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    Barbed Tube Fittings for Fuel and Lubricant PVC TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Masterkleer PVC TubingBarbed Tube Fittings For PVC Plastic TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for PVC TubingBarbed Tube Fittings for Tygon and PVC TubingChemical-Resistant Clear PVC TubingChemical-Resistant PVC DuctChoose-a-Color PVC TubingClear PVC PipeClear PVC Pipe FittingsCross-Linked PVC FoamDrain, Waste, and Vent PVC (Schedule 40) White Pipe FittingsFlared Fittings for Stainless Steel PVC-Coated TubingFlexible PVC Pipe FittingsFlexible PVC Pipe Reducing CouplingsFlexible PVC Pipe TeesFlexible PVC Tube FittingsGravity-Flow PVC Pipe FittingsPerforated PVC SheetsPlastic-Pipe Cements for PVC TubingPVC (Schedule 40 Clear) Unthreaded PipePVC (Schedule 40) Pipe FittingsPVC (Schedule 40) UV-Resistant Unthreaded PipePVC (Schedule 40) White Pipe FittingsPVC (Schedule 40) White Unthreaded PipePVC (Schedule 80) Dark Gray Pipe Fittings and PipePVC (Schedule 80) Dark Gray Unthreaded PipePVC (Schedule 80) Dark Gray Unthreaded Pipe FittingsPVC (Schedule 80) PipePVC (Schedule 80) Pipe FittingsPVC Air-Actuated ValvesPVC BagsPVC BendersPVC BoardsPVC CapsPVC ConduitPVC Conduit BendersPVC Conduit Fitting NutsPVC Conduit FittingsPVC CuttersPVC Drinking Water Pipe FittingsPVC ExtrusionsPVC FilmPVC Framing FittingsPVC GluePVC GrommetsPVC Heat-Shrink TubingPVC HosePVC Pipe BendersPVC Pipe Branch ConnectionsPVC Pipe CleanersPVC Pipe Drum TrapsPVC Pipe Fitting Thread ReducersPvc Pipe GluePVC Pipe HeatersPVC Pipe PrimersPVC Pipe P-TrapsPVC Pipe ReamersPVC Pipe Reducing BushingsPVC Pipe Reducing ElbowsPVC Pipe Reducing TeesPVC Pipe SawsPVC Pipe Van Stone FlangesPVC PlasticPVC P-Trap Pipe FittingsPVC Reducing Pipe AdaptersPVC Reducing TeesPVC Repair CouplingsPVC RepairsPvc RollsPVC RubberPVC Sewer Pipe FittingsPVC ShoesPVC SpigotsPVC Spindle Clamp CapsPVC StockPVC TapePVC ToolsPVC Trap AdaptersPVC Tubes For ChemicalsPVC Vibration Control WashersPVC Wire TubingPVC-Backed Strip BrushesThick-Wall PVC PipeUnderground Sewer and Drain PVC Thin-Wall Pipe FittingsUnderground Sewer and Drain PVC Thin-Wall Unthreaded PipeUV-Resistant PVC (Schedule 40) Pipe FittingsUV-Resistant PVC (Schedule 40) Pipe Fittings and PipeUV-Resistant PVC PipeUV-Resistant PVC Pipe Fittings
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    System of Measurement
    System of Measurement
    Backing Type
    Backing Type
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
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    For Use Outdoors
    For Use Outdoors
    Tolerance Rating
    Tolerance Rating
    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS (Restriction of
    Hazardous Substances)
    RoHS Compliant
    RoHS Compliant with
    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH (Registration,
    Evaluation, Authorization
    and Restriction of Chemicals)
    REACH Compliant
    Durometer 10A
    Durometer 20A
    Durometer 25A
    Durometer 35A
    Durometer 40A
    Durometer 50A
    Durometer 55A
    Durometer 60A
    Durometer 70A
    Durometer 75A
    Durometer 80A
    Barcol 40
    Barcol 45
    Barcol 50
    Barcol 55
    Brinell 20
    Brinell 30
    Brinell 40
    Brinell 55
    Brinell 60
    Brinell 65
    Brinell 70
    Brinell 90
    Brinell 95
    Brinell 115
    Brinell 120
    Brinell 130
    Brinell 150
    Durometer 8D
    Durometer 16D
    Durometer 36D
    Durometer 40D
    Durometer 41D-46D
    Durometer 50D-65D
    Durometer 52D-55D
    Durometer 54D-60D
    Durometer 55D-66D
    Durometer 56D
    Durometer 60D
    Durometer 60D-65D
    Durometer 60D-70D
    Durometer 62D-67D
    Durometer 63D
    Durometer 65D
    Durometer 65D-67D
    Durometer 66D
    Durometer 68D
    Durometer 69D
    Durometer 84D
    Durometer 86D
    Knoop 19 KHN100
    Knoop 418 KHN100
    Knoop 570 KHN100
    Knoop 1170 KHN 100
    Knoop 2500
    Mohs 3
    Rockwell 45N 78
    Rockwell 45N 80
    Rockwell 45N 83
    Rockwell A48
    Rockwell B25
    Rockwell B35
    Rockwell B40
    Rockwell B45
    Rockwell B50
    Rockwell B55
    Rockwell B65
    Rockwell B66
    Rockwell B70
    Rockwell B75
    Rockwell B80
    Rockwell B85
    Rockwell B86
    Rockwell B88
    Rockwell B90
    Rockwell B92
    Rockwell B95
    Rockwell B98
    Rockwell B100
    Rockwell C10
    Rockwell C15
    Rockwell C18
    Rockwell C20
    Rockwell C25
    Rockwell C30
    Rockwell C35
    Rockwell C38
    Rockwell C40
    Rockwell C45
    Rockwell C48
    Rockwell C50
    Rockwell C55
    Rockwell C65
    Rockwell C74
    Rockwell C80
    Rockwell D79
    Rockwell D81
    Rockwell E90
    Rockwell F40
    Rockwell F60
    Rockwell F65
    Rockwell F75
    Rockwell F83
    Rockwell F90
    Rockwell H59
    Rockwell H90
    Rockwell H91
    Rockwell M65
    Rockwell M68
    Rockwell M70
    Rockwell M79
    Rockwell M84-M87
    Rockwell M87
    Rockwell M88
    Rockwell M89-M96
    Rockwell M90
    Rockwell M93
    Rockwell M93-M95
    Rockwell M94-M100
    Rockwell M95
    Rockwell M100
    Rockwell M102
    Rockwell M106
    Rockwell M110
    Rockwell M115
    Rockwell M120
    Rockwell R40-R80
    Rockwell R70
    Rockwell R80
    Rockwell R80-R90
    Rockwell R87
    Rockwell R94
    Rockwell R101-R109
    Rockwell R106-R115
    Rockwell R108-R121
    Rockwell R110
    Rockwell R110-R115
    Rockwell R110-R120
    Rockwell R111-R116
    Rockwell R111-R125
    Rockwell R114
    Rockwell R115
    Rockwell R115-R118
    Rockwell R118
    Rockwell R118-R119
    Rockwell R119
    Rockwell R120
    Rockwell R120-R122
    Rockwell R125
    Rockwell R126
    Rockwell R130
    Shore D80
    Vickers 674HV0.2
    Not Rated