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    TIG Torch Collets

    Image of System. Side1 orientation. Contains Annotated. TIG Torch Collets.
    Image of Product. Front orientation. TIG Torch Collets. Split TIG Collet.

    Split TIG Collet

    Hold your tungsten electrode in place during TIG welding with these collets. Slide them into a collet body or gas lens, and secure by screwing the back cap onto your torch.
    Split TIG Collet—Split collets are split into two sides. When you tighten the back cap, the sides squeeze together to grip the tungsten. These are the most common collet style, but the split is a weak area where they deform over time.
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    Split TIG Collet
    17, 18, 26Aluminum Oxide Ceramic, Silicon Nitride Ceramic, Quartz GlassNarrow0.063" (10N23)0000000000000
    TIG Torch Split Collet Industry Number 10N23
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