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    Respirator Cleaning Kits

    Image of Product. Front orientation. Respirator Cleaning Kits.
    Disinfect and store full- and half-face respirators using these kits. Each time you clean a respirator, dissolve one powder cleaner packet in a gallon of warm water on one side of the pail, then submerge your respirator for 10 minutes and remove any remaining dirt with the scrubbing brush. Rinse it in fresh water on the other side of the pail and let it air-dry in a clean environment. Blow any remaining water out of crevices in the respirator using the air bulb. Once it’s clean and dry, put it in one of the storage bags to protect it from contamination until its next use.
    The cleaner included in these kits won’t damage any of your respirator’s sensitive rubber components, but remove any cartridges and filters before cleaning.
    These kits meet OSHA safety and health standards for respirator cleaning.
    Cleaning kits and replacement respirator cleaners cannot be sold outside of the United States due to regulatory limits on VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
    Specs. Met
    Cannot Be Sold To
    1 Air Bulb
    1 Pail with Two Compartments (4 1/4 gal)
    1 Scrubbing Brush
    100 Disposable Storage Bags (21" × 11")
    90 Powder Cleaner Packets (1/2 oz.)
    OSHA Compliant 29 CFR 1910.134
    Outside United States00000000000000
    Respirator Cleaning Kit
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