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    ADA-Compliant Water CoolersAir and Water HoseAir and Water Tool HoseAir, Water, and Oil HoseAppliance Water HoseBacteria-Removal Water FiltersBarbed Water Tube FittingsBattery Water FillersBattery Water-Filling GunBattery Watering CartsBoiler Water Test KitsBottled Water CoolersBottled Water DispensersBraided Water HoseBraided Water Supply HoseBrass Drinking Water Pipe FittingsCamelBak Water BackpacksCanvas Tarp Water RepellentsCompression Water Tube FittingsCPVC Drinking Water Pipe FittingsDischarge Water HoseDrinking Fountain Water ChillersDrinking Water Barbed Tube FittingsDrinking Water ContainersDrinking Water DispensersDrinking Water FaucetsDrinking Water FiltersDrinking Water Push-to-Connect Tube FittingsDrinking Water Solder-Joint Tube FittingsElectric Water ValvesElectric Water-Removal PumpsElectrically-Actuated Water ValvesElkay Water Cooler Replacement PartsFaucet Water FiltersFaucet Water Supply HoseFlexible Water Tube FittingsFoot-Operated Water Flow Control ValvesFrostproof Water HydrantsHalsey-Taylor Water Cooler Replacement PartsHard Water FiltersHigh Pressure Water HoseHigh Temperature Water HoseHigh-Polish Water Tube FittingsHot Water FiltersHot Water Garden HoseHot Water Heater RecirculatorsHot Water HeatersHot Water HoseHot Water PumpsHot Water Storage TanksInline Water FiltersInline Water HeatersInline Water-Powered Metering PumpsInstant Water HeatersIrrigation Water FiltersLay-Flat Discharge Water HoseLPS Tapmatic Aquacut Water-Based Cutting FluidsLPS Tapmatic Aquacut Water-Based Tapping FluidsNon-Potable Water Do Not Drink SignsNylon Drinking Water Pipe FittingsOasis Water Cooler Replacement PartsOn-Demand Water HeatersOutdoor Water FaucetsPersonal Hydration Water BottlesPlastic Water HosePoint-of-Use Water HeatersPolypropylene Drinking Water Pipe FittingsPolypropylene Water HosePolyurethane Water HosePortable Water HeatersPush-to-Connect Water Tube FittingsPVC Drinking Water Pipe FittingsPVC Water HoseQuick-Disconnect Water Tube FittingsQuick-Turn Water Tube FittingsReinforced Drinking Water TubingRetractable Water HoseRubber Water HoseSalt Water Centrifugal PumpsSalt Water Drum PumpsSalt Water Flexible Impeller PumpsSanitary Water HoseSewage Water-Removal PumpsSink Water FaucetsSolder-Joint Water Tube FittingsSpecialty Potable Water Pipe FittingsStandard Air and Water HoseStandard Barbed Fittings for Water HoseStandard Easy-Fit Barbed Fittings for Water HoseStandard Water-Based PaintStandard Water-Removal PumpsStorm Water FiltersSunroc Water Cooler Replacement PartsTankless Water HeatersToilet Tank Water Supply HoseUltraviolet Water FiltersUltraviolet Water PurifiersUnion Water Tube FittingsVacuum Water HoseWashdown Water HoseWashing Machine Water ValvesWater AspiratorsWater BackpacksWater BarriersWater BlocksWater Bottle FillersWater BottlesWater BroomsWater Centrifugal PumpsWater ChillersWater Circulating PumpsWater CirculatorsWater ClosetsWater ContainersWater Control DevicesWater Cooler FiltersWater Cooler RegulatorsWater Cooler Replacement PartsWater Cooler SpoutsWater Cooler ThermostatsWater Cooler Water BottlesWater CoolersWater CupsWater DamsWater DeionizersWater DemineralizersWater DispensersWater DrainsWater Drinking Fountain NozzlesWater Drum PumpsWater Expansion PlugsWater FaucetsWater FillersWater Filter CartridgesWater Filter ElementsWater Filter Purifying MediaWater Filter WrenchesWater FiltersWater Finder PasteWater Flexible Impeller PumpsWater Flow Control Foot ValvesWater Flow Control ValvesWater FlowmetersWater Fountain Drinking HeadsWater Fountain HandlesWater Fountain Replacement PartsWater Fountain ValvesWater FountainsWater GaugesWater Gun TipsWater GunsWater Hammer AbsorbersWater Hammer ArrestersWater Hammer EliminatorsWater Hammer SuppressorsWater Hardness Test KitsWater Hardness Test StripsWater Heat ExchangersWater Heater Heat ElementsWater Heater HoseWater Heater PansWater Heater Replacement PartsWater Heater ThermostatsWater Heater ValvesWater HeatersWater HeatingWater HoseWater Hose CouplingsWater Hose FittingsWater Hose HangersWater Hose ReelsWater HydrantsWater JetsWater JugsWater KeysWater Leak DetectorsWater Leak DivertersWater Leak TabletsWater Level AlarmsWater LevelsWater Line TimersWater Line WrenchesWater LinesWater Marker LineWater Marker RopeWater Metering Drum PumpsWater Metering PumpsWater MetersWater MixersWater Mixing ValvesWater Monitoring SystemsWater NozzlesWater Overflow AlarmsWater PacksWater Piston Drum PumpsWater Pressure MetersWater Pressure TanksWater Pump PliersWater Pump-Out VacuumsWater PumpsWater PurifiersWater RamsWater RepellentsWater ReservoirsWater Safety ClothingWater SamplersWater SawsWater SealsWater SensorsWater SeparatorsWater Shock AbsorbersWater Shock SuppressorsWater Softener CartridgesWater Softener FiltersWater SoftenersWater SpigotsWater SprayersWater SprinklersWater StorageWater Storage TanksWater Sump PumpsWater Supply HoseWater Supply LinesWater Supply Riser TubesWater Supply Shut-Off ValvesWater Supply Shut-Off WrenchesWater Supply StopsWater SwitchesWater TanksWater Test KitsWater Test PlugsWater Test StripsWater TotalizersWater TotesWater Tracer DyeWater TracersWater TreatmentsWater TroughsWater Tube FittingsWater Valve KeysWater-Activated BarriersWater-Activated TapeWater-Activated Tape DispensersWater-Activated Tape for Tape DispensersWater-Activated TimersWater-Based PaintWater-Based Paint MarkersWater-Block CableWater-Charged Fire ExtinguishersWater-Fill Traffic BarricadesWater-Hardening Tool SteelWatering CansWater-Quality MetersWater-Quality TestersWater-Removal PumpsWater-Resistant BagsWater-Resistant GreaseWater-Resistant LubricantsWater-Resistant TapeWater-Resistant ThermometersWater-Soluble BagsWater-Soluble FilamentsWater-Soluble OilWater-Soluble TapeWeld Water Tube FittingsWelding Water CoolersWelding Water RecirculatorsYor-Lok Water Tube Fittings
    Maximum Temperature Setting
    Temperature Setting
    210° F
    100° C
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement)
    DFARS (Defense Acquisition
    Regulations Supplement)
    Temperature Adjustment Increment
    Adjustment Increment
    0.1° F
    0.1° C
    Minimum Temperature Setting
    Temperature Setting
    75° F
    25° C
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