    Straight Flute—The most common flute style, these reamers are suitable for a wide range of applications, but not recommended for holes with a keyway or other breaks in the surface.
    Oversized Fractional—Oversized reamers are larger than the fraction by 0.001" in diameter to create a looser fit than standard sizes. They're typically used in holes where objects such as pins need to stay in place, but still can be easily removed.
    High-Speed Steel—Durable and wear resistant, these are good for general purpose reaming in most materials.
    Reamer Dia.
    No. of
    Cutting Dia.
    For Use On
    Straight Flute
    Oversized Fractional Inch
    0.5635" (9/16" Oversized)High-Speed Steel2"8"80" to 0.0003"Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Iron, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Steel0000000000000
    High-Speed Steel Round-Shank Reamer Oversized, 0.5635" Reamer Diameter
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